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4 Must do steps to get a grip on your money


Most people are facing personal financial worries as they are dealing personally with debt problems. But, you’re certainly unaware that, applying a bit of common sense can make easy to unburden the load. If you’re a reckless spender, then no one can help you to improve your financial condition. You need to follow some good financial habits in order to make some changes in your present financial life and help you get back a firm grip on your money.

Have a look at the various personal finance tips that can ensure a controlled financial life.

1. Set a frugal budget and stick to it

One of the most basic rules that you must follow while bringing back a grip on your finances is to stick to a budget. The best way is to avoid unnecessary spending habit and debt by crafting a frugal budget. A budget enables you to keep track of your income and expenditure and monitor your savings. Without a budget, you may end up spending more on the unnecessary items and less on the things that you actually need. Make sure you assess your budget at the end of the month, so that, you can make the required changes.

2. Spend less money than you earn

Your financial health is almost similar to your physical health and therefore, you have to maintain a balance between how much money you earn and spend, just as you do with your energy. Don’t succumb to your temptations of purchasing anything that you set your eyes on. Maintain a spreadsheet and check at the end of the month whether or not your expenses are less than your income.

3. Set up an auto-savings account

Why not cover your base by saving enough money as well as pay down debt? If you’ve accrued huge amount of debt, and you’re looking for easy ways to pay them down, make sure you create an auto-savings account with a reputable bank. Set a goal to save at least 10% of what you earn in a month. You can even tie your checking account with the savings account so that as soon as you get your salary, the specific amount is deducted and transferred to your savings account.

4. Contribute to your company’s retirement account

If you’re not contributing money to your retirement account, you’re perhaps wasting your money and your employed life. Irrespective of the employer’s match, you must contribute a particular amount of money to the account so that you can help yourself in planning for your retirement. This will be an emergency fund that will help you with urgent funds when you come across any sudden financial emergency.

Final words

These are some personal financial habits that you must brag about among your friends and also make them aware of. Plan your financial future so that you may lead a financially fit life and eradicate your entire debt burden.

By carol on June 23rd, 2015

Credit Score Defence Tactics: To-Dos when you have an impressive one


It wasn’t easy, but your credit score just passed the 661 mark into “good” territory or the 781 mark into the “excellent” category. Congratulations, you’re now a credit score champion! After you’re done basking in your own glory, it’s time to actually put that credit score to effective use.

Transfer That Credit Card Balance

Why pay more than you have to? Many credit cards charge extremely high interest rates that can represent a significant burden, which explains why many individuals and families are struggling with debt. In fact, the average credit card debt in the United States is currently is over $6,500. However, with your high FICO score, there’s a quick option for helping you pay off that debt. In fact, with an “excellent” score, you’re likely eligible for a 0 percent rate on balance transfers, which essentially allows you to transfer credit card debts featuring high interest rates to a no interest account for a certain period.

Many cards will try to hit you with a 3 percent fee for transferring your balance, so try to search out a card that doesn’t. Ultimately, not only will a card with 0 percent introductory rate makes it easier to pay off your credit card debt, but successfully paying off your debt should also help boost your credit score even higher.

Time To Refinance Your Home

Now is a great time to take advantage of home loan interest rates that are lingering at a historic low. Currently, home interest rates are even below 4 percent, which means if your rate is higher and you have a substantially better credit score, you could potentially lock in a much lower rate. Your mortgage payments likely represent a big expense, and if you can reduce them over the long-term, it could represent a huge cost savings. If you want to refinance your mortgage, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Time To Upgrade Your Credit Card

Is your credit card not offering the great benefits, rewards and other perks you want? Don’t worry, plenty of others are. With a FICO score of 661 or above, you should be eligible for a whole slew of credit cards that offer the best benefits. On top of that, there are plenty of sign-up bonuses as well. Look around and you’ll be surprised just what you’re missing.

Cheaper Car Insurance Is Just Around The Corner

Your insurance costs are actually partially tied to your credit score. Auto insurers often calculate how much they think you should be paying based on an insurance score grounded on your actual FICO score. They use this information to try to determine the likelihood that you’ll file a claim on your auto insurance.

If your credit score has just upgraded to “good” or “excellent”, your credit-based insurance score is actually probably looking excellent as well. That might mean you qualify for a lower rate on your insurance, which can equal substantial savings for you, especially if car insurance is a big expense. Speak with a few different auto insurance providers until you find a deal that looks promising. Here are some good tips on how to get the best rate for your car insurance.

Ultimately, the difference between credit rating categories is pretty big, and there are rewards from a wide variety of sources available. It’s up to you to take the initiative to capitalize on all of these potential benefits.

By carol on June 18th, 2015

Secrets to get private student loans and to improve bad credit equally


Most borrowers wonder whether a bad credit score can lead to a loan decline. Those borrowers, who have already hurt their credit score due to their bad financial habits, are usually worried about their chances to get a personal loan. Getting personal loan with bad credit history is tough but possible. Bad credit personal loans will only be approved by your lender if you handle your credit report in a responsible manner. Therefore, it is initially important for a borrower to first concentrate on credit repair and then seek personal loans.

Why are improved credit scores important for getting a personal loan?

Before you apply for a bad credit personal loan, you must perform some act that improves your credit score. Order a free copy of your credit report and check the negative listings on your credit report. Most consumers are not aware of rectifying the errors in their credit report. A credit attorney may help you out with the entire process of repairing your credit. All your credit report mistakes can be rectified and legally corrected under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

5 Ways a bad credit holder can get private loan

Getting private loans with bad credit is difficult but not impossible. With some effort you can get private loans even with bad credit. So, read the rest of the article to know more.

1. Choose a lender you know personally

Getting private loans is possible from a lender you know personally. Yes! there are many options open for bad credit holder to get private loans such as family, friends, peer to peer lending options. Ask beforehand if they consider bad credit. Try to get all legal documentation from the lender. Thus, you can manage tax or any other legal issues.

2. Go for private student loans

You may gor for private loans which are dedicated for students. This type of loans have favorable terms that you may find suitable for you. Some government based student loan programs are open for borrower with bad credit. Apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to know more about it. You may be lucky enough to get Stafford or Perkins loans.

3. Find a co-signer

Try to find out a person with good credit as a guarantor. The person may be your parent, guardian, friends. The person must takes on the responsibility to pay off the loans unless you fail to make payments.

4. Meet the lender with proper application letter

Try to meet the lender personally with all documentation. Don’t forget to bring an application letter written properly. Make sure you have mentioned SSN, total income, savings, expenses. Try to write a flawless letter and explain why you need the loan and how you’re planning to pay off the loan. You need to provide all the necessary documents along with your application. Provide hard copies of employment information housing, tax details, statements for all bank accounts, information of any other loans or debts.

5. Try to improve your credit

Credit repair is the most important step that can help you to get personal loans at an affordable rate. So try to improve your credit score as much as possible.

3 Secrets to improve your credit score before applying for a personal loan

1. Get a guaranteed credit card

Since the students have rarely borrowed money, they have a poor credit history where they haven’t done any financial transaction. You can get a guaranteed credit card and start using it responsibly and also make timely and regular payments on it. A series of timely repayments will certainly boost your credit score.

2. Limit your charges to 30% of the card’s limit

Most financial experts say that you can certainly boost your score by limiting your credit card charges to 30% of the card’s limit. The total credit utilization is an important determinant of credit score.

3. Restrain your credit applications

While repairing your credit, make sure you do not go on applying for further lines of credit. Restrain the usage of your credit cards as you’re already going through tough financial circumstances.

Bottom lines

You should work hard to get approval on your private loans. As a bad credit holder you may get rejection on your loan application. But don’t panic or disheartened. Try to ask the reason and request politely if there is any chance to get approval.

By carol on June 9th, 2015

How your credit score affect auto insurance rate?

credit-card-and auto-insurance-rate

Your credit report is vital if you want to take out any kind of loan anytime. Your credit report is basically the reflection of your financial responsibility. The three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion each create your credit report based on the reporting that your creditors provide them. At times, this information is incorrect if your creditors miss out on providing information on a cleared debt and so on. At such times you need to go through the process of credit repair and dispute the negative items on your credit report and get them removed. This will increase your credit score.

Why is your credit score important?

Your FICO credit score is calculated on the basis of the reports published by the three major credit bureaus. As a result of this your credit score gives a direct judgment of the state of your credit and how well you handle loans. When you apply for loans, your lender will check your credit score first. Your credit score ranges from 300 to 850 and they can be divided into many categories. These categories are described as follow;

  • Above 800 is excellent credit score and you will get the best of the loan terms and interest rates
  • 799 to 730 is great credit score and you can get loans at a good interest rate.
  • From 680 to 729 the credit is considered to be good credit score and you won’t have any problem in getting a loan at suitable interest rate.
  • Between 580 to 679 are average credit score and you can qualify for a loan but not at a very good interest rate.
  • 500 to 679 is a bad credit score and you will have quite a difficult time to get a loan for yourself.

How do auto insurers review your credit score?

Auto insurers check your credit score in order to judge your responsibility with your finances. Along with this, the history of your driving record is pertinent in deciding the amount of coverage and the terms and conditions you will get for your insurance. Thus the rate offered by an auto insurer will depend on the credit history that you are carrying. Hence it is important that you improve your credit score so that you can get the best auto insurance for yourself.


Don’t apply for new credit too often. Whenever you apply for a new credit card or loan, the lender does a credit check. Each time this happens, your credit score drops a little bit. If you do it a bunch, your credit score can drop significantly.

By carol on June 4th, 2015

7 Basic financial lessons I wish I could have learnt earlier

money lessons during childhood

Beth Kobliner, author of the New York Times bestseller Get a Financial Life, said,

Look at the mortgage crisis and how many families lost their homes — 3.9 million foreclosures. Look at the amount of money — $1.1 trillion—we owe in student loan debt. The amount — $845 billion — we owe in credit card debt. It’s pretty clear that adults don’t know much about money. To help the next generation avoid the mistakes of their elders, and to live financially fit lives, they need to be taught the essentials about money

There are many other financial experts, who admit the same statement that, everyone should get financial lessons at their early age. As per the survey, it’s seen that, those who have less money worries, get financial lessons at their initial stage of life. Even I have no problem to declare the fact that, almost 12 years ago when I first started dealing with finance, I made many mistakes. Of course, that time I didn’t consider them as mistakes. Like my parents, many of you’re still not serious about your child’s financial literacy. As I’ve gone through many financial problems from my college days, I can say, not giving proper money lesson at early age is one of the biggest reason that most of Americans are still struggling with financial crisis.

Here, my article is all about some basic financial lessons I wish I knew at my early age.

1. Make sure you’re following a budget

Creating a budget is not so difficult task. Just pick a pen and a piece of paper and write down the total amount expenditure and income. Subtract the expenditure from your income. Thus, you can get the exact amount of money you can save after all necessary expenses. Try to increase your savings and cut down all unnecessary expenses to save more. If you can follow the budget that you’ve created, you can pay off your debts and contribute into your savings account more.

You can also read – Optimize your dollar: The ABC of pro-budgeting

2. Use cash for every purchase

Try to use cash for every purchase. Thus, you can keep track on your spending and won’t end up splurge a lot. Carrying a certain amount of cash will stop you from buying the next thing which you don’t need. Try to buy things that you need and not that you wish to buy.

3. Reduce the number of credit cards

Do you really need a wallet full of credit cards? Certainly not. Keep the most two credit cards for emergency transactions when you don’t have enough cash. Otherwise, limit your credit card usage to minimum. If you’ve less number of credit cards, automatically the usage will decrease.

4. Earn extra money

You can earn extra money through a number of ways. Sell the garage which is  in good condition but you don’t need. If you love children, then babysitting is a good job to earn extra money. If you have interest in teaching, open a coaching class/tuition class  to earn money.

5. Pay down higher interest debts first

Incase of multiple debts, I’m sure, some of them must have higher interest than the others. You should pay down these debts with higher interest rate first. This is because the more time you keep paying the interest rate the more money you spend in the long run. Thus if you pay off the higher interest debts first, you can save that interest amount in the long run.

6. Adopt some frugal habits

?You can make your own clothes. But if you’re too busy to make clothes then visit local store to get clothes. There’s no point to spend thousand of dollars on designer clothes. Take advantage of craigslist also. Try to make DIY cleaning stuffs to clean your home. You can use lime juice, vinegar and baking powder to clean bathroom, sinks, carpet floor so on.

7. Collect and use coupons

Discount coupons are another great way to save money. There are many websites which allow you to download coupons for free in exchange of your membership in the community. You can also get various discount coupons from magazines. You should cut and collect them and use them whenever you go out for shopping.

Final words

Investing is another big part of your financial lessons. You should read good books and research a lot in order to get the best benefit from your investment. Try to live without a list of debts. Don’t think that your plastics are source of money and debt is normal . Thus, you’ll see how successfully you’re managing your own finance.

By carol on May 26th, 2015

Stolen or safe? 9 Must do steps to repair ID theft


Though I have already covered this subject, but as ID fraud is quite common after tax season, I think this article will be your daily dose. As all of you know, identity theft can be devastating in your life. It can appear in many forms such as credit card fraud, fake credit application, fake use of medicare, tax fraud so on. Moreover, identity theft arise some acute problems that may take long time to solve. So, try to be more careful while handling SSN, credit card details, forms of loan application. However, those who are a victim of identity theft, other than taking action to negotiate creditors you need to take some other important decisions.

How to understand if your identity has been stolen

These are some warning signs to understand whether or not your address has been changed or you have fallen into the identity theft trap:

  • If you are getting credit cards without even applying for those,
  • If you get calls from creditors about payments on items that you have never purchased,
  • If you realise your existing credit card interests have been increased all of a sudden,
  • If you don’t find your credit card bills.

What actions you should take after identity theft

New bank accounts can get opened in your name after this kind of fraud. You need to take some prompt actions to stop further loss. Such as:

  1. Try to find any kind of unauthorized withdrawal on your credit report,
  2. Check any new accounts reported onto your credit report,
  3. Inform the creditors as soon as possible ( within 2 days),
  4. Ask the creditors to lock the accounts and to change all privacy details,
  5. Request your creditor to to close down your stolen accounts,
  6. Inform the local police and file a complaint,
  7. You need to file another complaint with the Federal Trade Commission,
  8. You should place a fraud alert on all of the credit reports,
  9. Try to review your credit reports on a regular basis.

Final words

You can also file your identity theft complaint online. But first of all you need to be very protective and find out some remedies to prevent credit card fraud in future. You need to keep close watch on your credit bills in order to avoid such fraudulent activities. Try not to disclose SSN to anyone including account numbers or other personal information. Don’t trust any phone calls from companies claiming to be collection agencies. Don’t give them your account number or Social Security Number.

By carol on May 21st, 2015

5 FAQs about credit repair scams

credit-repair-scamsAre you having problems in getting approved for new credit? Is your credit is not perfect too. In such a situation, you need to try and repair your credit. In order to do that you’ll have to be aware of credit repair scams as well.

1. Why is credit repair vital?

Credit repair is vital for your financial prosperity. You need to maintain good credit to get any forms of new credit, to buy or rent a home and even to get a new job as well. Remember, once you’ll apply for any forms of new credit, the creditor or the lender will check your credit reports to know your credit score. Similarly, when you’ll be applying for a job, the employer may check your credit report. If you’ve good credit score then the employer will give you preference . The better your credit, the better will be your chances. Having good credit score shows that you’ve the ability to handle your finances well.

2. What is credit repair scams?

There are various credit repair agencies or you may seen ads from companies telling that “they can help you repair your credit” or “they are able to turn your bad credit history to fantastic”. Or you can get offers to “fix your credit” in your mailbox. These companies are scams.They rather than helping you in your problem, create problems for you.

3. How can I understand a credit repair scam?

1. If the company force you to pay them before doing any work on behalf of you.
2. If the company ask you not to inform or contact the credit reporting companies directly.
3. If they insist you to mention false data on your applications for loan or credit.
4. If they are unable to explain your legal rights while discussing your matter.
5. If they suggest you to dispute an errors in your report when you’re very much aware that the information is correct.

4. How I can avoid credit repair scams?

1. Ask for the copy for the contract so that you can read it before signing it.

2. Check your contract thoroughly that :

* It has all the details of the name and the address of the company.
* If there is the mentioned amount they are charging for the services,
* Check all the details of the services, date by which they are going to perform the services.
* Read the contract and make sure that you have the ability to cancel the contract within 3 days.

3. Don’t sign a form waiving the rights under CROA, or promises to create a new identity for you with new social security number or federal employer identification number (EIN).

4. Ask for the copy of “Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law” that lets you know that you can pull the credit report and can dispute any wrong information on the reports.

5. Can I repair credit on my own?

Yes, you can repair credit on your own. First of all you need to avoid tempting ads that promise to reduce the chances of being a victim of the credit repair scams. If you try to repair your own credit, then you’ll have to pull your credit reports and review on a regular basis. If you find any wrong listings, then dispute these off your credit reports by negotiating with the credit bureaus as early as possible.

Remember, the negative items will stay on your credit reports for 7 years. However, if you can pay off your financial obligations, then you can also take the advantage of PFD and Goodwill letters. The PFD or Pay for Delete is one of the most effective option through which you can get the negative listings or errors removed from your credit reports. All of these steps will help you to build your credit with time as well.

By carol on May 12th, 2015

0 APR credit card : 4 Advantages and disadvantages


The 0% APR credit cards are the ones in which the rate is 0 during the offer period or for a certain period. 0% APR means 0% Annual Percentage Rate on credit card. This relieves most of the people with high interest rates of the credit cards burden. You are not required to pay interest on credit cards at least for some months, it helps you save lots of money on debt payments.

Advantages of 0 APR credit cards

The 0 APR credit cards have various advantages and these are:

1. It saves money

The 0 APR credit cards helps to save money on your debt payments. As the creditor isn’t charging you any interest, you need to pay money only against what you charge the card for. So, it would be best for you to make right usage of the card according to the terms and conditions within the offer period.

2. It helps for lowering the burden

The 0 APR credit cards relieves you from the pressure of dealing with the high credit card payments. With these cards, there’s no required to make high payments against the card.

3. It helps to build better credit

With balance transfer, it becomes easy for you to make the payments. Thus, you’re able to make the payments on a regular basis. 35% of your credit score depends on the payment history. Thus, it helps you to better your credit with time.

4. Balance transfer can be done

You may be able to balance transfer by using the 0 APR credit cards. As you transfer the balance from all of the other credit cards into the 0% credit card, it helps you in getting all of the debts rolled over as a single debt. Thus, it is not only the interest rate, but the number of payment gets reduced too.

Disadvantages of 0 APR credit cards

0% interest card have some disadvantages as well.

1. The APR is valid for a stipulated time period. Remember, once the introductory period over the card will turn back into its regular rate. And the regular rate is not as low as you think. Be always sure about the balance, once you’re approaching toward the end of the introductory period.

2. If you not pay the bills on time the card issuer may stop the introductory period as a penalty of late payment. Also you may get 30% of penalty APR.

3. You should pay a balance transfer fees even if you find out a card with 0% introductory offer. So, you need to calculate to ensure whether or not the card is beneficial for you.

4. Make sure balance transfers are included. You need to understand the terms and conditions thoroughly. There can be hidden charges with the card.


It is advisable to know the terms and conditions before opting 0 APR as different company have different terms. You can see that there are various advantages and disadvantages of the 0% APR credit cards. So, if you are getting any such offers, you need to handle the card in right way to improve your credit, save money on debt payments. Moreover, if you have good credit score, then you may focus on rewards or bonuses as well.

By carol on May 7th, 2015

Eviction: How landlords deal with rogue tenants of payment default


Do you have a tenant who continuously keep on making late payments? Are you getting tired of making several request? There are some ways of dealing with such tenants. You can report late bills to the credit bureaus. You need to have a monthly subscription with the major credit agencies to format reports. To protect credit score your tenant will surely start making payments on time.

Common eviction mistakes a landlord should avoid

Knowing what thing to avoid while evict a bad tenant can make the process hassle free. You should avoid these eviction mistakes in order to get rid of the miserable tenant and the process as well. Read on to know the mistakes a landlord should avoid.

1. Send a proper notice to quit

Most of landlord usually take action against their bad tenants without sending any proper notice. This is one of the major blunder. The proper procedure is, before file for an eviction, landlord should send a notice to quit letter to the tenant. In the notice the landlord should mention the reasons as well. Moreover, a landlord should give the notice far enough in advance. Otherwise the landlord may face difficulty while evicting the tenant.

2. Don’t play any tricky game

Don’t take any attempt of self help eviction to make the tenant’s situation miserable. There are some self help activities a landlord shouldn’t try in order to remove a bad tenants such as :

  • To change the locks on the tenants house to restrict his/her entry to the house.
  • To remove all the assets of the tenant from the house.
  • To turn off all the utilities (hot water, electricity, gas)
  • Any harassment to remove the tenants from the property.

Remember, if you take any action from the list which are mentioned above, then your tenant can file legal action against you. As a potential business man you should follow the rent rule and shouldn’t take any such illegal action to get rid of bad tenants.

3. Try to keep all evident against the tenant

A landlord should keep all the evidence against the tenant. For instance, if you’re trying to evict a tenant for late or non payment, then you should keep the bank statements and other request notice as evidence. On the other hand, if you’re trying to evict the tenant for any damage, then you should provide the evidence of damages as well. Take pictures of the damages and keep them in a safe place.

Procedure for reporting tenant’s non payments to the credit bureaus?

As a owner, you can report a non pay to the major credit bureaus, however you have to take few steps to report a late payment to the credit bureaus.

1. At first, collect the missed payments documents or bills of late payments. Take some photographs of them. Also take snaps of notification letter to the tenant that the debt remains unpaid.

2. After collecting all these proofs, you need to contact a collection agency such as Tenant Collection Services, Landlord Protection Agency to collect the due payment of your behalf. Give the copies of all the documents, SSN of your tenant, name, document of his/her actual debt and the letter of previous collection efforts to the agency.

3. Landlord Protection Agency will work on a contingency basis or a flat fee service. In contingency service the company will charge a percentage of the owed money. And in flat fee service they will charge $16.95 once the debt is collected by them. You need to choose the option according to your suitability. Both agency will report the credit bureaus about your tenants late payments.

Final words

Try to talk directly to your tenants about his/her due payment, debts or results of late payments. Thus, your tenant may pay the bills on time, or may share the reason of late payments or pray for some days more to make the payments. You can also pay a third party credit reporting service company to report the late payments of your tenants instead of filing an eviction against the tenant. If you want to file an eviction, then you need to follow the the specific rules for evicting the tenant. Remember, the eviction rules differs state to state. So, make sure you’re following the specific rule of your state.

By carol on April 28th, 2015

Gas cards: Bad credit holders here’s your chance to get the benefit


With the ever rising gas price, you’ll feel rewarded to fill up the tank at the gas station while saving some money. If you drive your car on a regular basis, then a gas credit card will be the best choice. Because, you can earn points on buying gas and other purchases as well. Gas credit cards are beneficial mainly for its offers such as : rewards points, cash back, gas price discounts, or even special promotional deals. You can get 1% – 5% reward on your gas purchases anywhere. Some gas credit cards also offer discounted rates on your purchase at the gas station.

What are the benefits of a gas credit card?

1. The gas credit cards are just like any other credit cards which can be doubled for your gas purchases.

2. Having gas credit cards is very beneficial for the consumers to save money on gas. Because it serves various type of rebates and rewards for the card holder.

3. You will be able to get rewards whenever you use the card in order to purchase gasoline.

4. Though you need to use these cards strategically at the pump stations so that you are able to save more money on gasoline. For example, if you use these credit cards on a regular basis, it can help you in dealing much easily with the gas prices as you’ll be able to earn different types of cashback offers.

What if you have bad credit ?

If you’ve bad credit, then you need to research well to find a company who will provide gas credit card to the customer who have bad credit score. Generally, opting gas credit card is easy amongst all the other credit card. But you need to follow some tips while applying for the card in order to get the best reward card.

1. You need to have some credit at least to get the approval of.

2. Bad credit cardholder should contact the gas providers directly.

3. Contact ExxonMobil, if you’ve bad credit or may be no credit at all. They are one of the most easiest of the gas companies with whom you can get some credit.

4. If you want to rebuild or it’s your first card to start out the relationship with credit life, then this card will be best option for you.

5. You can also try out some other well known gas providers like Conoco Philips.

Which are the best gas credit cards for bad credit holder?

Even if you’ve bad credit you need a gas credit card. Because, it will save your hard earned money on fuel. Secondly, most of gas credit card don’t charge annual fees. And most importantly, you can easily qualify for a gas credit card instead of a regular credit card. There are many gas credit cards are available which are suitable for a bad credit holder such as : clark credit card, shell “drive for five” card, regular marathon card, Meijer credit card.

Final words

Try to avoid the third parties to get help in getting gas credit cards in spite of the fact that you have bad credit. Read the fine print to know all the terms and conditions applied there. Make sure you’ve the idea about the interest rates, if the rewards are only available at certain gas stations and if you’re allowed to earn credit card rewards points on other non-gas purchases. Moreover, bad credit holder can go for gas store card at initial stage and if you’re a college student, then it apply for student credit card. This one of the best strategy to start with a credit card with low or no credit.

By carol on April 23rd, 2015