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JOINED:  1 July 2010
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LOCATION:  Florida
OCCUPATION:  Credit Counselor
INTERESTS:  Credit, Debt Help, Budget Analysis
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Posts by hgimmy229
Posting date Subject
Posted: Fri Aug 27 9:12:07 2010 You have the right to dispute inaccuracies off ..
Posted: Fri Aug 27 8:42:06 2010 If you have all of your written documentation and ..
Posted: Fri Aug 27 8:25:23 2010 If the repossession is willing to settle for half ..
Posted: Mon Jul 12 12:55:42 2010 That is a valid point. Please make sure when you ..
Posted: Mon Jul 12 10:57:29 2010 If the above mentioned company is listed in ..
Posted: Fri Jul 9 8:46:53 2010 That is a great question. You have the right to ..
Posted: Thu Jul 8 12:51:46 2010 You always want to be cautious between for-profit ..
Posted: Thu Jul 8 12:26:36 2010 Hi, In response to your concern regarding ..
Posted: Wed Jul 7 12:35:37 2010 Hi Alana, Please make sure that you check out ..
Posted: Wed Jul 7 12:08:50 2010 Hi Bob, I would recommend to appear in court ..
Posted: Thu Jul 1 12:24:03 2010 Hello everyone! I look forward to providing free ..

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