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JOINED:  9 January 2010
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Posts by AnyaRostov
Posting date Subject
Posted: Sat Jan 16 2:54:21 2010 Be careful about recording! You must follow all ..
Posted: Sat Jan 16 7:49:09 2010 In order for the debt collector to even be ..
Posted: Tue Jan 12 8:34:09 2010 Judges and courts have no say at all on HOW the ..
Posted: Mon Jan 11 3:54:36 2010 If your Mom's name and SS are on the account ..
Posted: Mon Jan 11 3:50:24 2010 Have you tried to just negotiate the whole thing ..
Posted: Mon Jan 11 3:48:00 2010 Is that debt validated **Yes. Do they have ..
Posted: Mon Jan 11 3:28:25 2010 The courts say verification of a debt involves ..
Posted: Mon Jan 11 3:25:33 2010 If the plaintiff gets a judgment they could seize ..
Posted: Fri Jan 8 8:47:22 2010 A dispute is only a true dispute if it is in ..
Posted: Fri Jan 8 8:43:04 2010 The court's say a validation or verification of ..
Posted: Fri Jan 8 8:39:35 2010 You are correct, bankruptcy and credit counseling ..
Posted: Fri Jan 8 8:26:41 2010 Do I have grounds to have the motion set aside ..

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