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JOINED:  16 March 2010
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Posts by ar8294
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Posted: Thu Mar 25 8:59:24 2010 Our system in NY is the same as you describe in ..
Posted: Wed Mar 24 8:53:56 2010 Good post! I have never heard that a judgment ..
Posted: Wed Mar 24 8:06:02 2010 Good post. ..
Posted: Wed Mar 24 12:57:03 2010 This is a good site, however I am already seeing ..
Posted: Tue Mar 23 2:40:28 2010 Where in FCRA doe it state that judgments can be ..
Posted: Sun Mar 21 5:24:17 2010 Q1 = I have read that the 7 year reporting period ..
Posted: Sun Mar 21 4:59:36 2010 You are right to be wary! At this point you must ..
Posted: Sat Mar 20 12:51:26 2010 @nightstar @cinnamngrl I just gained full ..
Posted: Tue Mar 16 11:54:27 2010 Q1 Where a negative credit item has been reported ..

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