Welcome to the Case Study section of Credit Magic

In this section we will take up few instances from real life problems that have their root buried deep in credit profile and study the case in-depth to determine the exact problem behind the screen. Once the symptom is identified, solution cannot be far away. This is an effort to make you aware of these credit problems and help you cope with them in your day to day life.

All the cases are categorized under four heads:

  • Case - This part is an introduction to the case we are going to analyze.
  • Diagnosis - In this part we try to analyze the actual credit problem beneath the case.
  • Possible Remedies - We suggest possible remedies to the problem.
  • Outcome - In this part we will see how the solution does MAGIC and changes the direction of the case.
Case study

Let us solve your 'Case'

If you are worried about any credit disputes which can be a credit denial, disputing a credit bureau, dropping score, unnecessary harassment by collection houses, etc. please let the community help you solve it. Feel free to post your case in the forums. Once the same is solved we will make a synopsis of the case and publish the same over here for others to follow.

Please also note that the suggestions offered are distinct for each problem and the plan made for a particular case might not help someone else with different set of symptoms. You are always welcome to suggest a more effective remedy. To do so please use the comment box provided at the bottom of each case.For the sake of privacy we are keeping the real names of the consumers a secret. Instead we are using a fictitious character Mr. Prob.