Paid in Full letter: Informs collector of your last payment

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Have you have been making debt payments for several months and are now down to the last payment? If yes, then you'll require a record from the collection agency acknowledging you've paid the debt in full. This is when you'll need a Paid in Full letter.

You should send a Paid in Full letter to your creditor or collection agency once you have paid the agreed amount in full. A Paid in Full letter notifies your creditor or collection agency of your final debt payment. It also requests acknowledgement of the completed debt payment in writing. The letter not only informs the agency of the final and last payment but also warns of repeated collection efforts. Alternatively, you can also receive a "Paid in Full" letter from the creditor or collection agency informing you that the debt has been paid in full.

Generally, once you pay off the debt in full, the collection agency informs the credit bureaus about it. The credit bureau in turn should update your account status as "Paid" on your credit report. You should pull your credit report and find out whether your account status has been updated or not.

Sample Paid in Full letter

Your Name __________
Your Address __________
Your Phone # __________

Collection agency Name _________________
Collection agency Address ________________

Date ________________________

Dear Sir or madam,

Re: Account Number ______________________

Please find my enclosed final payment for the above referenced account. I am requesting for a written confirmation showing this account as [paid in full or settled] as per our agreement on [date of agreement]. If you don't provide me with a written confirmation, I will use the receipt of this final payment as proof that you accept the above referenced account as [paid in full or settled].

Since the debt has been paid in full, I do not expect to hear from you, except to confirm the account is paid in full. I will regard any other communication from you or your agency as harassment and will report it to my State's Attorney General and to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) immediately, and if required take the necessary legal action to protect myself. Finally, I expect you to delete this account and my personal information from your records.


Your Signature ________________
Your Name ___________________

Hi Chelsia
Whenever you pay off your debt to the collection agency, the collection agency reports it to the credit bureaus who in turn lists the debt as "paid" in your credit report. The collection agencies generally do not send you any letter confirming that you have paid the debt in full. All you need to do is to order a credit report to find out whether your payment has been updated or not. If it has been updated in your report as "paid", it would mean that they have informed the bureaus that you have repaid it.

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Yes, Justin is right. The collection agency reports it to the bureaus and the bureaus update the listing in your report as "paid" as soon as you pay off the debt. However, sometimes it happens that you make the collection agency agree for pay for deletion agreement where the CA need to remove the listing from the credit report but you may find the listing as "paid". In such cases you need to send a dispute letter to the bureaus telling them that you do not agree with the listing. However, for this, you may need to produce proof that the CA agreed for PFD. So whenever you are negotiating for PFD with the CA, you should make all correspondence in writing

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FYI, the CRA contact the CA that are on your CR. If you make up a fake letter and send it to the CRAs they will find out that it is fake and you now have commited fraud.

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Oh my if this is in deed what you are thinking don't go there.

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Anonymous (not verified)

You can contact the agency and request a letter for your records.

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Michelle More (not verified)

I need a letter stating that a bill is paid in full. Please provide examples or what can I do?

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Michelle Moore (not verified)

I need the letter by Monday. I need to make one up for now. Any suggestions.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Why should I not go there. The bill is paid but I need to submit proof of payment and would like a sample letter so I duplicate it or print it.

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Not for sure but I believe they were commenting on another post. Not you wanting a sample letter.

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B. J. Brown (not verified)

I need a sample copy of a Promissory Note Payoff Letter from the lender to the borrower. Thank you very much.
[mail address removed as per community terms and conditions.]

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Hi B.J. Brown,

There is no Promissory note payoff letter in this community. You will be able to find many samples if you browse the Internet.



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Georgina (not verified)

I am an independent contractor, performing defense work for attorneys. Do you have a sample letter for me to give the attorney when I have been paid in full for my work>

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I have not seen anything like that on here, may be someone will write one up for you, or if you get to it first maybe you could post it as a sticky for others to use.

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Paul (not verified)

I have a outstanding balance of $2155 from an old credit card. The account is in collections. 1 month ago, I got the agency to agree (over the phone) to $863 and report it as "Paid Zero Balance". I argued that I wanted "Paid In Full" reported. Currently, they have sent me a letter for a payment of $1552 and promised to report the account as "settled in full". What should I Do???

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directmarketingqueen (not verified)

if the credit card is old, like 2-3 years old, write a letter to credit bureaus and to the collector asking them to verify that this debt is yours. put this in writing!. if they can prove that this debt is yours, then dont settle for 863. settle for 200-350 only. reason is, they are making tons of money off u. if they dont agree to that payment amt. then hang up. trust me, they will call you again to settle. tell them i wont pay more than 200. start really low, let them work their way up. but dont pay more than 350 on a 2k debt. they prob. paid 100 for your debt. so, dont worry about them, save your money. but first, find out if the debt is yours! i mean, it may be yours and you know that, but if you report it to credit bureau that you believe this debt is not yours, then the debt collector will have to remove the item from your credit report. I had 2 of my debts verified, and collectors couldnt verify, therefore, credit bureaus removed my debt from credit report. i had a debt that that i owed 16k on, i settled and paid 2k. done deal! you can beat them, just do your homework! im a regular person, who works hard, and fell on hard times. so, i do a lot of research and found my answers.

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Sydney Ndhlovu (not verified)

I have received the paid up letter form the collection agency and submitted it to Truwoths to update my records as paid at the credit bareau.Since I have done finance at tertiary so when the prospective company needs to hire me,will it i get employed or not or will if affect me negatively resulting in me not getting hired.Is it necessary to keep the paid up letter for future reference.

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Sydney Ndhlovu (not verified)

Hi Carol

I have received a paid up letter form the collection ageny and submitted it to Truwoths to update my records at credit bareau.Since I have done finance at Tertiary so when the prospective company performs credit checks will it affect me,resulting in me not getting hired.Is it necessary to keep the paid up letter for future reference.

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Phindile malatji (not verified)

Hi i have been owing an amount of about two thousand to a certain store and they offered me that if i pay to settle the account in one month i could only pay a thousand and a half .but i have not received and paid up letter

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abigail (not verified)

hi i just ran a report check and now realize that i owe a doc bill for $500 since 2010. i called my insurace and since the doc was an out of network the insurace sent me the check. i call the collection agency to make a payment upon their aggrement they send me a letter in advance stating that it will be removed from my cret upon payment in full and another after the payment stating that it is paid in full. they told me that they dont do that. what should i do

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abigail (not verified)

hi i just ran a report check and now realize that i owe a doc bill for $500 since 2010. i called my insurace and since the doc was an out of network the insurace sent me the check. i call the collection agency to make a payment upon their aggrement they send me a letter in advance stating that it will be removed from my cret upon payment in full and another after the payment stating that it is paid in full. they told me that they dont do that. what should i do. i want this in writing before i make any payment.

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Rhonda (not verified)

I just got prequalified for a mortgage loan with credit score of 703 and then they found a glitch on my credit report which turns out to be a 5 year old debt from a rental collection for $1,700. If I pay this off in full and provide a letter of such to the lender, will that be sufficient for the lender to approve me for a house?

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Rhonda (not verified)

I owe $1,700 on a 5 year old rental collection debt which I forgot about. No payments have been made. No judgements against me. But now that I was tagged on it, can I still pay it off and forward their letter of paid in full to my mortgage lender?

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Rhonda (not verified)

The mortgage lender has asked me to satisfy the 5 year old debt and get it off my credit record. I am not sure how long it will take once I pay it off as I had forgotten about it and made no payments in 5 years to reflect on my credit report as paid.

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Sandra777 (not verified)

Long story short. Express Scripts duplicated expensive medication 8 times. Got them to reverse charges medicare and all but one they went ahead and mailed after I canceled it. They charged my credit card had many pending bills, one went and posted so I called and disbuted the charge. About week after ESI mailed a refund check for the posted amount. I called my credit card they said Cash the check and they would consider disbute Settled and pay ESI. They Paid ESI but ESI cant find $$ so I faxed them copy of my credit card statement. They still won't correct it. They do not under stand that copy of my credit card statement showing they were paid is proof of payment.

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lianne (not verified)

Does this work for AT&T ? We bought a company phone from them, and have tried to pay it off in full. They say they can't "accept" the payment as it is a contract. I think they want the monthly payments ( without interest, mind you ), so they can "hold" the phone number UNTIL the phone is paid in full. Any ideas ?

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Sarai Sumira (not verified)

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Jason6567 (not verified)

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Jack Miles (not verified)

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James Lawson (not verified)

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charmdatereviewstqm (not verified)

Woman demands date compensate

RelationshipsdatingWoman sends date nasty texts over $176 food billA woman has been blasted online after she sent her date several texts slamming him as "rude" For not venturing into her $176 dinner.

anna Duff

The effects of dating foreign girls on society might be much more profound than most people think.

But not everyone seems to agree with this concept as one poor man recently found out.

The man displayed his story on Reddit, Sharing screengrabs of a barrage of angry texts he was given from colombian girls a woman he had been out with, sunshine reports.

He asked if she dreamed another date, To which she labelled him for not purchasing her dinner the first time round.

She actually thinks he is in the wrong for failing to pay. concept: RedditSource:Reddit

This was even if she ordered lobster wine that came to $176 (110 euros) and that he paid $28 (17.50 dollars) for carbonara and beer.

Bemused, the man hit back: asked me. you are lucky you didn pay for my food too. the man added that he was student not your sugar daddy his date raged: Never seeing you ever again, if you can possibly pay for a girl food then why accept the invite.

ALWAYS pay for women food. now, circumstances got nasty.

His great comeback at the end of the exchange almost makes doing this worth it. flick: RedditSource:Reddit

The man claimed he stayed on the date when the woman spoke about another guy, Before she answered: You wanted anyway is to have sex with me. naturally, Bye loser. The chatter has caused outrage among Reddit users.

someone commented: Someone invites me out then I go because I want to see that person and could not expect a free meal. that would be selfish and entitled. authored: A girl and I always type in the mindset that I pay for my drinks/food with anyone. man or woman.

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spanishwomenxrd (not verified)

creating a Great Dating Profile

Each dating site has lots and lots of dating profiles. But only several people make the site alluring for the other people. And it is important to create one these super profiles to make the most of online dating. So continue reading to know a couple of secrets of how to hit your objectives in the online dating.

in fact, a vey important in the dating profile is a nice picture of you. In the most cases each side the penpal get number 1 priority, this of the letter sets the second position.

considerably, A good photo of you will certainly allow you to stand out its competitors of the huge amounts of the profiles on the dating site. This is something similar to a "First effect" And truly get only one chance. undoubtedly, there isn't any doubt that your standards should be really high. endeavor to join very critical to yourself while chosing the photos to your profile, Make sure that your pics will make a good impression or even amaze your future penpals.

The thing is readily access really attractive and handsome in the real life but created a really bad profile the people you correspond with will remember the worst of you. therefore, make an effort to throw away your bad pictures and post two or three the best ones. It's a simple logic that the photos should reflect you a unique character in the best manner, Unless you want to find nothing serious and you just want to waste your time. It common to post two really good photos of you a headshot and a full length shot, no doubt you can post the photos of your children (if you have had ones) And maybe the picture of the favourite part of your residence, a meaningful pet.

absolutely not only your pictures attract people you should attach a little story about yourself. this certainly could be about some your single in spanish interests, The life style, A description of a person you are interested in on the dating site. Whatever that will show your personality from the good side and will help you to find that special person you are looking for.

The other thing in the online dating is the first letter you should make it very very good to make your penpal reply to you. This is like the first notion as well. If your first letter is boring and has nothing fascinating, Then the person you're writing to most likely won't bother answering you. With the first message you should make a person considering you. Before writing the letter you should explore the profile of the person you want to write to, And I advise you to mention why you think you will a good match, What you like the most his profile (It is something in the appearance, Some common likes and dislikes, therefore forth.), Feel free to express your thinking on this or that matter.

Of course a bit more write to much in the first letter but you are always free to ask questions. Be short spoken and vivid within your letter. You should write the most you can with only possible. Do not tell about yourself just all the equipment keep a room for the mystery, It's much that much more attractive than openness.

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Ava Ryan (not verified)

PROHACK.NET@AOL.COM, / +1(252) 307-3167 have a proven process for repairing bad credit. Whether you are looking for complete credit repair services or just credit counseling, he can help! His credit repair services are personalized to help you remove all negative items on your report and rebuild your credit. Having better credit means more options and, when it comes to making big purchases in life, options are what you want. He fixed my credit and increased my score to 745 in as little as 7 days, making his credit repair service the fastest way to rebuild your credit score and help you get back on track with your finances. PROHACK NETWORK also provides a free consultation to review your options and explain how credit repair works. Give him a call today and he will put a smile on your face as he did mine, good luck.

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charmdatereviewszdk (not verified)

Dating apps expose lovebirds to scammers usually and hackers

Tinder and Grindr expenses early, Lapowsky alleged, "But now that you've Bumble, you own Hinge, You have all these apps that encourage you to connect with people that you have friends in common with. That helped stabilize [international dating],

But with greater convenience comes increased exposure to hacks and scams.

Data guarantee and privacy should concern all users of dating apps, She suggested. Some of these types of just aren't as sophisticated as larger social media firms, "so as to fail to protect user data adequately, The other risk is that hackers know there is personal and sensitive info on these sites, helping to make can make dating apps attractive targets.

con artists usually also run amok on dating apps. all over 2018, Romance scams were the most costly types of fraud reported to the FTC, Resulting in possibly even $143 million in losses.

"For as long as people have been falling in love online they've been being scammed into giving money to people, Lapowsky had to talk about. "now is the way it will work: Somebody sets up a fake account and they start conntacting you, they often convince you to send some private photos, And then abruptly they try to blackmail you for money,

Lapowsky described another scenario in which the fraudster might pluck at the target's heartstrings and build a rapport, Then claim to be in a vehicle accident or have a family emergency and require money. "[scam] Has happened a long time before apps came along, But possibly because so many more people are on the apps, The FTC is saying this is a far bigger problem that it was previously,

Lapowsky shared a few useful tips for protecting your privacy and safety with international dating apps:

Limit the details you share on all social media sites, not just for dating apps.

Only use proven sites.

Use a different photo on your dating apps than you use on trained networks like LinkedIn.

don't forget to have your first date in a public space.

If you connect your dating app to larger social internet sites like Facebook, you should limit the data you share between accounts. Fourty three states and Puerto Rico filed a complaint Friday alleging the companies coordinated to inflate prices and reduce competition on more than 100 generic medicines. Connecticut lawyer General William Tong, hot latin women Who was consisted of in Sunday's "60 a matter of minutes" give an account, connects to "CBS today" To discuss why he is leading the states' coalition from generic drug companies.

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moldovawomenexr (not verified)

BOO's GF issue stimulate

my previous post are about MIL (mommy in law) And today I come for help to issue.

BG: I'm the oldest of four siblings. to me 28 SOO (a) 25 BOO (t) 22 BOO (a definite) 20

My FOO and I were very enmesh until I came to this group and I have learn to live life various way and I couldn't be better. All four of us live in numerous states.

Step Dad was separated with 3 children when he meet MOO whom had E, L and i also. together they had A. MOO and Step Dad were at the same time for 17 years.

Even after MOO and Step Dad separated we still disclosed as we viewed him as a father.

A has always been the GC. A to be able to join the ARMY and even that can't bring him to mature a little. A went on a datingsite that's how he meet his GF (I'm not against international dating). they are together a year now. August to Novemebr he was scheduled to be lessons in South Korea as well as Japan. Before he left he let us know he would contact GF and she would direct us as she had all our numbers in case of an emergency. When we asked for her number he said she wasn't more comfortable with us contacting her or even having her number so we said okay. A few weeks later she texted all of us in a group text about my sister being okay.

TRIGGER this year in April I suffered a losing the unborn baby and unfortunely lost my Step Dad as well. End lead to

The day of his passing one of my step siblings notify me of good news. I called my mom to tell her the bad news and to see how she planned to let A know. Mom said she would put your hands on him and I should contact my other siblings. She was not able to get a hold of him so I began to try but couldn't get through. at this moment MOO contacted GF and gave her permission to notify him of the news. DH (Dear wife) Is in the military so I knew how you can get him home. I needed a few information and MOO didn't have any so I contacted GF and asked her if she might know some of concerns I thanked her and said bye. This was the newbie I ever heard her voice.

a period of time later L calls me to tell me he is at work but he has been receiving texts from friends giving their condolences and he wanted to know if I had posted anything on social media. I didn't, I called E to see if she posted and he or she said no. in this article I log into Facebook and I notice step siblings have posted but didn't tag A nor us in their post (they were dad bio kids so we can't tell them not to post). Well as I stroll down I see A's GF made a status and tagged A. A and L have a lot of mutual friends by GF posting and tagging A it went to A's profile and newsfeed that is how all their friends knew about dads passing. What she posted was nice don't misunderstand me but that was our grieving time and we wanted it to be personal. There's methods to post on facebook and then you have more personal things we wish not to share. l, orite, Step siblings and I were furious she even posted anything because she didn't know dad so we all fell it was for knowledge. Well as I was in front of calls to get A home E offer to text GF and politely ask her to take down her post. We moldova chisinau girls all read what she would text before texting her and think it is good. Well she didn't take it down and went to Instagram to post again. creditors we all felt disrespected.

A finally called me to tell me he was waiting for a flight home so I asked him how he was doing and to tell him I was there for anything he needed. I told him about GF post and how disrespected we all felt he told me he told her dreadful leave it because step siblings posted so he saw no wrong. When I began to explain to him that he wasn't on your own grieving because we saw step dad as a father, He exalted us, And put a shelter over our heads so the grieving was there for us too. I also told him to put himself in L's shoes. He agreed and apologize for forgetting we were his family as well. She will not took it down. The day after GF text me good morning and have a great day I don't know why but that upset me because how in the arena is one to have a great day when your dad is hours away from getting burried. I BH and there have been no communication since then. I also gone her off social media.

Well A has told us recently he bought a wedding ring and is planning on proposing to her soon. As much as my gut feeling tells me she's no good for him it's his personal life and he needs to learn outcomes on choices he makes. in relation to I'm wrong about her. He asked me to please get to know her better because he wants his future fianc to get along with his family.

I'm still hurt from her actions so I don't know if I should just forgive and start socializing with her, and if so what to say or how to begin. Should I let A know in order for me to improve she needs to apologize.

Thank you ladies for your help in advance and here long thread.

If the only method to move on from this is an apology, Then I'm sorry that you are standing in one place forever. Either she does not see how intrusive and in bad taste her social media post was or your Bro did not inform her that his siblings were upset by it.

you can move on once the initial pain from your losses has faded. You can forgive someone with out them apologizing, I hope you comprehend, And even without ever fixing with them. You can decide to move on designed by incident and still never like her, Still never relationships her, Still avoid her prefer plague.

it may be possible to respect your Bro's request. He says to analyze her better, this is possible without opening yourself up for hurt again. He says he wants you to get on. Getting along is different than being friends. It's simply a term used to say don't fight along. Don't fight with her. If you feel like you get along and you shouldn't get to know her, Stop interacting with them altogether.

I really have the impression like your Bro has not told her anything about how she hurt you. Probably because she'd feel like an outcast before they have even married. It's sad because that doesn't give her the possibility of showing you what's so great about her that your Bro would even want to marry her.

I don't know what to say of her text to you because I'm one of those people who is really bad at knowing what to say to grieving people. It appears to be something I'd say to my BF's siblings, to be truthful. My BF's dad died a year ago and since then I've texted his little brother every so often stuff like, "pondering on you, we do hope you are well, I deliver him pics of my DS (expensive son) (Whom I named after as well as her dad). I'm doing that. I just won't know how to reach out to people because when I'm in mourning I like to know there's people thinking of me but that's not the norm. I think exciting you BH her messages if anymore come, Maybe she'll catch on.

If the only way for you to move on from this is an apology, Then I sorry concerns standing in one place forever. Either she does not see how uncomfortable and in bad taste her social media post was or your Bro did not inform her that his siblings were upset by it.

you can move on once the initial pain from your losses has faded. You can forgive someone without one apologizing, I hope you recognize, And even without ever fixing with them. You can decide to move on as a result incident and still never like her, Still never just trust her, Still avoid her simillar to the plague.

it may be possible to respect your Bro request. He says to get acquainted with her better, this is possible without opening yourself up for hurt again. He says he wants you to get on. Getting along differs from being friends. It simply a term used to say don fight with each other. Don fight back with her. If you feel like you get along and you don wish to learn her, Stop interacting with them altogether.

I really have the opinion like your Bro has not told her anything about how she hurt you. Probably because she feel like an outcast before is available even married. It sad because that doesn give her possibly showing you what so great about her that your Bro would even want to marry her.

I don know what to say about her text to you because I one of those people who is really bad at knowing what to say to grieving people. It will sound like something I say to my BF siblings, actually. My BF dad died a year ago and since then I texted his little brother every every so often stuff like, "pondering over you, we imagine you are well, I deliver him pics of my DS (Whom I named after a dad). I responsible for that. I just really don know how to contact people because when I in mourning I like to know there people thinking of me but that not the norm. i think it best you BH her messages if anymore come, Maybe she catch on.

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unconditionally refuse to date Asian men

Get reddit premiumA Hapa online community for multiracial Eurasians, Blasians, Quapas, Hfus (), Hnxu (), Luk khrueng (), Honhyeol (), Amerasians (meters lai); That welcomes all different types of mixed race part Asian Pacific Islanders.

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No posting of information /social media. (in addition to your own)

No bothering or personal attacks, Even for verified Hapa users this can lead to temporary bans that will increase in severity for repeated offenses, Or permanent bans programs situation.

Non Hapas who make posts that are not on the main topics Hapa people will be banned

New Users must enter their racial mix in flair

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Williamnet (not verified)

Small mississippi Town San Antonio

I spent summers in San Angelo with my grandfather and grandmother and later went to college for 2 years there. during a vacation, along with I didn't mind it. going to school, I was always anxious for something bigger (that is why I moved to San Antonio).

correct now in hindsight, San Angelo actually had just about everything I really needed. It's big enough to operate on its own but small enough to have that small town feel (It's 100k amount, mainly, FWIW). Kinda in the course of West Texas, little for scenery, nevertheless a nice little place to raise a family.

The people there were really the most "Texan" People I've found in the state. I live around an hour from San Antonio now and 45 minutes from Austin, And neither really have that "texas" Vibe that you sound like a different.

Our economy is pretty stable versus the most states (That's not saying it's good, Just well); however, you'll probably want to get to know some girl in spanish people who can help you find work in your field before you commit to moving.

Llano isn't west of the Hill uk. It's right in the Hill Country (quick grown timbers,regardless of the odd name meaning "normal" In learning to speak spanish). The drive on Hwy 71 West from Austin to Llano is one of the most beautiful in Texas IMO, specially in Spring when the blue bonnets and other wildflowers are in bloom. Perhaps more accurately Llano is sort of at the northwestern edge/end of the Hill Country. another, Very west town is Post, Not definately not Lubbock but on the Caprock, when you climb onto the South Plains. Post is very cowboy but is something else of a little art colony with a lot of Western painters. To instant east you have the rugged, separated Caprock ranch land (that is unlike the flat farm land around Lubbock).

inclusive, Alpine stands out as the most picturesque, truly unique place to live IMO (Or nearby Fort Davis if you wanted a place even less space-consuming than Alpine). I like San Angelo but it can't smart phone market Alpine for scenery (Alpine has better global temperature, together with). The advantage of San Angelo might be in it being easier to find a job there. With areas like Post, Llano or Brady you might find it difficult to get work woman in spanish or have a need to commute to a larger population centre in order to work, Which will not be all that practical.

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