Submitted by goodnatured on Tue, 10/28/2008 - 02:59

This company seems to good to be true, I had a settlement offer back in august and I could not come up with the money, so I called them today and told them that I would like to set up a payment arrangement, they said that that would be fine. I ask to start making payments in the middle of november, they were fine with that and told me that they would wait a few months after it got down a little and make me another offer.

I just have never dealt with such a cooperative company.

Hi goodnatured
Yes, Heritage collection agency has a good reputation in the market. This collection agency specializes in debt collection and it is reliable as compared to other CAs. Heritage is not a BBB accredited business and it does not meet BBB criteria of satisfactory or unsatisfactory rating. This CA has also no complaint listed with BBB in the last 36 months.

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Yes, I went through the BBB site and found the information provided by Carol to be correct. However, before going for a repayment agreement, you should first try to make Heritage agree to pay for deletion. But, if the debt has been sold off to Heritage by the OC, the CA listing will be removed by PFD, but the OC creditor listing will remain in your credit report for seven years.

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This is really great news GoodNatured. I am glad to see a company that deals in debt collection being easy to deal with. Companies like this one I imagine would have a better chance of collecting past due debt than those ones who do not want to work with the debtor. A lot more companies would see a better chance of this happening if they took on the same attitude as Hertitage. Just be sure, as Justin said, to get a pay for delete in writing. It sounds like they may work with you in clearing it from your report. Yes the other creditor (original) will still be there but if you are paying it anyway why not have it show that way on your report?

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I will send a letter to them prior to making the first payment, it shoulld not be alot of work on there part to delete this right?

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pay for deletion should always be made in writing even before you make the first payment on your outstanding amount. However, a Pay for deletion agreement is more effective if your debt is still with the original creditor and has not been sold off to any collection agency. If the debt is sold off to the CA, and you make a PFD agreement with the CA, only the CA listing will be removed and not the OC listing. However, it is always better to pay off the debt to avoid judgments later which may have a much more negative impact on your credit score.

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Are 'we' taling about the CC here? I thought Hertiage was an Un-secured CC? Even Un-secured CC's can be difficult to manage, depending on your situation.

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I don't know about that I am only dealing with them in collections.

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All credit cards, be it secured or unsecured is difficult to manage if you cannot keep track of your payments. For making credit cards an instrument to improve your credit score, you need to make timely payments on your cards. However, should never maintain more than two credit cards because it may not be possible for you to pay the annual fees for all the cards and if you close these cards later due to your inability to pay the annual fees, the credit history on these cards will be lost and your credit score may reduce.

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Thanks for the advice, JUSTIN. I've had a few CC's that I couldn't pay on ( very low limits, however......$300.00) and the fees, etc., just got to much. I'm trying to 'start over' on some store Cc's,etc. ( if I can). Been looking around. I was looking on a website that gives info on CC's for 'low credit'. About half of them ( store retail CC's..) aren't available anymore. Any advice?

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I just went through this sdchargers, looked for a descent secured card, could not find any that was not a crazy intrest rate. I actually gave up and did not apply for any of them. Eventually I was online looking at fashion bug and commented on the site, fireyone came on board and told me that she actually worked there,and encouraged me to apply, so I applied and got it, just a $200 credit limit but it is a start. I charge a little on it, pay it off a little at a time. I never take it over the half way point. I pay a little more than minimum amount to build the credit payment history. Works for me.

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Hi Chargers
Instead of going for normal or store credit cards, I think that you should go for balance transfer credit cards to pay off the existing credit card debts. Most of these balance transfer credit cards come with zero APR for an introductory period of 12 months and the interest rate charged on new purchases on these cards are also low. Moreover, most of these balance transfer cards have no annual fees and so you can go for these cards.

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Thats true. Sometimes you have to wait and then start with a higher rate card. You will see as time passes and you get accepted for more credit you will get better rates. We did this little dance a while ago. Even waited until we had a good credit build up on the new card then cancelled a higher interest card. It took a couple years to build that good history wiht the new card so I wasn't afraid of cancelling the other. they say its bad to do but so is paying high interest.

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