Collection agency lied to me - Any advice on what to do?

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I have been making payments to a collection agency for over a year now. It is according to a settlement plan they agreed. They had told me that there the interest would be waived off. But recently I realized that the debt amount keeps increasing, though I am making regular payments. I called them and they said that the interest is being added and they cannot help it. They lied to me earlier. What can I do not now? All my efforts of clearing the debt have been vain.

Hi Rose,

It is according to a settlement plan they agreed

Was it a written agreement, or just a verbal one? If you have a written agreement from your CA, you can use it as proof and sue the CA in a small claims court. But first you can send the CA a letter stating that you intend to sue them, for not conforming to the terms of agreement.

Good luck to you :)

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