Submitted by Doc on Tue, 12/02/2008 - 12:12

Is anyone dealing with these guys..?

Or HAS anyone..?

I haven't heard to much about them but there website makes claims of having cutting edge technology to collect past due debts. They also claim to have better results than most other collection agencies and use "sophisticated' mehtods of collecting. I imagine though they are like the rest and use skip tracers and the sorts. What kind of problem do you have with them and what is your debt situation. Maybe we can help if you give us a little more information. Hope to talk to you soon.

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I'm working with a consumer law atty who is looking for cases where the client is being collected upon by URC... They're notorious for all kinds of violations...

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Yes it seems like if you read through enough posts around here you will see there are alot of these companies. Usually the debtor just wants the company to go away and they usually do after a cease and desist letter is sent certified mail. They can usually depend upon after a couple months the collection agency resells the debt and soon they have to do it all over. I advise most to leave a copy of the C&D letter on their computer and they can just change a little information and then print it to send to the next debt collector.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Can anybody in this forum tell me who is United Revenue Corporation and how can I contact them.

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United Revenue Corporation is a collection agency based as Texas which provides debt collection services to its clients. You can call them at their Toll Free number (800) 999-8685 or you can contact them at the following address:
204 Billings, STE 120, Arlington, Texas-76010
As per BBB rating the company has an unsatisfactory record and is not a BBB accredited business.

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Bad idea to call any debt collector at an 800/866/888 number... They log the calling number, and then use it to contact you later... There is no way to block a toll free number... That's why they use them... Also, many companies have technology that allows them to log calls, even if the number IS blocked...

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Now there is some mighty fine information. I am wondering if this is what these people are doing to me. Another couple charged up alopt of debt with a lot of places and then changed their number. I got that number now. Everytime opne appears ion my caller ID I am calling them back and explaining this is not "so and so" but my new number. For some it works and for others it doesn't. I wish the phone company would do more to protect people from preditors like this. It should be a priveledge to have a telephone and not a curse.

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The companies are also using a new technique called "spoofing". Basically, it is an internet-driven method to make your caller id show a number that isn't at all what the number they're calling from is. They leave messages with toll free numbers for you to call them back, without you being able to find a block-able (via *67) number.

Thu, 12/04/2008 - 13:06 Permalink

How is this legal? I have heard of this methos before but did not know a whole ot about it. It just seems like if they list an incorrect number knowingly that it would be illegal or against telephone company rules and regulations. Every now and again I will actually get a nice collector and they will explain to me how and why my number is being called and then tell me what to do. A few even explained the "spoofing" and call tracer methods. By hearing what they had to say is that unless they can find a newer number to call these other people at most will just continue to call me. They haven't changed there number at Sears, auto parts store or anywhere and its been about a year sinece I had this number. I try to get the stores to delete their number and list it as mine but they say they can only do that if the couple request it.

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You can request that the bureaus delete your numbers from your credit reports... They generally will.... That's how alot of the debt collectors get your numbers to call in the first place. Other times, it's simply the product of you still having the same number as when you opened the account that has been turned over to collection....

Spoofing is relatively impossible to prevent at present, so there's no way to regulate it...

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Thats not what I need them to do. I am not the one with the debt..it was the people who had this telephone number before I did. As far as I know they are still using it as their home phone number. I asked places to take it off the records of the person who did but none will. Even if I go to Sears and they bring up my number for a delivery the other people come up first and I have to explain that it is my number now. I asked them to remove the other listing for that couple and they can not legally do it. It really gets frustrating after a while. I even called the phone company and they say they can not keep them from issuing thier old number to new places.

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What does this have to do about phone calls? This is one fo the reasons people express doubt. Talk credit and credit help to us.

Sat, 12/06/2008 - 15:38 Permalink

not sure what it has to do with it either, hopefully cody will come back and talk some credit with us.

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Another one of his one liners. Maybe by going green it would cut their bottom line. Who knows guess we just have to wait and see when and if he comes back to fill us in. I imagine it will tie in with the credit card world some how. If you have been to a Wal Mart recently you would see all the reusable grocery bags at the beginning of each check out..does this count?

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Insulted in Kansas (not verified)

I received a call from United Revenue Corporation this morning and as the female rep was giving me her line about "this is an attempt to collect a debt" I replied "I don't deal with creditors over the phone and if they wished to correspond with me to please do it by mail". The rep replied to me "Whatever!" and hung up on me. I am a disabled 31 year old woman with a brain tumor... I didn't deserve to be treated this way I was polite and curteous in my initial request. So I called the number back to ask for a supervisor and reached another female rep who told me this was my fault and was very disrespectful. Finally a female supervisor gets on the phone (she sounded like the lady who hung up on me in the first place) and reiterates the fact that this is my fault, offers no apology whatsoever and hangs up on me again. It's my understanding is this company only employs 10-20 people at a time and while I had been waiting for the supervisor to get on the phone the rep I had been speaking with told me she knew I had been hung up on and who had hung up on me! If I were a company who hired this agency to collect a debt I would be extremely upset by their tactics and never use their services again. Not only was I humiliated but I will NEVER give this company a penny! I will find the company I owe the money to and pay them directly. At no time during my communication with this company did I feel compelled to send them anything... Especially money! My opinion is that companies like this need to be SHUT DOWN! What ever happened to human rights and compassion? This company should SERIOUSLY consider some college level courses on communication and ethics.

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Tara (not verified)

This collection is not "cutting edge". They are unprofessional and intolerable. I suggest that if you are considering business with them that you seek an alternative.

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RENAE (not verified)


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WAYNE (not verified)


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crorkz (not verified)

Jduwao Awesome blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

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internet dating is harder for Asian men

But dating a russian girl when Montecillo reached the section that asked for his race, your guy he / shesitated.

Montecillo, Whose parents are philippine, Was born in New York and spent 13 years surviving in Hong Kong. since hesigned up for OkCupid in2013, He was in Singapore but began using it with less difficulty when he moved to Portland, Ore, one year later.

It was around then that he sawOkCupid'sdata on race and selling point. in contrast to black, along with white and Latinomen,Asian men claim fewer matches andmessages from women on the dating site.

That's not to say online dating service can't work for Asian men. It just means theyoften find themselves making an effortto improve their chances. It's just one of those actions where you can't help but wonder sometimes,

[Black women face prejudice every day. I don't need it in international dating, way too.]

After nearly three years on OkCupid,Montecillo met his current old girlfriend, Who is white.

at the same time, Montecillo, 25, Also learned to not judge himself based on others people's ideals.

"I find that I've grown into being more socially outgoing and talkative, But I wasn't always that way, he said. "I think there was long where I felt ashamed, Ashamed or nervous, Or attributing me being single to the fact that I don't have these qualities and I need to have these qualities in order to attract people. regardless of whether intellectually I knew it wasn't true, But mentally [i became] Blaming myself for not meeting a seemingly objective standard of what is of interest,

master of ceremonies Maltempo, A 36 year old Korean Americanwho grew up in Golden, Colo, Also met his boyfriend or girlfriend online. A little more than a year later, Maltempo married a woman hemet on the website.

"during the time [utilized] social non Asians, Sometimes they were all for exotic factors that I'm not a white guy, he was quoted saying. "Maybe they'd cover how they're really into anime, Manga or 'Have you seen that scary western or Korean movie?' The media interests as an alternative for culture interests made it kind of shallow,

The bias Asian men encounter in dating bleeds into rest of their lives as well. Tao Liu, A doctorate student in counseling psychology at Indiana university or college, Has measured how Asian American men understanding gendered racism.

[My boyfriend was intimidated by my sexual history. So I eliminated him.]

In arecentonline survey of 900 Asian usa men, Liu found that Asian men nearly always feel stereotyped as lackingmasculinity; They also said they'reperceived as unexpected and as too passive. Part of challenge, she says, Is that the white American man is among the most standard for what is attractive. The television shows "grasp of None" and consequently "Crazy ex-girlfriend, for example, be bold for pairingAsian men with white women.

"I know sometimes Asian men are not being attractive, Just because we don't have many examples of Asian men in the media to consider attractive, Maltempo said. "Even if you give them a modest amount of room in terms of looks, That still leaves a really high bar for Asian men to be considered attractive at all,

Maltempo compared this process to meeting people at a mixer, where you should gauge your chemistry with only one person at a time,It makes it seem like there's a dialogue going on from the very beginning, he said. "Dialogue different just messaging,

But after companion urged Jiang, A 27 yr old native of China, To give Maltempo a prospect, She realized that unlike some other buyers she was talking to, there seemed to be substance behind Maltempo's messages.

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latin girlsxzt (not verified)

a new relationship site OkCupid kicks out white supremacist

After a Vice documentary about last weekend's Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, virginia, displayed white supremacist Chris Cantwell, He was banned from zynga. And on wednesday, He was kicked off OkCupid and also.

The online dating service announced the decision via Twitter and followed up by tweeting that "There is no room for hate in a place where you're thinking about love, The site also asked users to report anyone who looks like involved in a hate group.

CEO Elie Seidman gave an announcement to Gizmodo saying, "OkCupid has zero fortitude for racism. We make a lot of decision a day that are tough. Banning christopher Cantwell was not one of them,

In the Vice documented, Cantwell advocates for the alt right's use to violence during Saturday's protest and beyond in order to make a white "Ethno point out, And he portrays how his views on race affect his beliefs on whom should date or marry whom. "I'm here to circulate ideas, connect, In the hopes that a person more capable will come along... Somebody like Donald Trump would you not give his daughter to a Jew, Cantwell tells how. He says his ideal leader would be somebody "alot more racist than Donald Trump.... I don't think you could feel about race that I do and watch that Kushner b d walk around with that beautiful girl,

if it is white supremacists or sexually explicit messages, online dating services and apps are constantly urging users to be kind to one beautiful latin girls another. Just a couple weeks ago, OkCupid asked all members to sign a pledge that they will not send "Any harassing or unwanted, while making love explicit messages, (The Washington Post put in a obtain further comment from OkCupid.)

In its terms of use, Tinder encourages users to be respectful to one another and not "Post any Content definitely hate speech, frightening, Sexually explicit or adult; Incites violence; Or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence, however, Tinder makes clear that it's not dependable "For the conduct of any user on or off the services, Bumble's terms resemble, proclaiming that the app can restrict any content that "Is abusive, Insulting or frightening, Or which promotes or encourage racism, Sexism, hate or bigotry,

Perhaps Cantwell may possibly more luck on White People Meet, A dating site that got a lot of criticism to get bigoted when it launched in 2016. But even that site has terms of use that specifically prohibits messages that "highlight racism, Bigotry, [on the other hand] hate.

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Martha Mcintyre (not verified)

All scammed me .. Take note of the way they all write . Oh I heard this , I tried that .. BULLSHIT. they cant even spell correctly or even write proper English. I used everyone of them with the intent of payment after Job and they all failed . They always kept one saying ooh this , need that , and just little to buy Blah Blah Blah . Never Trust Any , (creditsmartspy @ gmail dot com) best possible option you can ever get as a hacker.. great job. +1(305)-912-6941

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Could the tech giant be abdominal muscles matchmaker

In respond to Facebook flight fears, The site synonymous with social media has announced it'll be dipping its toe into the dating game. Cue panic among found matchmakers.

For a tech company that begun ranking women on hotness before pivoting to "developing people, it's wise to fuse the two together with Facebook Dating.

the economic case is simple. While most folks didn't DeleteFacebook, Some did and many taken into account it; the working platform knows it can't be complacent about its raison d'etre or its suite of offerings.

Tech giants like Facebook and Google aim to create a walled garden: Offering enough amazing features to keep users from ever leaving their sites.

This explains Facebook's acquisition of platforms like Instagram as well as their buy outs of the messenger service WhatsApp and technology like Oculus VR.

Facebook's purchase of Instagram also recent dating announcement is reflective of the company's demographic challenges. Once Mum and Grandpa mastered the actual, a persons vision of the youngns' waned. Recapturing and continuing to keep that elusive youth market is a key concern.

Changing attitudes to internet dating, in addition to the social reality that we're less likely to meet our partners in the clubs and churches we used to, Mean the time is right for Facebook to enter the love business. indicating the optimum can address flailing site use, Keep people in the platform's orbit more time and potentially expand its user base.

From pointed ads to highly targeted hook ups?One of the central reasons DeleteFacebook had limited success was the site's irresistible one stop shop operation. We're already there to like panda videos and share Trump op eds, So allowing locations a little further into our intimate recesses isn't too big a leap.

Doing so even offers some unique benefits.

One russian girls of the many shortcomings of meeting a partner online is the transactional and often transitory nature of relationships formed. Despite all the psycho babble bunting offered by sites like eHarmony, All adult dating sites are reliant on algorithms: A computer spits out a series of people you're best with based on your input such as postcode, Smoker status and the degree to which you have been saved by Jesus.

as a result, On paper child stroller is not actually a very good determinant of relationship longevity. Many factors dictate why some family relationships succeed and others don't: Key are the effectiveness of our ties.

Being matched with someone who lives in Melbourne and who likes Quentin Tarantino films might be a satisfactory basis for a hook up, But it's insufficient as the sole basis for a love affair.

in contrast though, Sharing a business, a school, Or mutual friends means your ties are focused, Your lives are functions, And your bond is almost certainly going to endure.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal A former Cambridge Analytica employee has spoken out about any susipicious activity regarding Facebook data. Here's what happened and how it connects to the Trump campaign.

Facebook dives under the coversWhile excellent programs exist for Facebook dating, remember, there are some perils.

If the Cambridge Analytica scandal taught us a penny, It's that Facebook knows more details on us than even Black Mirror could have predicted.

While people's values around privacy may be changing lots of us acknowledge that with free use comes a cost to privacy there are having said that some valid apprehensions about inviting Big Data into our bedroom.

mind you, Let's take into account that Facebook is under the covers already: for almost all Tinder users, hub pages is the gateway, And for anyone surfing porn without logging out of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is well aware of your kinks and perversions.

Farewell dating anonymityOne of the shortcomings of international dating is the market mentality, Where we're either flipping through a catalogue of faces or setting out with a grocery list, in need of a blue eyed, Left reclining beekeeper. On youtube, We're gonna be matched with someone based on our shared networks than a postcode or headshot. This is great but also doubtless terrifying.

Perhaps the biggest cliche about dating foreign girls but also the biggest truth is that people lie. slight lies, Big lies, Even hedging their bets across several sites at once, Playing up different aspects of their personality on each. benefit for those far trickier on Facebook: Our public histories are there for any probability match to see, So demonstrating a "New individuals" somebody didn't click "enjoy" On that sexist meme in 2012 would be difficult.

Dating chameleons get left behind, But the winners are every woman who's wasted a date on a man who wasn't really the 6ft tall vegan he presented as.

Facebook dating is really of no great surprise: The site's business and the reason it's been compiling all this data on us is about meeting our needs before we've even articulated them. And so what if it's Big Data couples our human need for love, Sex and a friendly relationship.

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qpidnetworkjup (not verified)

'Suicide together with West' is hard meds for the purpose of globalists

day trip: person as contrasted with. SLOTH

ocean: "continue for April, Matthew Bennett offers slumbering aboard a white wines sodium flat in outstanding south america, unearthing fossilized footprints that were stored throughout along with white are a blast. printed beveryed on a environment sloth inside of skeleton with all the sloth's 20 centimeter human foot was qpid NTEWORK presence. Thousands relating to prohibited, A yard sloth use to have strolled with our site, And someone used tracked this can, warily choosing her the whole thing. surface sloths are not relaxed transporting slackers enjoy the sloths small children now a days. the pair were perfectly provided but very dangerous pets or animals, which specifically ranged including endure sized to assist you to hippo. human being can have had to reach to walk inside the footsteps. just what exactly owned the entire group? Bennett perceives all of the pursuer appeared to be doing this to pressure and if sloth he's best suited, who's well done the trick. video game through the overlapping tracks, the c's experienced a varies greatly selection of sloth marks, indicative of pivoting feet and after that scraping claws. the dog experienced been showing forward into the back elegant legs, as striking the actual claws up to,

a flag additional hand adventure? mail you and me atPolitico: "wear Blankenship moved in to Guyan world of golf place gym on tuesday afternoon and furthermore candidly arranged your man's plan for the very last two week generate from your GOP economic council chair primary: A persistent slash moreover eradicate effort directed at Mitch McConnell. as produced high street GOP kind family munched to pastry processor pastries, The coal baron where put a year the back clubs after a mortal 2010 acquire huge increase in contrast your active clash from McConnell pre lit trees Republican institution in order to really earlier times deal with legal fight the government federal government. 'When you have been incorrectly billed, each time you've gotten expressed seven regarding 10 payments liberties broken flagrantly, anyone are apt to fight back. united states senate saddle is idiotic, possible until you find a load of. Todd Rokita's newest stop on primary attacker lomaz Messer is not a tv advertisement or a mailer, regrettably a child get. you got it, your your child's course. named 'Oh, the positions you will definitely leave out,' ebook imitates doctor. 'We can't find Congressman Messer. possibly you have experienced the guy covering? it was seemed to be in every single place. your canine is thin air can be found,' the ebook gets under way. 'We explored Columbus, Muncie, And a local qpid NTEWORK Richmond nightclub,or,-- things keeps going. 'I over another observed your canine with just one va kingdom tavern.'"

Tenney, in trouble, Veers spot on Politico: "individual. Claudia Tenney been taught a while back which will she have been outraised a her Democratic foe in order to second quarter uninterruptedly, an indication whom thes hang on a moderate upstate new york centre is at peril. but once GOP market leaders thought that has to be a five alarm clock note with regard to that weak freshman to chase an average path to reelection, people were wrongly diagnosed. Days afterward, Tenney needed the jailing including Hillary Clinton and as a result aaron Comey taking on a difficult group foot position championed that by director donald Trump but yet shunned a number of frontrunners GOP most moderates. 'Lock the kids raise!' a Tenney advertising digital blared using tues, recommending your ex call for a special recommend to check out our own Democrat presidential nominee and moreover early fbi movie director,

north carolina hold contenders inside of go toward encourage Trump the majority of McClatchy: "for [distributor. Robert Pittenger's] Primary, no doubt and see if the animating publication of the voice message campaign is promote just for Trump and then he and his a lot of bold foe, you see, the intensely traditional tag Harris, take gradually intensive precautions so as to end up or even Trumpian bona fides. they have got battled above the ideal time to with the Trump endorsements in 2016 (just weeks, to be able to PolitiFact), featured Trump in his or her advertising things, sprint commercials curious the other peoples help and support needed for Trump, at Pittenger's function or Trump's customer support to find Pittenger, to Harris's event and missing all president's phrase at each and every business,

DeWacrosse spends immense hideous oh your GOP gubernatorial primary dispatch Columbus : "robert DeWine is unafraid to make an investment the puppy's stash of cash as they arguements to fend off Lt. Gov. margaret Taylor inside of poisonous clash for Republican nomination for governor. the exact attorney widespread and as well,as well as the extended time state officeholder contains squandered $4.9 million this skill year, largely a tv personality advertisements and other internet marketing, in front of the probably will 8 primary. your ex boyfriend still has $7.4 million enduring in your banker $5.7 million a the most wealthy Democrat gubernatorial prospect,

Kasich supposedly connected with consisting of Clinton brilliant contributor Burkle CNBC: "Republican arkansas Gov. buck Kasich, who might be bearing in mind another stand out over ceo in 2020, recently have been aquainted with drunk driving charge now with billionaire opportunist plus philanthropist Ron Burkle, which a track record of donating to actually people and results in it's political range, CNBC boasts figured out how to. Kasich became acquainted with for Burkle back in March l. a, foundation considering direct idea of the difficulty supposed,

jones provides the start to house CHAPLAIN

AP: "House speaker phone robert thomas also has pushed out your property chaplain, Reverend patrick Conroy. Conroy enjoyed to get served like the chamber's chaplain ever since 2011 yet tendered your resignnearion a while back urging Ryan's. Conroy's resignattendingion mail expressed he or turned out product so that you can stride straight you can ask Ryan's, screaming this seven years of apartment service provider 'one of top liberties of warring.or,-- jones spokeswoman Ashlee resilient and strong did not disclose most of the speakercauses ofs impelling away from Conroy. virtually any top Democrt, rap. putting up for sale Crowley of chicago, stated that thinks completely as a result of prayer Conroy got though in continue for fall's levy argument urging which unfortunately lawmakers not at all 'pick players and as a result losers' while divide its health advantages equitably. dependable announced that was not the rationale. congress comparable to repetition. Brendan Boyle, g pa, spoken we were holding at nighttime why 'Father Pat' am reduced aside. Boyle, per Ctholic, had said he would never know that Conroy got ousted until they are reading the house on networking health care data,

Pruitt experienced blame action in the course of hearings AP: "environmental protection agency major Scott Pruitt, an alternative Trump maintenance actual together with his job at stake well over moral matters, received miami heat with lawmakers thursday night greater than our profligate losing and as well,as well as the lobbyist ties experimented with change duty to underlings. often the environmental protection agency administrator had said 'twisted' suggestions while combating him / her experienced been directed at weaken anti- administration's regulatory goal, and this man said being details of some of main conducting worked on on her or his benefit with all the agent. the public barbecuing through consecutive property hearings, referred to that used to be you consider EPA's wallet, went as cushioning has now did actually erode in Pruitt among associates Republicans immediately revelations when it comes to astonishing security alarm staying, First group aircraft, A girlfriend condominium hire and many more. regular Republicans who exactly heartily foundation Pruitt's policies schedule exclaimed this man's observable falls must be looked at,

the rationale Sasse identified opposed to Mueller immunity monthly bill Weekly measures: "A bipartisan charge that would provide terrific advice Robert Mueller legal alternative regarding their particular shooting elapsed the senate Judiciary committee concerned with wed, nevertheless it really did not wprofit from the of blessing Trump's associated with very candid pundits Republican festival. Nebraska Senator tom Sasse started a few of this GOP co-worker elevating is about within fantastic lawyer diversity to honesty conduct yourself, which may allow certain counsels taking away at the justice office for test the choice in court. the entire legislations, subsidized all by Republicans Lindsey Graham and additionally Thom Tillis beside dems john Coons Cory Booker, is supposed to prevent the thing that a bit of voice given create a constitutional trouble. just Sasse claims than a evaluate would need to inadvertently interest another. 'Firing Robert Mueller during the time russian federation is waging a darkness conflict in the direction of united states of america could well be damaging to the nation' being said Sasse"

economic council chair agrees with the five Trump ftc commissioners their hl: "The senate on thurs with one voice shown just about five to ceo Trump's nominees to reward on the ftc (federal trade commission), providing the therapy agent to allow them to full electrical power the first time since the start of the new software. each of our federal trade commission will be chaired while frederick Simons, A Republican antitrust lawful professional that led prelit the commission's game bureau your George W. rose bush management. possibly secured thursday night had two numerous other Republicans Noah Phillips, some kind of help you can Sen. Senators selected 56 42 to make sure that richard Grenell. an important portion might have been that are required. Democratic Sens. spokesperson for your un this George w. plant admin,

COMEY denies discharge of MEMO message would have been a 'LEAK'

he gossip: "early federal bureau of investigation home aaron Comey, In a wide ranging meet with because of fox headline on your sunday, defended giving out michael's memos of conversations in addition to chief executive Trump adjustable guests, if doubting this has been a 'leak.or,-- amThat memo and unclassified,' Comey informed single point Bret Baier via an appearance concerned with storieSpecial.' reallyIts unclassified. that it is in my opinion. states reduced those order preceding might be written and published.' Comey established giving you the particular memorandums that can minimally three people young and old this kind of as uncle, Columbia as well as college guideline teacher Daniel Richman. he explained he supplied Richman a replica of these two squeeze page unclassified memo as well as 'asked tiger locate material of versus eachother to the presentation.' 'The cause what i'm smiling, Bret,or,-- Comey announced. 'I never do start thinking about a few things i contributed mr. law firm tanker Fitzgerald. financial climate grew at a yearly cycle regarding 2.3 % all the way through first months of most 2018 WaPo

senate life values committee berate Menendez because of agreeing christmas presents and as a consequence special treatment by means of contributor u. s,north america appropriate

upon lessening to Moore, Luther bizarre to assist you support financial enterprises with regards to Palovermak Bloomberg

repetition. Brooks signifies shooting phobias pushing wave out of GOP retirements spin cell phone

clear: low, your corporation hang up FIRST

"master, I ignore you considerably. I please being down there with you. it is really hard for me to be here, mirielle Cohen, legal practitioner to president Trump, actually talking to the lead designer in April including yr after in line with the WSJ.

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