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Collections on my report

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Ryan O

Subject: Collections on my report
Posted on Fri May 28, 2010 5:22 am  

I have excellent credit. However, I decided to check my credit report last week, and find a collection account for $55. Call the collection agency and they tell me its for a music club subscription. I haven't opened one of these in years, and anyone who has ever opened one knows that you can open them in all kinds of names, you don't need a SSN just an address and a pen, hell when I was a teenager my dog got 10 free CDs from Columbia House.

I can't understand as to how can they put an item on my credit report without a SSN? I told the collection agency I will pay the $55 even though I feel its not mine if they delete it off my report, which they say they will after I pay. I told them no way, give me a letter stating you will delete when paid and I will pay you, but they won't do it. So there it sits.


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Subject: Collections on my credit report
Posted on Fri May 28, 2010 9:20 am  

Hi Ryan,

Can you tell whether or not you have ever tried to get a validation of your debt? Debt validation lets you know whether or not the debt listed on your credit report is valid? You get to know who the original creditor is, and the outstanding amount of debt.

Send the debt validation letter through certified mail, requesting a return receipt. This will help you to retain the proof that you had sent the validation letter.

If this debt isn't your's the collection agency won't be able to validate this debt. You can wait for a month or two, and then dispute this item off your report.

However, you have mentioned that you have talked to the collection agency about payment. Was this done in writing? Another thing is that collection agencies can put an item on your credit report. This is quite common, though you can dispute that.


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Posted on Fri May 28, 2010 10:47 am  

actually many debts have just a name and address. Do not pay.

Send a DV letter by CMRRR. You also need to remove any old addresses from credit report.

If they are actually saying up front that they will delete, it probably is not yours. If you actually get the pay for delete agreement in writing before you pay then I guess it is up to you. Have you asked if they will take less?
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