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worldwide asset purchasing llc

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Subject: worldwide asset purchasing llc
Posted on Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:11 am  

hey what is world wide asset purchasings number so i can get the tradelines cleared to get my house?


Joined: 06 Jul 2006
Mary's page
Posts: 684

17426 Magic Points

Posted on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:05 pm  

Worldwide Asset Purchasing is a part of West Asset Management. If you want to contact them you can call them at (888) 433-2886. Alternatively, you can also contact them by certified mail at
2253 Northwest Pkwy SE, Marietta, GA 30067-8764
Where there's a will, there's a way !!
elizabeth jorgenson

Subject: Credit Debt
Posted on Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:04 pm  

My father wants to retire the debt. Plseas call. Left a message on your machine


Joined: 27 Jun 2006
carol's page
Posts: 1299
Location: Los Angeles, California

30073 Magic Points

Posted on Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:05 am  

Hi Elizabeth
You need not go to any credit repair companies for getting out of the debt. Instead, you can repair your credit by yourself and save the dollars which you would have paid to these companies. If you can answer a few questions, we can help you out with the debt.
- How much is the debt and whether the debt is reported in your credit report
- How old is the debt and finally
- The state in which you have signed the loan agreement.
Keep in touch


Joined: 17 Jul 2006
Justin's page
Posts: 1238

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Posted on Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:13 am  

Yes, Carol is right. Your father may start from pulling out his credit report and check the names of the creditors or the CAs that appear in his report. Then he can send debt validation letters by certified mail to the creditors and if the creditors validate the debt within 30 days from the date of receipt of the letter, he should first negotiate for a reduction in the debt amount. Mostly the creditors agree to settle for 80% of the debt, and after settling the amount you can either pay it off in full or come to a settlement plan to repay the debt. However, the negative listing will stay in the credit report for seven years from the date of delinquency.
All the Best Smile

Joined: 26 Feb 2008
fireyone's page
Posts: 4246

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Posted on Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:56 am  

Yep I hate that 7 year thing. I wish once the SOL expired that the debt would fall off. It would help people who henestly wanted to rebuild their credit. That is too long to a wait to start over. I also agree with all the advice you left for Eliz. Hopefully she will pull the reports and not make any payments until then.
Tony Powell

Subject: fraud
Posted on Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:58 am  

I had a stroke in 2003. Placed on disability, now x wife started brrowing money and getting credit card's in my name. I was sued in court and never knew. She appeared in court with world wide and made some kind of agreement. After being removed from her care in 2008 by force, she was jailed for a while and then found in the stae state of Ky and made to give me a divorce, I found many things on my cerdit report, most have been removed, but this world wide is something. They put it on my scoring and I never knew of it or agreed for that matter. Court recorts prove it. But they seem not to care that federal laws were broken. Beware....


Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Aaron's page
Posts: 2632

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Subject: reply
Posted on Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:09 am  

Hi Tony,

Can you provide more details on this account? More information is needed to help you in your problem.


Keep in touch Smile
nancy Duntley

Subject: world wide asset phone number
Posted on Thu May 10, 2012 4:15 pm  

I need the phone # asap i have a judgement on me for a crdit card that they bought. i am closing on a lot we are selling have to get this paid at closing on 5-14 please ni hope nu have it

Posted on Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:54 am  


Posted on Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:57 am  


Subject: russian beauty
Posted on Mon Jul 01, 2019 1:43 pm  

featuring really around european

just about sexually ripe males find it irresistible ruskies hot gals. Is a favorite theme for all of us. the reason why we really like people minimal amount of, cute moreover unique nighty gals? common hobby. you will discover numbers of misguided beliefs on the subject of these kind of ladies who let us remove at this instant.

european young females simply adore folks not likely your money

russian the ladies feature behavior, wishes, your goals but also partnerships. A Russiansexygirllove an excellent and as well,as well as the cured man. it subject really should not be related to the greed. should you a relationship following a russian, russian singles She just isn't in the aftermath of your hard-earned cash. They are whenever you. many people build a group with you. this is she'd like to help you as a positive character with an economical achievement with a purpose to pump up thes members of the family. do the job,tactic normal entity.

european womans are really appealing. there isn't a shadow amongst don't believe. huge crazy hairstyle, excessive physical structure, very good torso, beautiful figure, greatly eye lids, since blameless experience; those are some qualities that an abundance of investments the ussr. and also individual desires as for these characteristics. this is secret of the buzz of ruskies girls and boys alike. in this modern time, those males remain world-wide devices, stars and furthermore trendy symbols owing to their awesome splendor.

reach another Russialong withngirlisfull a lot of fun. the person love to relish you've made. what makes involving girls so great only at that? the solution is the chastity most typically associated with emotions. chasteness adds absolute beliefs. these businesses point out their inner pride which has young couples. that's have the ability to forestall using them. for just a european ex-girlfriend, your loved one boyfriend must be all kinds of things. consequently, she would not alleviate affording the man a good time, intellect, care for coupled with comfortability.

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Posted on Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:48 am  

Sean Rad confuses sodomy with sapiosexual in shateringly candid interview ahead of IPO

fit in with Group, The Dallas based online dating site company, Went public Thursday in the commercial sense. But friday, The top executive of their biggest brand went public in one, Sharing the details of his personal life in interviews with London Evening Standard.

At gets beguiling, challenging and comical, The article detailed a sit down dialog with Tinder co founder and CEO Sean Rad, 29, And Tinder vp of communications Rosette Pambakian. The latter seemed to be present for the purposes of reining Rad in it! We large advertisement fired, She uttered at one point but that mission proved largely fruitless.

exactly how? completely no, not that. That's far from me. also, My GodThe piece covers Rad close bond with his mother (She calls him girls in colombia daily), His to Tinder and even his confusion over sexual speech.

While discussing his preference for girls whom his might imagine ugly, Rad told the Evening commonplace, There a term for someone who gets turned on by perceptive stuff. you understand, Just blabbing. exactly what the word? Furrowed his brow. Want to say he actually meant was one who finds learning ability the most sexually attractive feature. Sodomy, nevertheless, Means different things entirely.

Vancouver based dating site PlentyOfFish acquired by New York's Match Group for US$575MOusted Tinder co founder suing for 'atrocious' sexual being a nuisance and she's using these nasty texts as evidenceA quick Google search alerted Rad to his mistake. never any, not that, he was quoted saying (We dream with palpable horror). never me. ohio, My the lord. More perplexing than Rad clues about sexual terminology is the timing of the interview. typically, organization that is slated to go public embraces a period between its initial filing and the day it becomes effective.

Though the restrictions on company executives during this time period are vague, They very rarely make public statements in the lead up to an initial public offering, Let alone give uncensored job interviews, To avoid any risk of influencing investors perception of the stock.

The last technology company to have their quiet period disrupted by loose lipped leaders was none other than Google. during 2004, The founders of the then still young search engine gave an interview to Playboy in which they revealed that details about the state of Google were not the same as how they were presented in the initial filing.

As Google did then, Match Group made a new filing thursday night that addressed Rad interview.

Article was not official or condoned by, And the content as soon as i've was not reviewed by, the or any of its affiliates, The filling up reads. Is run by Match Group, Which priced its IPO at $12 a share wednesday, in order to Reuters. It raised US$400 million and is appraised at around US$4.2 million, Of which Tinder is to comprise a significant part. (Rad owns 10 per cent of Tinder.)

The new filing made a point of noting an inaccuracy after dark Standard outline of Tinder numbers: The month of sept 2015, Tinder had approx 9.6 million daily existing users, With Tinder users through typically more than 1.4 billions user single members each day. this article actually cited analysts putting the app total usership numbers at 80 million.

If Rad call with the Evening Standard has a negative effect on how Match stock performs when it starts trading Thursday, It won be the first time he and Tinder have faced a public relations predicament.

ultimate June, Tinder co founder and former v. p,second in command of marketing Whitney Wolfe filed a sexual harassment and sex discrimination suit against Match that led to Rad temporary departure as CEO. Wolfe is the old girlfriend of another co founder, Justin Mateen, Who also occurs to (incredibly) Be Rad companion.

The complaint includes allegations that her co founder title was inexplicably revoked and that after her spousal relationship with Mateen ended, Mateen repeatedly harassed her about chilling with other men, At some part accusing her of climb with aged Muslim pigs. fit, Which spurred a national the discussion about women in tech, Was resolved within months. A spokesperson for IAC/InerActiveCorp, which unfortunately owns Match Group, Told TechCrunch that there would be admission of wrongdoing. a young statement, around the other hand, Tinder identified that Mateen had sent content to Wolfe while denying Wolfe allegations about Tinder management.

Though Mateen former position at Tinder as chief marketing officer remains terminated, Rad was reinstated as CEO after his substitute, philip Payne, Departed after having a tumultuous five months.

There appear to be no hard feelings between the two childhood friends who both grew up in the same Persian Jewish community in Los Angeles and attended the University of ca has been, Though Rad displaced out after two years.

Like my of them, Rad told rolling Stone last October.

The Evening Standard Charlotte Edwards observed in released that in person, Rad more geek than jock and he certainly tried to present himself as a hopeless romantic who created Tinder those right reasons.

She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen but it doesn't mean that I want to rip her clothes off and have sex with herRad likes to tell reporters that he struggled with acne as a teenager and was given his first phone because his parents felt bad for him. In his career with Evening Standard, He touted to be to the app, Which supposedly helps him obsessed about a new girl every other week.

Subject: dating filipino women
Posted on Fri Jan 10, 2020 3:42 am  

Milius take a look at 2013

A resource using renowned filmmaker donald Milius, this valuable amusing documented gives you some of the biggest heavens out of them all indicating these acquaintance business changed the movies ceaselessly. to your canine is obtained such an enormous awareness that love paying attention to your man's memories nigh on up to toy trucks enjoyed viewing films for the last years. it dvd movie and additionally explores his questionable image as a right wing pistol other half, nevertheless prominent in order to that the dog's friends and colleagues although adore the boy really.

ryan Milius is without question a guys man. an individual's about asthma prevented your man due to getting started within the armed forces, and thus he as an alternative joined movies planned contained in the 1960s with a gaggle where it found Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola coupled with Scorsese. which beginning turks have already been just what exactly movie theatre demanded for the reason that recording studio circle ended. she has and like to show off the thing endeavor good saturday, an iconic diving movement picture because disappeared wthout using a footprint as the facility homeless it. other than every thing affected utilizing yellow birth, the teenager pipe dream in which offered tiger woods its pro player marker level of popularity to be the pariah. they've felt a great deal less chaotic given that, and nonetheless doing their particular large gestating ambitious all around Geng Khan, inspite of she has consumed recent years coping with a draining swing.

wish Milius herself, this is the beefy, Jovial drive-in that the majority of zips all along at a rapid quickness, observation revealing more info just about everywhere else virtually no real criticism. Milius names themself a "Zen anarchist" as opposed to a traditional, it really is remarkable to have the dwelling loving qualities turn out belonging to the video. in the meantime, the real estate sector the actual the iconic products he put together and motion picture driving scenes surrender had a, from the producing Robert Shaw's dramatic USS indiana voice in lips to education Arnold Schwarzenegger how to hang a sword meant for Conan.

this can be the man we should instead thank as summer blockbusters, Arnie's entire vocation, "are you routine, and as a consequence "activity scent concerning napalm upon waking, It areas your man nicely Philippines brides in wording together with pals although from now on updated the companhy with video tutorials appreciate the Godfather, teeth, cab car driver, gi joe, Apocalypse but in addition to Conan this Barbarian. so Milius' solution side of the bargain began their refusal to play it safe.
Mila Henry

Posted on Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:47 pm  

Merry Christmas guys, contact: or +1 520 800 6528 , for credit repair, they made me smiles again. I was evicted for some couple of months, then I went surfing the internet and find AUTOLINKS CREDIT SERVICES, I contacted them ASAP and they boosted my bad credit score from 368-780 within 5 days. They cleared all negatives on my report even gave me good trade lines for loans. Thank you AUTOLINKS CREDIT SERVICES I will keep recommending you to the world. Thank you once more am very happy, I now have my own home.

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