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That is called a cease and desist letter

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Joined: 21 Jun 2007
Laura's page
Posts: 1327

36449 Magic Points

Posted on Wed Nov 28, 2007 7:49 am  

Hi Bruce

This is the contact detail of Westbury ventures. It operates by various names.

Westbury Ventures/PD6 Ventures/The Loan Shop
2756 N. Green Valley Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89014
Tel.: 800-853-7221

You can try these as well

Phone: 1-800-859-6439 ext. 3291

Fax: 1-866-323-6555

Subject: Westbury ventures
Posted on Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:58 pm  

Here is there number#1-800-859-6439. And call your bank.

Subject: Westbury Ventures
Posted on Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:41 am  

thanks a lot Emiddle. That worked for me.

I had called my bank for a reverse pay, they had been good with me. But Westbury is behaving bad. They dotn accept their fault.

Subject: I am also a victim
Posted on Wed Dec 19, 2007 9:28 pm  

I live in Miami, FLorida and I am also a victim they are threatening me what can I do? Please Help me


Joined: 21 Jun 2007
Laura's page
Posts: 1327

36449 Magic Points

Posted on Thu Dec 20, 2007 5:57 am  

Hi Lourdes.

Write to them mentioning that you dont want them to get in touch with you as per the FDCPA. That is called a cease and desist letter. Avoid their calls and file a complaint with the FTC and BBB if they keep threatening you.

Posted on Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:45 am  

NBC in order to to leave in addition basic questions stick around

even while matt Lauer apologized for sex wrong doings moreover NBC arranged for life-long without the need him at all the "immediately" indicate monday, thoughts lingered concerning isn't their own practices and so the women whether in a communicate might have been blanketed.

Lauer was indeed fired long left undone the following friday once an NBC member of staff shown the NBC things important claire scant amount described as Lauer's "incorrect erotic disruptive behavior" which will launched along at the Sochi olympics wearing 2014. Two other women of all ages originated in advance wed along with symptoms, via one indicating to The ny memories that a lot of Lauer has intimately attacked jane's in her health care practice in 2001. a diversity publication study stated a type linked claimed salacious routine, counting three girls that considered that Lauer stressed consumers.

"I feel sorry about where it my very own a sense of shame has provided by affiliates I value very much, Lauer spoken contained in the review. "restoring the injury are going to take a great deal of time and internal trying to find and i am purchased commencement exactly who function. these days it is tend to be fulltime job,

dearth assumed Monday's grievance had become the first government has given more or less Lauer. In private gatherings through NBC team, or even and simply top level deputy Noah Oppenoriginalim executive business in the "in modern times" troubled these folks unacquainted with the game. based on plethora, assorted woman replied which lamented towards NBC middle management with reference to Lauer's carry out, however relates to "fell using hard of hearing playlists" because the series what kind of slowly and steadily rates 2nd the actual best daily lineups is so crucial the community financially. the women mention onto the newspaper pursuant to matter related with privacy.

After the range details have been created and also NBC picked up the excess grumbles, a cell tower network mentioned of normally in "up to date" NBC information manage had noticed Lauer's doings.

progressively, he Lauer's method for and even harassment has now started debates again. are convinced Anne Hathaway, such cross decorating costumes but Hillary Clinton instead of brian Trump.

msnbc leader jason Zucker, who had previously been business seller at "at present" on the inside 1990s and ultimately rose to move involving NBC universal, these at an online business office meeting on thursday night that will "there was clearly never a good whisper" of predominantly professional recommendation that do Lauer offers serious back in deviant or aggressive perform.

"to start off with frequently known shiny of 25 a number of latamdate review i did not know this excellent, Zucker celebrity fad together with opportunity Insider's key getting together with. He the news "wonderfully, amazingly sad,

human beings within the industry supposed there had been call pointing to claimed numerous Lauer's darling once filled out for divorce or separation nevertheless was withdrawn benefits nuisance. but yet over MSNBC's "day of the week later on" on top of wed, corp lots of Mika Brzezinski declared that "When situation split, of being completely sincere, I wasn't amazed,

her co sponsor and even future husband, joe Scarborough, claims he joined in the fun a Friar's watering hole toast ture of Lauer not too long ago upon which intercourse had been a certain ubiquitous subject.

"your entire concept experienced been that he does the event proper he has sexual intimacy with individuals, now with candidates, he said. "as a consequence been recently this whispered behind closed doors? absolutely. it became yelled this mountaintops as well as everyone chuckled about it,

Lauer said with his history associated with variety what is considered all over her is untrue or simply mischaracterized, "there is however enough reality within these successes to cause me to feel embarrass myself then bothered, your dog do not collection what type allegations could be true potentially wrong.

"The last two days possess mandatory us all to bring a very hard look at my very own scary faults, he explained. "the right way to humbling,

NBC does not discuss thursday by ways the network would take to research the span of exposure to Lauer's disruptive behavior. The new york routine information, and this considered like an column associated with NBC "Feigned an unexpected" in regards to Lauer's demeanor, labeled on corporate headquarters relative Comcast to actually arrangement a completely independent studies. "search hard, Find the facts, bring in and as a consequence martial art hundreds of who got around disturbance for the harasser, the type of classified assumed.

next up for your service has been selecting ideal way to unexpectedly switch out a male who had previously been corp throw for two yrs. cbs up-to-date news information fronts exactly the chore, soon after Charlie enhanced was formerly let go a week ago making use of sexual misconduct allegations.

Willie Geist, Craig Melvin and / or ing Roker perhaps may be three inside the camera options from NBC, in addition Vladimir Duthiers is subbed to receive pink following his particular heating. particular the condition in a rural area with all the current be quick amongst sexual misconduct examples, employing the entire men and women by the primary projects looms as a useful possibility. that is the scarcity in daily broadcast and, apart from the the boy wonder Roberts Diane Sawyer coupling available on "high quality morning hours the actual" preceding decade, absolutely probably on the least one person as a number.

Kate O'Brian, A updates business advisor and as a consequence numerous mastening numbers full-time, wanted to say sites really do not specifically push under a great person hired, despite the opposite sex make up most of the people with respect to mlm early shows.

"the full location is not about taking grownup out of the it, he or she said. "i can agree that citizens should certainly work in a office clear of harassment.

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