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Collection Company contact info... (My holiday gift to YOU!)

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Joined: 02 Dec 2008
Doc's page
Posts: 178
Location: McKinney, TX

1362 Magic Points

Subject: Collection Company contact info... (My holiday gift to YOU!)
Posted on Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:28 pm  

So many people ask for contact info for collection agencies, I thought I'd make a (partial) list of companies for which I have information available... The information is FREE, you simply need to visit my website, and email me directly through it... Just follow the link to my site, and email me, through the "ABOUT US" page...

Be sure to mention Credit Magic, so I'll know where you came from...

And here's the list..... If you don't see what you're looking for, no problem... There isn't one I don't have, or can't find...

1st Nationwide Collection Agency
A R Audit Svcs
A&S Collection Associates, Inc
AAA Credit Services
Aargon Agency, Inc.
Absolute Collection Service, Inc
ACA International
Academy Collection Svc.
Accelerated Receivables Management (ARM), Ltd.
ACCI American Collections & Credit, Inc
Acclaim Financial Services
Account Recovery Services
Account Recovery Specia*lists (DE)
Account Recovery Special*ists (KS)
Account Services
Account Solutions Group
Accurate Billing Service
ACS State & Local Solutions, Inc
Active Credit Services
Advantage Recovery System
Affiliated Credit Services
Affiliated Group
Agency Of Credit Control Inc
AIS Svcs.
Alexander-Rose Associates
All State Credit Bureau, Inc.
Allgate Financial
Alliance One, Inc.
Allied Collection Service, Inc. (ACS)
Allied International Credit Corp
Allied Interstate, Inc.
Alpat Company, Inc.
AMCOL Systems, Inc
America's Recovery Network, Inc.
American Agencies
American Capital Enterprises
American Collection Corporation
American Debt Collection Company, LLC
American Express
Americollect, Inc.
Amron Professional Services
Amsher Collection Svcs.
Anchor Receivables Mgmt.
Apollo Credit Agency
Arc Services
Argent HFS
ARGYLE Solutions, Inc
Arrow Financial Services, LLC
Arrowhead Collections, Inc.
Asset Acceptance Corp.
Associated Credit & Collections Bureau, Inc.
Baker, Miller, Markoff and Krasny, LLC
Bay Area Credit Svc.
BC Services, Inc.
BCA Financial Services. Inc
Blakely-Witt & Associates
Blalack & Williams, P.C.
Bonneville Billing And Collections
Bronson & Migliaccio, LLP
Budget Control Services, Inc.
Bureau of Collection Recovery
Bureau of Medical Economics
Burns & Carlisle
Business & Professional Service
BYL Companies
C.E. Wadsack
CAC Financial Corp
California Business Bureau
California Service Bureau
Capital Management Services, LP
Capstone Credit Services Inc
Carlton Company
Carnohan Law Offices, PLLC
Cash Flow Consultants, Inc. (CFC)
Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC
CBA - Collection Bureau of America
CBB-California Business Bureau
CBCS, Inc.
CBE Group, Inc. - Credit Bureau Enterprises
CBHV-Collection Bureau of Hudson Valley
CBSI Collections
CCB Credit Services, Inc.
CCP & MCB Collection Services
Centennial Credit Corporation
Central Financial Control
Central States Recovery, Inc.
Certegy Payment Recovery Services, Inc. (CPRS)
Certified Collectors, Inc.
Certified Recovery Systems, Inc. (CRSI)
Chase Receivables
Check Recovery Systems
ClearCheck Payment Solutions, LLC
CMC - Credit Management Collections
CMI Group, The
CMRE Financial Services
Coface Collections North America
Collect America (CACH)
Collectech Diversified (CDI)
Collection Co. of America (CCA)
Collection Consultant Association
Collection Express, Inc.
Collection Service Bureau (CSB)
Collections Inc.
Collections Unlimited
Columbia Recovery Group, LLC
Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc.
Commonwealth Financial Systems (NCC)
Comprehensive Collection Services
Computer Collection Service Corporation
Computer Credit, Inc.
Conrad Credit Corporation
Consolidated Recovery Group
Continental Collection Agency
Continental Recovery Services
Cornerstone Credit Corporation
Corporate Collection Services, Inc.
Credigy Receivables, Inc.
Credit Bureau Associates
Credit Bureau Central, Inc.
Credit Bureau Data, Inc.
Credit Bureau of Fairbault, Inc.
Credit Bureau of Greater Shreveport
Credit Bureau of North America
Credit Bureau Of The South
Credit Bureau Services -CBS
Credit Bureau Systems, Inc.
Credit Collection Services (CCS)
Credit Collection Services Group, Inc. (CCSG)
Credit Control Corporation (CCC)
Credit Management Control, Inc.
Credit Management Services
Credit One, LLC
Credit Protection Association (CPA)
Credit Service Company, Inc.
Credit Service Company
Credit Solutions Corporation
Credit Systems International, Inc.
Credit Systems of Oregon (CSOR)
Creditor's Financial Group (CFG)
Creditors Collection Bureau, Inc
Creditors Discount & Audit Co.
Creditors Service Bureau
Crescent Recovery
CSC Professional Services
CybrCollect, Inc.
Daniels & Norelli, P.C.
Data Check, LLC
DataSearch, Inc.
David Taylor & Associates, LLC
DCI Credit Services, Inc
Debt Credit Services & Associates (DCS)
Debt Rec Sol
Delta Collection Services
Dependon Collection Service, Inc.
DIF Services
Direct Debt Collection
Diversified Adjustment Service
Diversified Credit Systems
Diversified International Services
Diversified Receivables Management, Inc.
Doctors Credit Service
Doctors Reporting Service of Texas, Inc. (DRS)
Douglas Burgess Law Offices
Dunstone Financial, LLC
Duvera Billing Service, LLC
Dyck O'Neal, Inc
Dynamic Recovery Services, Inc.
E Partner Net
Edward Sloan & Associates (ESA)
Elite Recovery Services, Inc.
EMCC, Inc.
Empire Solutions, Inc.
Encore Receivables Management
Equinox Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (EFMSI)
ER Solutions, Inc.
Ernst Artmann and Associates
Express Recovery Services, Inc.
Fair Collections and Outsourcing, Inc. (FCO)
FBCS, Inc. (Federal Bond Collection Services)
Federal Pacific Credit Company, LLC
Federated Companies, Inc.
Fidelity Credit Management
Fidelity Financial Services, Inc.
Fidelity Information Corporation
Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc. (FAMS)
Financial Control Services
Financial Corporation of America
Financial Credit Network, Inc.
Financial Management & Associates, Inc.
Financial Management Services (FMS)
Financial Recovery Services, Inc.
First American Investments
First Collection Services
First Federal Credit Control Companies (FFCC)
First Financial Asset Management, Inc.
First Premier Bank
First Resolution Management Corporation
First Revenue Assurance
Flatiron Financial
FMA Alliance, Ltd.
Forster & Garbus Law Office
Franklin Collection Service, Inc.
Franklin Credit Management Corporation
Friedman And Wexler, LLC
Frost-Arnett Company
GC Services
General Revenue Corporation
Genesis Financial Solutions
Giove Law Office
Global Acceptance Credit Company
Global Payments Check Recovery Services, Inc.
Graline Financial Services
Gulf Coast Collections GP, LLC
Hamilton Accounts Services
Harris & Dial, P.C.
Harvard Collection Services, Inc.
Hilco Receivables
Hollis Cobb Associates, Inc.
Holloway Credit Solutions
Hosto, Buchan, Prater & Lawrence, PLLC
Hudson & Keyse
Hunt & Henriques, Attorneys at Law
Hunter Warfield
I.C. System, Inc.
Illinois Collection Service, Inc
International Collection Corporation
Interstate Collection Bureau, Inc.
Investigation & Recovery Associates, LLC
Investment Retrievers, Inc.
Island National Group, LLC
J Graham & Associates (JTL, Inc.)
J. R. Brothers Financial, Inc.
J.J. Mac Intyre Co., Inc.
James B. Nutter & Company
Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC
Jon Barry & Associates (JBA)
JSZ Financial Co., Inc.
KCA Financial Services, Inc.
Kenneth, Eisen & Associates
Knight Adjustment Bureau
La Chapelle Credit Service, Inc.
Lathrop & Gage DC, PLLC
Law Office of James A. West, P.C
Law Offices of Larry Roach
Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay
Leland Scott & Associates
LHR, Inc.
Liberty Point Corp.
Louisiana Recovery Services, Inc
LTD Financial Services, L.P
LVNV Funding, LLC
M.A.R.S, Inc. (Metropolitan Accounts Receivable Specia*lists)
Maddocks Collection Service (MCS)
MAF Collection Services
Management Koncepts, Inc.
Marauder Corporation (Bill Collector in a Box)
Matrix Acceptance
Meade and Associates (M & A)
Medi-Comm Services, Inc.
Medical Business Bureau
Medical Data Systems, Inc.
Medical Financial Services, Inc.
Medvetta Financial Inc
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC
Merchants & Medical Credit Corp
Merchants & Professional
Merchants Adjustment Service
Merchants Recovery Solutions
Merchants' Credit Guide Co.
Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau
Mid America Accounts Control Bureau, Inc.
Mid Continent Credit Services, Inc.
Mid Michigan Collection Bureau
Mid-South Credit Bureaus, Inc.
Midland Credit Management, Inc.
Midstate Collection Solutions, Inc
Money Control
Money Recovery Service, Inc.
MRS Associates, Inc.
Municipal Services Bureau (GILA Corporation)
Munson Law Offices
Mutual Hospital Services
National Asset Management, LLC
National Asset Recovery Service (NARS)
National Credit Adjusters, LLC
National Credit Systems, Inc.
National Financial Systems (NFS)
National Service Bureau (NSB)
Nations Recovery Center, Inc. (NRC)
Nationwide Credit
Nationwide Recovery Systems, Ltd.
NCC Business Services
NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
Network Collection Systems, Inc.
Nor-Don Collection Network (NCN)
North American Credit Services, Inc. (NACS)
Northland Group, Inc.
Northstar Location Services, LLC
Northwest Collectors, Inc. (NCI)
O S I Collection Services, Inc.
Omni Credit Services of Florida (OCS)
Omnium Worldwide, Inc
Online Collections
Outsource Receivables Management, Inc.
Oxford Management Services
Pacific Creditors Association
Palisades Collection, LLC
Paragon Way, Inc.
Paramount Recovery Systems
Park Dansan
Paul Law Offices
PDI Management Services
Penn Credit Corporation
Penncro Associates, Inc.
Pentagroup Financial, LLC
Performance Capital Management, LLC
Phoenix Recovery Group (PRG)
Physicians & Dentists Credit Bureau Inc
Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC
Placer Creditors Bureau
Plaza Associates
Portfolio Acquisition(OSI)
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
Powell, Rogers & Speaks, Inc.
Preferred Collection & Management Services
Premiere Credit of North America, LLC
Premium Asset Recovery Corp
Principal Management Group
ProCollect, Inc.
Professional Adjustment Corporation
Professional Debt Mediation
Professional Finance Company (PFC)
Professional Recovery Systems, Inc.
Professional Recovery Systems, LLC
Progressive Management Systems (PMS)
Quantum Collection Agency
R & R Collection Svc
R.A. Rogers, Inc.
Receivable Management, Inc.
Receivable Recovery Services
Receivables Management, Inc. (RMI)
Receivables Performance Management
Recovery Concepts, Inc.
Recovery Services of America
Redline Recovery Services, LLC
Regent & Associates, LLP
Regional Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
Resident Data Financial
Resident Data, Inc.
Resurgent/LVNV Funding
Retail Merchants Association (Instachek)
Revenue Assurance Professionals,
Rickenbacker Collection
Riddle & Associates, PC
Risk Management Alternatives, Inc. (NCO)
RJM Acquisitions Funding, LLC
Robinson, Reagan & Young, PLLC
ROI Services, Inc.
Ross Gelfand, LLC
Rossman-PCB & Co.
RS Clark & Associates, Inc.
RSI Enterprises, Inc.
Russell Collection Agency, Inc.
S & P Capital Investment, Inc.
SARMA Collections, Inc.
SCA Collections, Inc.
Scott Lowery Law Office, P.C.
Scottsdale Collection Services, LLC
Security Check LLC
Security Collection Agency
Security Credit Systems
Senex Services
Sequoia Concepts, LLC
Service Bureau Inc. Billing Service (SBI)
Shekinah Inc.
Sherman Acquisitions
Silver Collection Service, Inc.
Simm Associates, Inc.
Sky Recovery Services, Ltd.
Smith & Associates
Solomon & Solomon, PC
Southern Credit Recovery, Inc.
Southwest Credit Card Services, Ltd.
Southwest Credit Systems, LP
Southwest Recovery Services
Specialized Collection Systems, Inc.
States Recovery Systems, Inc.
Stop Loss, Inc
Stuart Allan & Associates, Inc
Summit Collections
Suntech Servicing, LLC (Chase Student Loans)
Superior Asset Management
Surety Acceptance Corporation

Swift Recovery (JSZ Financial Co., Inc.)
Syndicated Office Systems, Inc.
Synergetic Communication (SYNCOM)
Talbott, Adams & Moore, Inc.
Tek-Collect, Inc.
Tenant Tracker, Inc.
Texhoma Financial Services
The Bureaus, Inc.
Thornton Financial Services, Inc.
Tiburon Financial, LLC
Titan Management Services
Torres Credit Services, Inc.
Tri-State Adjustments
TSC A/R Solutions
Tulsa Adjustment Bureau, Inc
U.S.C.B. Corporation
Unique National Collections
United Collection Bureau, Inc.
United Financial Services
United Recovery Systems, Inc.
United Resource System, Inc.
United Revenue Corporation
Universal Collection Services, Inc.
Universal Data Services
Universal Fidelity LP
Valentine & Kebartas, Inc.
Valley Collection Service
VeriChek, Inc.
ViewPoint Bank
Visa Company (NetSpend Corporation)
Vital Recovery Services, Inc.
Wakefield & Associates, Inc.
Weinstein & Riley, PS
Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA
West Asset Management, Inc.
West Central Texas Collection Bureau (WCTCB)
Williams & Fudge, Inc.
Wolpoff & Abramson, LLP
World Omni Financial Corporation
Zenith Acquisition Corporation
-Doc Compton, Omega Credit Repair
I provide info for free, & all I ask is that you visit my site...
You can also get tons of information here!

Joined: 26 Feb 2008
fireyone's page
Posts: 4246

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Posted on Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:16 pm  

Wow Are there truly that many collection agencies out there? No wonder a debt never truly dies. There are too many other collectors to buy it and harass you about it. This list is truly amazing. Thatnks for taking the time to list as I am sure it probaly took some time. Looking at this list makes me think there sure must be some pretty good money in collecting old credit card debts.


Joined: 02 Dec 2008
Doc's page
Posts: 178
Location: McKinney, TX

1362 Magic Points

Posted on Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:48 pm  

This only SOME of them... There are literally THOUSANDS... These are the most frequently seen in our office...

Again, if anyone wants collection agency contact info, visit my website, and send me an email from the link below my picture on the "about us" page...

Happy Holidays!
-Doc Compton, Omega Credit Repair
I provide info for free, & all I ask is that you visit my site...
You can also get tons of information here!

Subject: lame
Posted on Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:06 am  

so your the dufus that sends out those copy paste letters in the padded envelopes from mckinney using the consumers return address. i have been looking for you


Joined: 02 Dec 2008
Doc's page
Posts: 178
Location: McKinney, TX

1362 Magic Points

Posted on Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:21 am  

"Looking for me"...? My name and contact information are posted here, and on my company website. I'd like very much to know who has mistaken me for someone with such rudimentary methodology...

I'll not bother responding with anything more than a simple request that you identify yourself, should you be adult enough to do so...
-Doc Compton, Omega Credit Repair
I provide info for free, & all I ask is that you visit my site...
You can also get tons of information here!

Joined: 03 Nov 2007
goodnatured's page
Posts: 3931

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Posted on Sat Dec 27, 2008 5:14 am  


I would not even entertain this jerk, you have given some great advice here, don't let this anonymous jerk who is not a registered member get under your skin.
for all the ways I make $$ online


Joined: 13 Aug 2007
sdchargers_63's page
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Subject: credit
Posted on Sat Dec 27, 2008 11:23 am  

You have Global Acceptance Credit Company on there!!! GOD BLESS YA!! When I FIRST started 'dealing with them', they told me they were a Law Office. I was just telling GOODNATURED they are on my CR. They ARE difficult to deal with. DOC..........can ya give me some advice on how to 'deal' with some of these CA's? I deal with a few, on your list, besides Global.

Subject: credit there a number?
Posted on Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:03 pm  

i had this collection show up on my credit. the date is 6/08? they are saying i owe them 1010 dollars. how is this possible. there is an adrress but no number. i need to contact them to find out why they put this on my credit. soes anyone have there number or know how to get there number?


Joined: 13 Aug 2007
sdchargers_63's page
Posts: 1883

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Subject: credit
Posted on Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:59 am  

I don't remember where I put the number for Global, DESIREE,...but, if you Google it and search for the name Global Acceptance, you acn get the number that way. That's how I got it. Everytime they called me, they would call with a 'Blocked' or Private' number. They are located in Texas. Hope this info helps ya.


Joined: 27 Jun 2006
carol's page
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Location: Los Angeles, California

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Posted on Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:29 am  

Hi Desiree
Credit Vision is a collection agency to whom the original creditor must have sold off your debt. Their number is (888) 830-2405 and their address is
1803 Tarant LN, STE 230, Colleyville, Texas 76034
You should send them a debt validation letter immediately by certified mail with return receipt. As per the Fair credit reporting Act, the collection agency must validate the debt within 30 days of receipt of your letter.
Keep in touch


Joined: 31 Jul 2006
anthony's page
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Posted on Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:33 am  

Carol is right. You should first send a DV letter by certified mail, and if the CA does not validate the debt within 30 days from the date of receipt of your letter, you need not pay them back. But if the CA properly validates the debt, you should make a repayment plan with the CA and pay off the debt, else the creditor can sue you to the court and bring judgment against you. Now, if there is a judgment listing in your credit report, your credit score may fall by as much as 100 points or even more.
Anthony Marx

A positive attitude is not achieved by turning a blind eye to the negative, but rather by responding to every situation in the most positive way possible.

Subject: credit score problem?
Posted on Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:21 am  


I just missed (totally forgot) a small amount of money ($15) to the medical company. Now I was asked by USCB to pay this money. Will it affect my credit score if I pay it off within one week (USCB asked me to pay in one month).

Really wonder why the medical company not sending me a letter for that before they asked USCB for that.


Subject: help
Posted on Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:16 pm  

I received a check for 4500.00 from Dynamic Recovery Services, why? Do i cash it


Joined: 13 Aug 2007
sdchargers_63's page
Posts: 1883

1916 Magic Points

Subject: credit
Posted on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:10 pm  

NO!! Don't cash it, CHUCK!! I got a check, from them, as well. This is a MAJOR scam!! They say you can get some kind of grant/loan with them ( I don't know if YOUR check came with a letter or not, but, mine did.) My letter stated 'the check I recieved was for their processing fee.' Ya this works is if you DO cash the check, RIGHT away they will have your Bank/Savings account number. It may LOOK like an valid check, etc. When I received mine, I called the name of the bank that was written on the check. A very nice man talked to me. He told me the bank account, ON the check was "closed for fraud reasons." Hope this answers your questions. NOPE...DON'T CASH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: DRS Related to Collect America(CACH/CACV)?
Posted on Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:33 pm  

Just fended off Lowery and his thugs at Pezzuto as they never responded to VOD letter to prove existence or ownership of debt.

Two months later getting calls from Dynamic Recovery Services. I'll be sending them the same.

Are they affiliated with CACH? If so, is there some evidence available on the web. I'll spare you the details and just say I've built a good case for a suit against them and if I find out the DRS thing is (must be, been debt free for 5+ years) the same they'll all find themselves in a Texas courtroom.

Thank you!

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