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I am looking for some help in getting my budget in order, does anybody have some suggestions and/or ideas for getting started with a good budget? What is a solution that I can do online or from anywhere?

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I use Ms Excel for my budgeting, you know that income v/s expenses thing Cool

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Have a question, Smileynyc.....I know alot of people, that have 401K's. My employeement doesn't offer them, sorry to say. Is there a place, that u know of, that I can start one through? A GOOD, LEGIT place?

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You can't...a 401k is an employer sponsered plan.

Since I'm not a financial advisor, I can only offer a few alternative suggestions:

a 529 (great for education)
IRA/roth IRA (ask a bank/credit union...for retirement)
an IDA (Individual Development IDA + your state for more info)

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Thanks for the reply. I have an IRA, through the military......kinda nice. Thanks for your response.

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Morningstar is right, unfortunately 401(k) is only offered trough employers... Just whatever Morningstar said is what I repeat :D

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Your answers are more than just repetitions. :) they are too informative.

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