What is your credit Score ???

Submitted by Seth on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 10:50

What is your credit Score ???

There is no magic for credit improvement. Our community will help you understand credit and its working. Tell us more about yourself that we can help.

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FICO score from 500 to 580 is where the real trouble starts.

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I have 527, 514, and 563. I've been using the average of 535 as my score, I assume that would be my score ...would I be right?

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you can say so . But most of the time u have to specify exact score for diffrent purpose.

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rajiv (not verified)

576 with a 7K debt..I have been in the U.S for 3 years and the best its done is 660

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I chose 400-500 simply because it can't get any lower (riiiiiiiiiiight;-D)

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I am 578 and my hubby is 703! I am desperately working on getting mind in order.

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551. Had excellent credit until the ex-wife went crazy with the power of attorney I gave her when I was at sea in the Navy. I only have one debt in collections right now. This stuff takes forever to repair. I was divorced 3 years ago and haven't made a late payment on anything since. Why is it taking so long? I want a house!!!

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I hate this topic, I can not seem to get a higher score, companies have not removed old debts, my son has forged my name on a credit cards, checks missing from my check book. I suffered a stroke in Nov. 2005 and was out on leave until Oct. 2006, returned to work part time, now back working full time. I am currently trying to play catch up I am in a very stressful time, I need someone I can trust who will not cheat, steal or over charge me for unwanted services.

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I heard the average is 650-700! At 658 I still couldn't get a loan without a co-buyer! Furniture is really hard!

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Mine is, about, 560. ALOT of people that some of your PAID, deliquent debt, will 'drop off' your credit report, at a certain time. When you look on your CR, look to the right OR bottom, of the account. It will tell you there. A few things have 'dropped-off' my credit, and my score has gone up a few points. As for filing Bankruptcy, I never have. But....I would think, if a Lender looked at your CR, they would see that you don't owe anyone. With my credit score, I thought I would NEVER get another vehicle..and I DESPERATELY needed one. Citifinancial actaully financed a good, used vehicle for me. It's a bit higher % ( because of my credit), but, that's ok. You may want to try them for a loan for a good, used vehicle.

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My Fico scores are listed below.Keep in mind I never had any negatives.Just used these forums to help other people and tweak my reports so it will be high as I can get it when I build new home. My goal is 800 on all three.Keep in mind I was over 800 on two of them before I added four new revolving accounts to my reports.

Your Equifax FICO score:
On June 18, 2007

Your Experian FICO score:
On June 18, 2007

Your TransUnion FICO score:
On June 18, 2007

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Mine is 550, right now. SOON..it will go higher. Taking care of a HUGE debt. Almost done. Someoen had said " they couldn't get a car loan with a bankruptcy. Welll................i don't have a bankruptcy, BUT,I DID have a mid 550 CR, and recieved a car loan from Citfinancial. If you have one in your area, i would look into it. They deal with 'low credit scorea'.The % rate is about 15-20%. I recieved a car lona, from them, in October of 2006. Made ALL of my payments, so far, and ALREADY my % has gone down. Just trying to make a suggestion.

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...Oh ,forgot to add, that Credit scores can go down, if you have alot of 'inquiries' on your credit.

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Yes Wendy,

Hard entries cost you atleast 5 points. Soft entries do not effect score.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Your Latest FICO® Scores
Offical FICO Score Seal
Date: 9/3/2007

Date: 9/3/2007

Date: 9/3/2007

I updated today and here is the latest.
This is me,got looged out somehow.Cajunbulldog

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I'm very curious, are there different scores, for each CR?? If there is, I had no idea. Can we actually get our CR's. from this site ( somewhere)? It says 'Credit Score Update' on the forum. Do you put your ACTUAL credit score there??

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Wendy you have to pull out credit reports from the three different agencies. The agencies do not interact internally for score calculation. They have their own different models for calculation. So the scores are also different.

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I have been working to bring it up, this number is the last time I checked it about a year ago, here in a few months I will pull it again to see where I am at over the year.

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The conscious effort is appreciable good natured. Your determination will earn the accolades. Kudos to you. :)

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Wow, I am in with the most popular score anyway, I am working on this and hoping to get it higher here soon.

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Hey good, I agree with Laura. you sure are determined :) I looked at Transunion and my score is 647 and then looked at Experian where it's in the higher 500s. i havne't pulled all three yet, i think i'm scared to. I know that transunion will go down because i charged my car repair on there and any time you go past the 25% credit or approach 50% scores will go down though i don't know how much. i'm interested to see. we need to raise ours too. shoot now that i think about it i should look at hubby's too since most everything we have is under his name. couldn't be that bad, we got a car about 3 years ago with no money down in his name....eeeeee probably not smart that's why we're stuck with the payment we have. well we did trade a very badly damaged dodge intrepid. that counted i guess. good luck everyone with raising scores!

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Maybe we can show improvement if you run this poll one year from the date that you ran this one. It would be interesting to see how much people have improved wouldn't it?

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Hey goodnatured...sounds like we are both in the "popular" score area....

I just bought a home with my score and STILL can't believe it... Thank you FHA....

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Oh, I know you can get financed, We did a refinance not too long ago, our intrest rate actually dropped too.

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really????????? that's good news, Sun I didn't read what your score is but I do know that you can get a loan but question is what are the stipulations around it. you guys are giving me hope big time

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Well, we signed the loan this morning..

My scores are 513, 553 and 583.....My interest rate is around 6.25% fixed for 30 yrs... I had several collections and charge offs... The stipulation was that I had to pay some of them off and or dispute them... I paid the little ones off and disputed the biggies... I also had to explain why my credit history is the way it is... That was rather easy... I was doing great until 9/11 occurred... My industry took a big hit like many others..

My recommendation to anyone is to research and try to get a FHA loan at all costs.... You get a better rate!! The PMI insurance is nothing...we are paying half a percent...where as the coventional would have been 3 to 4 percent....thats a big difference... Like 700 bucks worth in our case..

This is my third house, I had to jump way more hoops than the others, but in this case it $$ worth it...

BTW.. we will be refi the loan in 6 months to a year (if the rates go down).. With the FHA we wont have to go thru all the hoops as we did this time...

SO, look into a FHA FIRST!!!! Best thing we ever did...

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I forgot to put in there that FHA needs to see job stability along with income.. But that is kinda a given with ANY mortgage loans....

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I can't tell you how encouraging your posts are. I think our scores are in the upper 600's well hubby's is. Mine's in the lower 600's the interest rate you got looks really good and that stipulation is very reasonable. how did you or are you going to go about paying off your charge offs? i think I have 2, one was already paid in full years ago. the other i'm dealing with now. were your charge offs giving to a CA, do you plan on dealing with the original creditor? FHA I will look into thank you so very much. You're posts are helping out a younger couple trying to make it in this world trying to get some equity. renting isn't getting it for us anymore. after we had our son we realized that we needed to grow up in many ways. thanks again!

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If your scores are that....that is great!!!!

LOOK at FHA first though.... you will be better off in the LONG run.... Believe me.... The difference is stagering... especially in this current housing market...

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debtstinker... sorry for not responding to your questions sooner.... we are packing up whats left to pack...

The charge offs I had to contend with were with a JDB (Junk Debt Buyer)... I paid off the small ones... I settled a $1900 c/o (this figure is seriously inflated with all their bogus fees etc) for $500.. This was with a law firm. And, I am quite suprised they settled for that. But, I think they just wanted a little jingle and were willing to go away all together.. Part of the settlement with them was the balance (1400) would not be sold to anyone else and that this matter with this particular card was over... Which is what I wanted..

The other card... is for over 4k.... This too has bogus fees...etc The actual amount is like $700... I basically DV them so the FHA people would be happy... In short this acct. is way past my SOL (Statue of Limitations). They also tried to take me to court back in my previous state last year.. I got that whole incident thrown out since I don't live there...Basically the judge told them come here to my new state if they want this addressed..They haven't so far. They listed this account as a Factoring Account on my reports... which is a no no... So, when I get moved and after Thanksgiving, I will address that with them in regards to this violation and they will be off my reports one way or another.

Well, I am sorry for my ramble....

But, if I can get a 275K loan, 100% finaced (closing cost and all) at a decent rate... with my scores.... Then I would have to say that a FHA is the only way to go... I must add that the income my partner and I make is over 100K.... Even so, we would have gotten the shaft if we would have gone the conventional route...

I don't know if you can make sense of all this babble...LOL... but, if we can get a FHA loan with the scores and all....than I am sure there are others who can as well...

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Wow, 275k, I am inspired, that is awesome, thought I did good with a refinance of $45,000 and got my rate dropped from 11% to a flat 7%. I am really happy about that.

Great job, there SunDevilsfan!

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Yes Sun, first of all please don't apologize, i'm very grateful you included all the information about your situation that you did and yes, your post makes sense. It's obvious the FHA was certainly teh way to go for you and I will definitely check them out, have nothing to lose there and we need all the help we can get!! especially in this market...I'm sure the market will get better, has to right??? ;)
that's incredible the amount of your loan and 100% financed with closing costs and all, just amazing. congratulations!!

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Yeah, the market will get better sooner or later.... But I really don't expect to get much better for at least a year here in AZ and California area....

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