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Debt Verification Letter for debt I do not owe?

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Subject: Debt Verification Letter for debt I do not owe?
Posted on Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:11 pm  

here is my situation:

about 3 years ago a contractor was hired to perform remodeling work on my house. the contractor was doing work that was sub-standard and he was fired about 6 months into the project. despite his substandard work, I have paid him 100% of what was owed for the work performed and we amicably parted ways.

last week I received a collection letter from a California collection agency (I live in IL) that I owe on some debt to the contractor mentioned above in excess of $15k. I was floored. this was the 1st time I have even heard of this. I have never received any letter/call from the contractor that I owe him anything (he was paid in FULL after all !) nor did he ever take any action against my property (filing a lien, etc) - in all, this is the 1st time me hearing about this.

problem is that now I have to deal this BS. I did check all my credit reports today and this collection is not on them (yet).

my questions are:

(1) are there any sample letters that I can send for debt verification (proof) that would be tailored to my situation?

(2) should I consult an attorney? if so, does anyone know of a reputable firm/attorney in IL that I can contact?

any information would be be appreciated.

thank you, LS

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Posted on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:06 am  

Yeah in this instance dealing with a contractor, for this amount he is claiming you owe, I would recommend that you get a lawyer in this case. This could easily turn into a lien. Try to dig up all documents, canceled checks and such to turn over to your lawyer.

Good luck with this case,
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Subject: debt validation letter
Posted on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:46 am  

Hi LS-Chicago,

Nightstar is right. You can consult a lawyer to deal with your case. You can also send a debt validation letter to the collection agency. You will get a sample debt validation letter at . You can then use this letter to write one of your own, as according to your situation.

Hope this helps.


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