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Too late to send a debt validation letter for a collection?

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Joined: 09 Oct 2009
mrryanspace's page
Posts: 4

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Subject: Too late to send a debt validation letter for a collection?
Posted on Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:41 pm  


So I made arrangements over the phone to make payments on a credit card bill (scare tactic worked). I found out about this forum afterward, so now I am trying to make use of my rights.

This account is 9 months delinquent, but I made contact with the CA over the phone about 21 days ago. They have been sending letters to an old address (I think prior to when I made phone contact and definitely after phone contact), so I have no paper copies regarding the account. I am scheduled to make a payment in a few days (in a three-part payment plan totaling about $2500), but now I would like to validate the debt first. I'm planning on calling them later to cancel the payment and explain I am going to send a DV letter so they don't take legal action.

My question is whether it is too late to do so considering I spoke with the CA for the first time about 3 weeks ago, but I am assuming they sent letters to me at an old address for over 30 days now. Should I mention to them that I'm sending a DV letter? I am hoping they just don't respond to it.

Joined: 09 Oct 2009
mrryanspace's page
Posts: 4

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Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:08 am  

One more question. I know I'm supposed to send the DV letter within 30 days of initial contact (we had initial contact over the phone), so will I be within the 30-day mark if it is postmarked before 30 days, or does the CA have to receive within 30 days? Is it 30 business days (M-F) or just 30 calender days? I would like to avoid next day mail.. plus the CA only gave me a PO Box for a mailing address.


Joined: 17 Jul 2006
Justin's page
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Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:29 am  

Hi mrryanspace,

Legally, it is too late for you to ask for validation. But I think you can still do it, since they have been sending all the intimations to your old address. You can try to send a debt validation letter stating that you did not receive any written intimation. Do not pay any amount on the basis of a phone talk. Whenever you decide to pay a collection agency or creditor, you should always have the required documents in writing so that they are not able to harass you in future.

I don't think they can take any action against you since a debtor has a right to validate the debt. Besides, you do not have anything in writing, it is a phone conversation. So, if they have not recorded it, then they do not have any proof. You are also saying that you have spoken to the CA about 21 days ago, so then you still have time to demand debt validation. You have to ask for validation within 30 days, that is 30 days from the day you have sent them the request.
All the Best Smile

Joined: 09 Oct 2009
mrryanspace's page
Posts: 4

114 Magic Points

Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:33 am  

Thanks for your response Justin.

I am, however, a little confused by your answer as you say it is legally too late to ask for validation in the first paragraph and in the second paragraph you mention that I still have time to request a validation. I was under the impression that the initial communication was the first time I spoke with the CA on the phone (Sept 17), or is 1st communication whenever (if they ever did) they sent a letter to my old address that I never received? How would a CA even prove initial communication as I definitely didn't sign anything by certified mail? Even the statement they claim they sent me AFTER our first phone contact where I gave my updated address was sent to my old address. Am I no longer protected by FDCPA laws and forced to settle on the CA's terms?

By the way, are there any consequences for the CA to continually contact a parent for location information when they have already had numerous contact with me from my phone?


Joined: 09 Oct 2009
mrryanspace's page
Posts: 4

114 Magic Points

Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:38 pm  

Ok, an update to my situation. I called the collection agency stating that I was sending a debt validation letter today and requesting a suspension of scheduled payments.

The collection agent was very rude and refused to send "another" validation letter stating the company sent one on the 8th of September and it's past the 30-day window for me to request a validation. I stated initial contact occurred on the 19th of September and that I still was within the 30-day window. He stated that I was running out of time and that the next stage was for the OC's lawyers to possibly take action. He continually refused to send a validation letter stating that I was just stalling for time and that I had received the letter (it was sent to an old address) since the letter was not returned to them. He then kept asking if I was refusing to pay the debt, and I responded that I am refusing to pay until they respond to my debt validation letter to my current address.

Does this sound like familiar tactic by the CA? Am I in the right so far? How can the CA prove that they even sent me anything? It doesn't seem like they sent anything by certified mail.

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Posted on Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:17 pm  


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Posted on Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:19 am  

georgia police look to video after deadly Costco shooting

The linked to Press

The Corona police department look into it a shooting inside a Costco in Corona, Calif, Friday, June 14, 2019. A gunman opened fire inside the store during a disagreement, murdering a man, Wounding two another person and sparking a stampede of terrified shoppers before he was taken into custody, criminal court said. The man involved in the argument was killed and two other people were wounded, Corona court arrest Lt. Jeff Edwards expressed. (Will Lester/Inland valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG via AP)

Video may be key in determining how a confrontation between an off duty Los Angeles police officer and a man described by family as mentally disabled ended in a shooting in a Costco warehouse store that killed the man and critically wounded his parents.

The unidentified officer told researchers he opened fire after Kenneth French, 32, behind Riverside, Attacked him without provocation as the officer held his nipper Friday night, in order to police in the city of Corona, East of l. a. Neither the officer nor the child was hurt.

david Shureih, French's in-law, Told the Press Enterprise in Riverside that French was gentle and didn't speak caused by a mental condition that started in adulthood. He did not provide details on the complaint, But he was quoted saying French had "To be almost monitored" And his cousin's caregivers, Russell and Paola french, packaged him everywhere.

In a youtube posting Monday, Shureih said your family has gotten "Witness accounts that do not match up to the initial story, He declined for you to details, Saying the info is confidential.

Corona police did not respond to requests for concerning what immediately preceded the shooting and whether anyone other than the officer had a weapon.

The Riverside County District Attorney's Office issued an announcement urging the public to be patient. Once Corona police finish their analysis, Prosecutors will review and consider whether or not to bring criminal charges.

The Los Angeles Police Department is doing an management investigation of its officer. He been assigned administrative duties and will not have contact with the public during the investigations, LAPD policeman Norma Eisenman said Monday.

Police have not said if French had any weapons or if the officer identified himself as the law before firing.

Witnesses reported seeing a spat between two people near a freezer section when at least six shots rang out. The shooting prompted a stampede of terrified shoppers, Some fleeing a shop as others sought cover inside.

Video from Costco's video cameras and shoppers' cellphones will be critical to the investigations, Said Samuel jogger, A retired criminal justice professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and an expert on police obligation.

Walker said researchers will be primarily looking at whether there was "a principal threat" To the officer's life that prompted him to pull out his gun single ukraine ladies or whether he could used less lethal means.

"I find the crowded setting pretty alarming. There's such a high risk to other individuals, master said. Whether they're in school uniform, Police officers can use force in self defense or defense of others if it's clear there is no alternative, mentioned Robert Weisberg, A mentor at Stanford University's law school.

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So does this announcement mark the era of human like AI, As is normally claimed? not even. Turing test stopped being a consideration for AI research years ago, And many scientists see the contests as flawed because they can be won with trickery such as pretending to be a non native English speaker.

additionally, What chatbots are fully capable of in daily life is far more interesting. We already circled by bots capable of tricking us into thinking they are real people, And they don enter competitive events. Some are more experienced enough to infiltrate social networks and perhaps even influence public opinion.

locate certainly plenty of them out there. Although most people think the web as a place primarily frequented by humans, The reality actually is quite different. a recent report found that 61.5% of internet readers are generated by automated programs called bots.

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The effects of this are not trivial. Socialbots could be created in thousands and thousands, They could easily be used to bias public opinion, for example, By writing huge of fake messages and dishonestly improve or damage the public perception about a topic, The a piece of paper notes.

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Antarctic ice shelf collapse and unstoppable sea level rise

warming of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius above current levels could lead to "easy" Sea level rise that would last for millennia, based on a new model of Antarctic ice sheets.

the new model, wrote today in Nature, Shows that such temp would result in 80 to 85 per cent loss of major Antarctic ice shelves, something which is possible by the end of the century under existing IPCC scenarios.

fall of the ice shelves would trigger a rapid melt of the Antarctic ice sheets, Releasing vast amounts of Earth's freshwater stores into the ocean, Said the researchers.

The IPCC reports have said the collapse of the ice shelves was unlikely whereas we're showing is in reality a very likely scenario.

Dr chris Fogwill, University of nsw

By 2100 this could add up to 40 centimetres to sea levels, Melt rate would continue to accelerate until 2300, And sea levels would continue to rise after that for thousands of years.

the best news, Said the exceptional, Is that their research suggests it's not too late to stop this, If we're ready take tough action to reduce greenhouse emissions.

"A lot of people are out there saying there's no point we're in that world now where it's all going to take place, Said researcher Dr Chris Fogwill of the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of nsw.

"but actually, What this modelling shows is there is still a business, continue to, to below these thresholds, Where we avoid that long term investment,

Antarctic contribution to sea level rise underestimatedThe Earth is currently experiencing one of the highest rates of sea level rise for thousands of years, Linked to our planets atmosphere.

depending on the IPCC global sea levels could rise over current levels by about 30 to 100 centimetres by 2100, dependent on emission scenarios, With the main members being expansion of the warming oceans and melting of the Greenland icesheet and other land glaciers.

external Link: computer animation of Antarctic melt model with a high emission scenario (complimentary Golledge et al.)

IPCC emission casesThe IPCC gives four situations, entitled RCPs, Of how our world will heat by 2100, using the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

RCP 2.6 Low emissionsEmissions reach a high point at 2020; Are halved by 2050 and tend to zero by 2100. temperatures do hot spanish women not exceed 2 degrees C above pre single in spanish industrial levels.

RCP 4.5 second time beginners emissionsEmissions peak 2040. settings reach 2.5 degrees C above pre professional levels by 2100.

RCP 6 intermediate emissionsEmissions peak in 2060. conditions reach 3 degrees C above pre industrial levels by 2100.

RCP 8.5 High emissionsBusiness as usual emissions continue to help increase. temps reach 4.3 degrees C above pre aggressive levels by 2100.

To date it has been considered that melting of Antarctic ice sheet would contribute very little to future sea level rise just 4 to 5 centimetres at most.

still,but unfortunately, discussed Dr Fogwill, These conclusions were reached using models that were not state-of-the-art enough to show major ice shelf collapse.

Dr Fogwill rrncluding a team led, By dr Nicholas Golledge, From Victoria higher educatoin institutions in New Zealand, have developed the best model yet of the response of Antarctica to different scenarios of global warming. They have found the IPCC has been underestimating the factor of Antarctica to sea level rise.

"The IPCC reports have said the collapse of the ice shelves was unlikely whereas we're showing that it is a very likely scenario,

Unlike most temperature models, might run over centuries at most, The new model was run over 5,000 years to estimate the full impact of global warming on ice sheets.

The model showed that Antarctic ice would remain "genuinely stable" higher than 5,000 years at the deepest IPCC emission scenario, But ice shelves would collapse under the rest of the scenarios.

"In those higher quantity pathways we destabilise those ice shelves, believed Dr Fogwill.

Collapse of the ice shelves under such scenarios would lead to Antarctic ice sheets donating around 40 centimetres rather than 4 centimetres to sea level by 2100, shown Dr Fogwill.

nevertheless,having said that, he said, It wouldn't be until 2300 that the Antarctic ice melt rate would peak. By that stage the not so frozen continent would be adding as much as 3 metres to sea level rise.

Unstoppable sea level rise under high emission scenariosDue to the very slow response of the massive Antarctic ice sheets to around the world, Antarctic factor to sea level rise would be "unstoppable" for millennia, And could be nearly 10 metres by 5000, depending on the model.

These estimates are most safe and effective, stated that Dr Fogwill, Not taking into consideration "Polar audio, Which is the particular warming occurring at the poles.

The last time Earth experienced CO2 levels similar to today's was 3 million years ago and at this point sea levels during those times were a staggering 20 metres higher, Said they.

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Posted on Wed Jun 24, 2020 8:22 pm  

innovator Herald

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Posted on Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:12 am  

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Gadolliving inium has been utilized for more than 15 some time getting MRI difference ingredient which can glow tumor the cancer cells. but it surely is almost certainly regarded to not have a beneficial actually worth since it was thought that could not be wrapped up through tumors microscopic cells. the actual basic research episodes, still, which experts claim gadolinium is indeed assimilated courtesy of cancer structure everywhere the item migrates towards nucleus which allows them to be brought on energy rays neutron nullify to the cancer dna cell.

feared gadolinium medicine was extremely hard, replies environnant les Stasio. could be responded in which gadolinium ingredients remained extracellular

within just cancerous growth muscle and may also not reach the cellular nucleus. we all offer that that is incorrect. the outcomes of the learning, held at UW Madison Synchrotron rays midsection, operating in effort by means of doctors malta, swiss and mt, claim that newly purchased gadolinium substance cures nicely established to cure glioblastoma, A mind malignancies of the fact that wipes out approximately 12,000 workers on an annual basis in the world on it's own. a relatively unsightly unknown growth and usually will kill sufferers through six months among analysis, l'ordre de Stasio pronounces.

back, common corrections hiring boron natural elements currently pursued, And are accustomed typically during makes that include okazaki, japan. still gadolinium chemical compounds are most often many more specific towards cancerous growth cellular material coupled with, Once distributed around the solar panel nucleus, present you with a much more robust emphasis for your neutrons when trigger the geonomics obliterating reply.

your research launched around cancer malignancy browse was already carried out classy growth tissues. treatment options relating gadolinium compound isotopes have not yet been worked with in human being beings, only scientific tests towards what in fact the specific natural ingredients are utilized that by tumour body cells found in persons are available started. in cases where useful, the fresh revisions may lead to a non intrusive and as well,as well as the non-toxic treatment for glioblastoma clientele.

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