Is Debt Consolidation a good Idea ?

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Hello All Member,

In such critical time so many people are in debt and want to move out
of it. One of my friend also has debt and she is in such critical situation. Though she has a good job but she can not save as much money because so much she has to pay to creditors. So debt consolidation is a better option for her?
Need Advice

Hi Debt Consolidation,

Here are the few benefits of debt consolidation:

1) You will make only one payment for multiple debts.
2) The payment term is extended.
3) Interest rates are reduced.
4) It stops harassing calls from creditors.

Even if your friend chooses to consolidate her debt, she should make timely payments for her current bills. This will prevent her from running into debt in future. She can also plan a budget, and spend accordingly.

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In my opinion, it is only if you can get an interest rate that's good enough to drop the payment by a fair amount, and still let you pay this off in a short amount of time. Based on what you said, I'd say 4-5 years, max.

Also - you should have the discipline to NOT go into further debt. If you've got extra income, then I think you should put every single dime of payment that you're paying now towards these bills, PLUS a hefty chunk of that "extra income" towards this. Otherwise, you're just digging yourself deeper. So if you think that by consolidating, your payment will drop, and you're counting on that difference in total payments as the "extra income", you're deluding yourself.

Also - keep in mind that going with a home equity loan means you're literally betting your house on your ability to pay this loan. If your job is shaky, or if you don't have the self discipline to pay it, it's a bad deal.

If you decide to NOT do the debt consolidation, try this:

write down all of your loans, and sort them by the balance owed.

Pay the minimum amount on every one, except the one with the smallest balance. Put EVERY SINGLE SPARE DIME YOU HAVE towards this one, until you pay it off.

Now repeat that, adding everything you paid on the last loan pmt. to the one with the next lowest balance. Keep doing this until the last loan is paid off. You may be paying $500 or $1000 a month - or more - towards this one. That's good! You'll get it paid off sooner.

It takes time and discipline, but it will probably get you out of debt faster than any other way.

credit repair business

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Surely they will be a great help even if you have credit card debt and it is currently taken over by collection agencies from OC.

W E .. A R E .. M A G I C I A N S

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It would be nice if someone of you could explain Debt Consolidation here before we move any further about its benefits.

Mon, 09/21/2009 - 04:59 Permalink aware there are Debt Consolidation Co's that charge you a fee for using their programs. Do the research on the Debt Con Co's you want to use:look them up on the BBB site, look to see if they have complaints aqainst the, etc.

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There are a few options for debt consolidation that do not require a loan. Credit counseling is a service that will manage all you unsecured debts. Your interest rates will be reduced and your fees eliminated. You will make one payment per month to the debt counseling agency and they will disburse it to your lenders.

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Whether or not a debt consolidation loan is a good idea will depend on your particular circumstances. Debt consolidation loans aren't really getting you out of debt, they're just consolidating your debt into one loan. If the monthly payments are lower, it's either because the interest is lower or the term of the loan is longer.
If you can get a debt consolidation loan with a reduced interest rate, that may be a good idea since you'll be saving money, enabling you to get out of debt faster. However, if the interest rate isn't lower, look elsewhere for answers to your debt problems.

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Sally Nachelle (not verified)

Debt consolidation is a better option for your friend, because through debt consolidation program, she will be able to negotiate with her creditors and collection agencies and get the following benefits:
1. Low monthly payments
2. Interest rate gets reduced
3. Stop getting harassing calls from creditors
4. Replace multiple bills with one low monthly payment.

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Debt Consolidation may be the 'right' thing to do, however, really need to becareful who you want to go through. Check information on Debt Con Co's, make sure of their 'ratings', if they have complaints, etc.

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justin450 (not verified)

I have a question that I would like to ask i.e does debt relief programs work in real? I have a friend of mine who fell into debt and looking for an organization which can provide debt help, if there are well known then free feel to recommend

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