Credit Debt Counseling Services

Submitted by FreedomDM on Wed, 03/31/2010 - 20:46

We are looking at refinancing at a lower rate, in fact over the next day or two.

Hopefully we will get a good rate that will allow us to cut the time down on our loan also.

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We had thought about refinacing out home with the lower interest rates that are being offered now. The only thing holding us back is the fact that the home equity (we did not do a mortgage) is only two years old. Does anyone know if that matters to a bank. I can not see paying even a percentage point more if it means paying less for my home.

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I can give you a number where you can talk to the guy, he is really good about offering advise, we got our loan through him about 6 years ago, he calls at least once a year to see how things are going, if there is anything he can do.

He also lets us know when the rates have dropped, we are looking at popping into 4.5% rate, hopefully what I have done over the last month will do the trick. I had a few things they recommended I do to bring my score up.

theyre a really good outfit to work with.

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What is the real benefit of Credit Debt Counseling Services, how this service help me, i want to pay off my student loan.

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Hi kimsmith,

Credit counseling cervices help you in budgeting so that you can pay off your debts. However, if the budgeting doesn't work out, they will enroll you into a debt consolidation program, or a deb6t settlement program, and do all the negotiations on your behalf.



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