How to remove late pay and get a fixed credit report

Submitted by Theresa on Tue, 11/11/2008 - 03:38

I had( 1) 30-day late on my CR last year. During that time, I was in contact with my loan server(homeq) and I was able to catch up the very next month. I know they have the right to report it. Is there anything I can do to persuade them to remove it ?

You could write a letter to them and plead your case, they will see your credit history with them so this may work in your favor. Give it a shot all they can say is no right? Plead, beg and plead again until they give in.

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Hi Theresa
You cannot normally get the late payment removed from your credit report. Since you are only a month's late it will not be listed as negative in your credit report and will not affect your credit score. Only delinquent accounts, i.e, accounts where payments have not been made for a period of six months reduces the credit score. This one time late payment will only be listed in red as late payment.

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Hi Theresa
You can remove this late mark if you can make your creditor agree to re-age your credit account. reaging accounts is a process by which short term problem of missed payment can be removed from your credit report. Re-aging can help you to improve your credit score. However, as far as I know, there are certain conditions which should be fulfilled for re-aging the account. Firstly the account should be at least nine months old and the loan is not re-aged within the past 1 year.

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How can a creditor do this, that would be great. Thank you for the information, hopefully it will help someone, they will attempt it and let us know how it works. Have you ever done this scott?

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Hi Max
There is no specific time when the credit score gets updated. It is a continuous process and depends upon the items listed in your credit report. Whenever any negative item gets removed from your report, you credit score improves. So you can expect an increase in your score if you can remove any negatives from your report through pay for deletion agreements or remove unauthorized listings.

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Pat (not verified)

does your fico score improve when you pay the accounts that have been closed?

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P (not verified)

I have six (6) Mortgages that have gotten behind due to reduced rental income. I have maintained half payments and in some cases, have missed some months all together. We used to have a credit rating of 830 range and I dread to think what is it now. My question is--how does multiple late payments on investment property effect credit and how long does it take to repair?

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james p (not verified)

My student loan was paid off by them taking my income tax refund, so im paid in full.Its still on my credit with all the lates , how can i go about getting that off my credit . I NEED TO FINE OUT SOMETIME

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James..: do you have all of the appropriate documentation stating that your student loan is completely paid off? If you do, you can send a letter to the CRA's (I would send it certified mail) and explain the situation with the proof that you have and you can request the student loan lender (talk to them on the phone) to 'update' your CR. Keep copies for yourself.

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Late payment obviously influence the credit report however small it may be. But you can remove this if request the credit validation department and the time period is not more that 3 months.

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You can also send a letter to the CRA's who are reporting the debt on your CR. Send a 'certified letter' (best to do) and ask for the debt to 'updated'. They may or may not remove it because of the late payment. However, if the loan is still on there and the 'status' shows it is Paid in Full,...that's a real advantage for you.

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local808 (not verified)

how can i have the collection agency delete something that already pain in full. and also i have student loan that has been paid late in 2009 but been currently paying mothly ontime. how do i have thhem delete that on my report.


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upchuck (not verified)

i have several inquiries where a company did a inquiry one day and than the next day another appears . also the same company did an inquiry three months before meanwhile i never applied for any credit thru them . this company is chase bank i do have a best buy account thru them that they closed due to i have several accts opened and charged off because of id theft and a police report to prove this back in 2006 .
my question is how can i get the inquiries removed from my credit bureaus ?

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ashley (not verified)

I had a two month late payment on my car that was incorrect. The auto company sent a letter and I disputed it also. It got fixed and was posted back to green, but it didnt raise my credit score. Why not?

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evoxm (not verified)

I have a 30 day late payment about three years ago. I know it has been a long time. Only recently I got to check my credit report in detail. Is there a chance to get the late payment record deleted now?

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fernando (not verified)

how can i remove 5 late payments form different creditors and i also have a bk and repo

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In my opinion you have to consult some good " Credit Credentials "company for your problem.

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Giovanna (not verified)

You're not going to get a consolidation loan with that low cridet score. You need to work on the the behavior that got you into this mess. That is living beyond your means. Spending more than you earned. Building up and falling behind on debt. You need to live within your means. Earn more and spend less. And your problems will go away. Forget about the loan. Get your life back in order and pay down the debt. Good luck.

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