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Credit report not neat

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Subject: Credit report not neat
Posted on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:14 am  


I was finally able to pay down around 40k debt. I have had so many different accounts and credit cards. But now my main problem is my credit report is no where clean, some of my cards show up as paid, some show closed only on TransUnion report, the other two Experian and Equifax do not report it. It's just a complete mess, even I cannot keep track of what is active and what is not anymore. My FAKO and PLUS scores have risen. It was previously around 620 and now it has become 757.

What shouds I do?


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Subject: cleaning up credit report
Posted on Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:41 am  

Hi Gormant,

Congratulations for successfully paying off 40K debt. This is quite an achievement indeed Smile

some of my cards show up as paid
Are these also showing zero balance? Please let me know if you have closed all your credit cards or only a few?

some show closed
Closed, but are these accounts showing the "Paid" status? If any of the accounts are showing a balance, you need to dispute that. Moreover, if there are any such accounts that you don't want to close but have been closed by the creditor request him to reopen it, and update the account status.

Also the three credit reports will differ from each other as all creditors and collection agencies do not report to all the three credit bureaus. Moreover, the three bureaus calculate the score individually.


Keep in touch Smile

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