How to get rid of negative items on your credit report

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Are you not satisfied with your credit score and need to improve it? If yes, then you should first try to remove negative items from your credit report. Read on to know how you can remove negative items from your credit reports and how re-aging credit accounts can affect your credit reports positively.

How to delete negative listings from credit reports

Removing negative items (both accurate and/or inaccurate) from your credit reports can help increase your score by about 50 points. This can be done in the following ways.

1. Removing inaccurate negative item from credit report

You should order for your major credit reports (such as, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) and highlight the inaccurate items in them. Look for out-of-date information, closed accounts mentioned as open, late payments when you've paid on time, etc. on your reports. Then, make send them to the bureaus along with the dispute form. Do not forget to attach necessary documents with the dispute form. Make sure you send the letter along with the documents by a certified mail along with return receipt request. Usually, the credit bureaus investigate the matter within 30 days and delete the item from your reports if they find it to be inaccurate.

2. Removing accurate negative item from credit report

In order to remove accurate negative listings, you need to negotiate with your creditor or collection agency (CA) if the debt has been assigned or sold off by the original creditor (OC). If there's a delinquent or charged-off account, then either pay back the outstanding balance or negotiate with the creditor/CA to settle the debts. You should also negotiate with them to update the status as "Paid", "Paid as agreed" on your credit reports. You can also negotiate a Pay for delete Agreement to get the item removed from your reports.

Why and how to opt for Pay for delete Agreement

If you owe an old debt and the SOL (Statute of Limitations) hasn't expired on your credit accounts, then you should try to pay it off or negotiate with your creditor/collection agency to settle the outstanding balance. However, before doing so, you should negotiate with your creditor/CA to delete the item from your reports once you pay off the debt in full or settle it. To do so, you need to send a Pay for delete Letter or a Goodwill Letter to the CA or the creditor. Make sure you don't pay anything till you get a written confirmation that the item will be deleted from your credit reports once you make the payments as decided by you and your creditor/collection agency.

A Pay for delete Agreement or a Goodwill Letter helps increase credit score as the negative listing gets deleted from your credit reports. Otherwise, the negative remark stays on your credit reports for as much as 7 years from the day the account becomes inactive.

It may happen that your creditor has sold or assigned the debt to a collection agency in order to collect it on the creditor's behalf. In the first case, you need to negotiate with the collection agency to get the negative listing removed from your reports. In the second case, you need to send the Pay for delete Letter to the original creditor to remove the negative item from your reports.

However, in both the cases, you can negotiate with your OC and the CA and get the negative item removed from credit report. It actually depends on how well you can negotiate with your creditor and collection agency.

The first item looks re-aged by the CA. Highlight the item with the CRA and get this entry investigated with the data furnishers. Re-aging is illegal as per the federal laws. Most companies do it in order to keep the negative information for longer period. This can be hurting to your credit potential.

I am not clear about the other points you mentioned. Can you please elaborate? Are you saying these items are also disputed? There must be something wrong with the account that is already paid now showing as past due. If you figure out these items are posted inaccurately, dispute it with the bureau. Send a copy to the original company so that they are aware of your actions and update the incorrect reporting.


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mejmi (not verified)

All of them are paid of except this first . They show past due becuase while i had them open they went past the due date by 30days but i did pay them all off and then closed the accounts. Is there any way of making the show paid in full?

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Ferlinghetti (not verified)

Mejmi , you have to negotiate with the company because they are the one reporting to the credit bureau. As long as they are reporting correctly, there is not much you can do to get the negative reporting converted to paid in full. However, keep trying in case they are willing to report in a fair manner.

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teresa444 (not verified)

If you have a negitive item on your credit report that show's it is paid in full, will that still reflect on your credit for 7 years? It there is two negitive items on your credit report, 1 from the orginal company and the other from the collection agency is the same debt alloud to be on there twice? It looks as though it's two items when it is really only one?

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Unforetunatly if you would have gotten a pay for delete in writing before paying off the debt you may have gotten it removed. Do noit feel bad people d not usually know this and the creditors do not give them any information on this when paying off a debt. I see the one is a federal loan. Maybe you could contact them and ask them to re,move but if they won't it is pretty much stuck there. That one debt is really low. I wonder if maybe you want to pay that one off even though they reaged it and get a pay for delete on it.

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Hi Teresa
Yes, even if you pay back the debt in full, it will stay in your credit report for seven years and six months from the date of your first delinquency. Only if you can come to a pay for deletion agreement with the creditors, before you pay off the debt, it would have been removed from your credit report as soon as you paid off the debt. Since you have already paid off the debt in full, it is now not possible to remove the negative listing.

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Yes, both the collection agency and creditor listing can show in your credit report against the same debt. If you debt has already been sold off to the collection agency by the original creditor, and you come to a PFD agreement with the CA, only the CA listing can be removed and not the OC listing and the OC listing stays in your report for seven years. Only if your debt is still with the OC, but the right of collecting the debt has been transferred to the CA, and you come to a PFD agreement with the OC, then both the CA and OC listing can be removed.

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Anitra (not verified)

I need clarification, I'm currently paying off old debts that are listed on my trw. I have been contacting the CA asking for settlement offers, so I need to ask for the pfd agreement so these items can be removed. Is that right?

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Hi Anitra
You should make the pay for deletion agreement in writing with the collection agency before you start making the payment. However, since the debt has been sold off to the CA, only the collection agency listing will get removed from your credit report and not the OC listing. The Original creditor listing will stay in your credit report for seven years and six months from the date of your last delinquency towards the debt.

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carol only the collection agency listing will get removed from your credit report and not the OC listing.

don't you think this is something which is ridiculous part of the system.If someone is paying and despite paying the dues still his history is not updated to the credit report on it's own rather person has to do his own arrangement to get the credit report clear.

one more thing if someone is paying some dues and his credit score is marked with two different entries see it is ridiculous.Individually one has to clean it up. :wink:

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rmcn (not verified)

When I checked my credit report about 6 months ago I had about 10,000$ in debt that I have been saving up to pay off.
Today I re-opened my credit report and suddenly the Debt Total says $0 and I don't understand why.
When I go to the Credit Cards/Loans/Debts list, most the items say "Potentially Negative Closed"

Why did it go from my debt total being 10k$ to 0? what does that mean for me paying it off? i am finally in a position to do so and i want to clean up my credit asap.

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rmcn, we need detail. please join Credit Magic so you will get notice of our replies.

JON, you too.

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Hi rmcn,

You should contact your lender or issuer and inquire about this. Ask for the definite reason for closing the account. I believe, in your case, they have closed the account due to zero balance. However, you can request them to provide you with the details as to how your balance dropped to zero.


CA is the collection agency, who collects the debt, when it gets handed over to them. Generally the original creditor or lender hands over the debt to the collection agency when they face problem in collecting the dues.

Hope this helps.



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diana (not verified)

I was reviewing my credit score and one of the accounts that are listed states a status of POTENTIALLY NEGATIVE CLOSED. I have called for assitence and I still dont understand. PLease help. thanks :-)

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Hi diana,

An account listed as potentially negative closed means that the creditor has closed the account as he has realized that it won't be possible for him to get back the dues.



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Herbert (not verified)

Correction: I do understand the purpose of the letter. My concern is the company opting to NOT accept the terms. What then? Overall, I want to settle the debt and move on with my life. Should the company NOT accept the terms am I to NOT pay? I’m a bit lost.

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kizzie Mathews (not verified)

I have things on my credit from 1996, what is the time frame for items as such to roll off?

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JohnfromAustin (not verified)

Also, I know its bad to have a credit debt of 800 because it's a high number but does have a credit limit of 5,000 change that at all? Would a person with a 1000 limit lose more points then the 5,000 credit limit person.

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David Fleming (not verified)

I paid off 5 negative account on my credit report and the co will not delete them off of my report. Should i send them a registered letter with return conformation to the collection agency asking for them notify the creditor that these debts have been paid in full? or should i just contact the creditor directly ? Please let me know. Thanks David

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Cynthia&Steven (not verified)

So my fiance and me are wanting to buy a house, my credit is 704, his was 700 but recently dropped to 567 due to a bill from the Chriopractor, that was supposed to be covered by my mothers insurance since they were in a car wreck together, we never received notice on this bill, otherwise we would have paid it, the wreck happened almost 3 years ago and just now dropped his credit this last summer. This is the ONLY negative thing on his credit. I really don't want to wait 7 years to buy a house so what do I do?? We are willing to pay it but I want it off his credit!!

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Omar (not verified)

I cantacted my co and they transferd me to the ca they offed a settlement of half what I owed but nota pfd but they'll show a settlement paid in full

Please Advise


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Cbagne (not verified)

I am currently in the process of trying to clean up my credit to buy a home. On my report there is two items that are "unknown" and they dont offer any information other than the amount and then notes say "medical unpaid". It doesnt say they are negative or positive...just unknown. I dont even have a name of a company or a contact number, nothing! Help!

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Tess (not verified)

I really need to clean up my credit report. How do I remove paid off credit items that were in good standing from years ago that are still on my report? Or should I be trying to remove it? Also I have a bankrupcy is it on your credit report 7 years from when it was filed or 7 years from when it was discharged

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Sherry (not verified)

I made a credit card through Gap and received a 15% discount on total balance, which I was very happy about. The lady asked me if I wanted to sign up for the paperless billing system and I told her, no, I want the bill mailed physically to my home. She took my phone number, address and information. I waited for months for the bill to come home, but it never did. Then I forgot about it. Recently I applied for a credit card and got denied. I looked at why and it was because I had not paid GE Money Bank/ GAP what I owed. I never received a bill or email or any type of notification. I called Gap and they say I have no account with them. Also, I called GE Money Bank and they say I have no account with them either. However, on my credit report, the amount I owe keeps increasing on a monthly basis. Where the heck is this coming from? GE MOney and Gap both said they dunno who the heck I am, since they have no record of ME in their system. I need some major help!!

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Robbyn (not verified)

ok, I want to make sure I do this right before I do anything, I have gotten copies of my credit report and want to pay off the negative items, so I need to send a copy of the ptd to both the collection agency and the original creditor?

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Denise Baron (not verified)

once you paid it and no one told you to negotiate before you paid, how do you get it off after the fact?

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julieats (not verified)

Hi Carol,

I recently pulled my credit report and I ran into an old mortgage loan that I defaulted in. It states that the account was charged off as bad debt and it does not show a current balance. However, it does show a past due balance. Does this mean I still owe this amount? The house was foreclosed and the other debts involved have been resolved and zeroed out. This was the only one that showed a "past due" amount so I'm a little confused.

Thank you,

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zxka (not verified)

I have 1 potentially negative as paid/close on my credit report. But it says that will show on my records from 7 YEARS. I just can't believe it, I was living in Brazil and never got that $45 bill

What i need to delete that from my credit report? It's paid/closed but I just don't wanna that on my credit report....... :(


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Susan Stephen (not verified)

I did not clear out I spoke to the people who bought the Dead several times and tried to negotiate I received no paper work They would not negotiate in any way and wanted the 22,000approx within days or threatened bankruptcy One the Friday they rang my father he was raising the money to lend me Due to there attitude He said know and I declared myself bankrupt. Had I been in a better mental space and had time I need not of gone bankrupt as property was involved These people with there bulling caused me to make a very big mistake. There listing lastes for another year. Could you tell me where I can find the rules you have to apply with prior to making a listing to a file.

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YESENIA (not verified)


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mcasiano (not verified)

Hi everyone, I need help! I am in the process of buying a home. I monitor my credit daily and got an alert because a collection was placed on my report , which caused my score to drop...This was a medical bill that I had already made a payment towards and the rest of the payments were set up for automatic draft from my checking account! I called the collection agency and they told me they were sorry they dropped the ball...I asked that they correct this information and delete from my report..they sent me a letter stating that they will delete... Once they delete this.. will this bring my score back up?

Sun, 08/21/2011 - 21:19 Permalink
emani (not verified)

Hi Carol, which one is better....a pay for delete or satisfied in full?

Thu, 09/01/2011 - 02:44 Permalink
Joseph9989 (not verified)

If a potential negative account has been closed, is it still affecting my credit score?

Fri, 11/18/2011 - 09:26 Permalink
Mary Brewer (not verified)

I just received a bank satisfaction for a house that was in foreclosure. I was wondering what the next step I would do to get it off my trw and credit rating. I would appreciate any advise you can give me.

thank you.


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J.Mae (not verified)


I was co-signer for my mother on a Care-Credit card (for a veteranary bill) in 2007. She never paid it off and only made the minimum payments and the bill went from around $600 to now over $1000. She declared bankruptcy in 2010 and now it is only showing up in my name. I never made any payments and was just a co-signer. Why did the item not "go away" when she declared bankruptcy? Now it is only showing on my credit report as a negative item that I never paid. How do I get it removed from my credit? It has been sold off from the originial creditor to a different entity as well. Can I contact the original creditor to get it removed?

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 21:57 Permalink

Hi!! Welcome to our Forum. I'm not Carol, but..I would guess the item didn't go away because your name was on it, as well. Your moter filed for BK ,not you. I'm just giving my '2 cents' because i saw this ame thing happen to someone I know. Actually, it was the other way around for this person. Her dad co-signed for a personal loan for her. She filed BK and her loan was 'discharged' under the BK. However..the loan was still on HIS credit because he was the one who co-signed. I'm sure, though, an expert will be by your poat soon and give you the correct answer.

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OH I forgot to say..YES.. I think you should call the creditor to see why this account is still onyour credit!!

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Prashant P (not verified)

There was a bill that came after i left the country and was not aware about that and also when i talked to T mobile company it was said that i do not have any bill pending.

after 1.5 yr when i came to country again i came to know in one of the report(equifax) that i have defaulted on loan of $28.46.

I disputed that item and it was removed.

but later again i saw the Experian report and found it has re appeared.I gave my credit card number to CA and simultaneously disputed the item.

I see my account got debited but the status of dispute was "REmains".

I have disputed the credit card payment now.

Did i do right and what sould i do now?

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Rosie sanchez (not verified)

Question I had a past due bill of 1866.00 I asked if I would pay that day balance that they would give me reduction I paid 1219.00 with understanding I thought that my account would be closed 3years later now that I am trying to clean up my credit I see on my credit report that it is pontentally negative closed showing KD key derogatory is there any way I can resolve this to a paid satisfactory status please advise if there is anything I can do?

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Rosie sanchez (not verified)

Question I had a past due bill of 1866.00 I asked if I would pay that day balance that they would give me reduction I paid 1219.00 with understanding I thought that my account would be closed 3years later now that I am trying to clean up my credit I see on my credit report that it is pontentally negative closed showing KD key derogatory is there any way I can resolve this to a paid satisfactory status please advise if there is anything I can do?

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lisa dumas (not verified)

i was evicted from a property , which in turn, i left & left the place in excellent condition ,in which the property was re-rented within an EXTREMELY SHORT TIME but said monetaries were placed on my credit report , and now im not able to re- rent from other places WHAT CAN I DO

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sri (not verified)

I have paid for the collection account with Credit Control Corp in 2011 and i want to get rid of it from my account.Please let me know the steps to be followed.

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 16:54 Permalink
kenneth reason (not verified)

I just did a credit score, but it did not show me what the negative items were, how do I find out

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 20:49 Permalink
Lisa Robertson (not verified)

I am trying to get a mortgage and i have 7 negative reports. Almost the same business. Medical which either fallen though the cracks or i just couldnt pay. Any ideas on what i can do if anything?

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michael0d (not verified)

a judgement was issued , but the monies wers paid immediately following the issuance of the judgement. however the judgement still was noted on my reports. Now how do i get thatremoved ASAP

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Jasmine Blount (not verified)


I have things still showing on my credit report under the "negative" section, but they show paid-as-agreed. My credit score is still low though. Is this because the items still sit under the "negative" section? If so, how do I have them put back on the positive end or removed from the "negative" section?

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