how much will my credit score go up by doing this?

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Paying that is a good step and paying off any loan is a good way to increase your score. I can't promise a huge gain but it should go up. Paying the late bills is a good idea but they won't be removed from your credit score for 7 years.

There is no way to remove Dish network, however, being that it was a recent collection, it is good that you paid it off. Before paying off a collection, it is best to try to get a letter of deletion to remove the negative info before you pay it. Some times it works and sometimes not...but worth the try. Just stay on course and pay everything on time and your score will go up...I hate student loans...these are the worst for reporting on your credit...I see so much of this everyday...the sooner you pay those off, the better!

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Not ALL OC's or CA's are willing to do the 'goodwill' thing. You would just have to talk to whoever you're dealing with and see what they say. keep all documentation of transactions, etc,..of your 'agreements'.

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