Are there any good credit card offers to rebuild credit?

Submitted by InPortOut on Thu, 12/02/2010 - 01:56

I know the rates are high on some offers, but I'm looking for a card to rebuild my credit. I don't currently have one but I thought it would be good to establish some credit and manage it correctly and rebuild my credit. Or is this a bad idea? Thanx in advance

That's a good idea if you're trying to rebuild your credit. Secured CC's have YOU make the 'credit limit'..depends on how much money you put on the card. Some places want you to start with putting $50.00 on the card. Alot of secured CC's DO report to the CRA's, so, just make sure you make your payments on time. Slowly, but, surely, you will see your credit score improve. Sure helped me when I did this!! :)

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