Hit the Credit Score Wall

Submitted by millatyme34 on Sat, 12/18/2010 - 03:39

Ok since paying off my debt my score has gone from 634 to 684. What other actions can I take to get my score to 700+? Other then staying on time with payments and being responsible? Please any suggestions would be appreciated.

You might want to get a secured credit card that reports to all 3 credit bureaus. If you have credit cards already, the key to driving your scores through the roof is to keep the balance at 30% or less of the limit and pay consistently on time.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I have 3 credit cards and just paid off the balances. I'm at 4% currently but I pay it off in full after 3 days of each transaction

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Moco (not verified)

sounds like you are doing everything right...what debt did you have? was it loans or bank lines of credit? was it credit cards? if you have credit cards continue to use them (small amounts) on a monthly basis and pay them off....It may be just a matter of time at this point to establish a longer credit history and thus see more improvement to your score.

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