Increasing Credit Lines and Availability - debt ratio advice

Submitted by PhoenixMan on Tue, 01/11/2011 - 01:13

Hey all! If somebody can verify this for me, that would be great. I've been working on raising my credit score by trying to clean up some things from the past.

Unfortunately, I've had to max out some credit cards last year due to the recession. We're starting to chip away, but I noticed that my score went down for a while. We still need clothes and things and my wife likes to shop but that's pretty much over at the moment.

I did find something online though that might do the trick. It's called Enchanted Attire. They basically help you in your efforts to fix your score by extending a line of credit (well, with approval...I got approved a couple of months ago). While I can't use that line anywhere else except their store, that's cool, cause at least they have some things my wife likes. The deal is, we use the credit line and make consistent payments and it reports positively to our credit reports. It was easier to get an account with them than with some credit card places or the banks because everything is so tight.

I see it on my report. It looks good so far. My understanding is that if you can increase your debt to credit ratio, you can improve your score. So if anybody has any info on the place from their experience, or knows of other places like it out there, just let me know. At least we can get some shopping done, maybe help the score out, and look good doing it, right? Feels good, all things considered.

Again, check it out and if it works for others in tight situation, let me know your experience. Thanks.