Utility Bill Charge Offs

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 17:26

I've had two utility company charge offs on my CRs for a few years now and have had trouble getting them off. I'm new to the whole credit repair and glad I found this forum. One is Scana Energy for $98. It says "Paid,Closed. $98 written off." Confused on the date the SOL starts on b/c there is a "reported since" date of 01/08 and a "date of status" of 05/09 and a "last reported" of 05/09. This is only on Experian and Eq. reports. Says "Charge-off" on the Eq. report.

The other one is Georgia Power (only on Eq. report) for $56 that just says "collection account". Date of first deliquency is 01/09 and date first reported 05/09.

I would like to see what you guys think? Should I send a pay for delete letter even though the Scana has been charged off? Or some other type letter?