Advice needed.

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Hi everyone. I have done some research into credit repair and need some advice. I'm 25 years old and was making 75k 5 years ago working in finance and basically was irresponsible with my spending. I had 5 credit cards which I maxed out and then I got laid off and spent the last 3-4 years paying them off. I expect these entries to be removed from my report either next year or in 2013 but I'm currently suffering. I need to move apts in 5 months and know I'm not going to get the apt I would like bc of my scores. Currently My transunion score is 634 and my experian is 591 and I have not outstanding debt except for school loans which are and always have been in excellent standing. I am also an authorized user on my mom's cc which is in excellent standing except it only appears on my transunion report.

I wrote my first goodwill letter to an agency to get an entry deleted since it was paid off in full after being sent to collections but have not heard back.

What else can I do besides send these letters? Would making sure equifax and experian report me as an authorized user on my mother's acct work in my favor?

I really don't know what to do bc I paid off these accounts from one year to 6 months ago in full, never had a problem with the collection agency during the process and now need to wait 1-2 years until my credit is decent again. I've looked at the reports and nothing is being reported incorrectly. I understand my score won't go up overnight but what can I do about these collections that have been paid off for some time now?

You should contact with the collection agency and inform them about this matter. You may make a written request to them to update your account status as “Paid-in-full”. You should also payoff your school loans asap. Usually negative items will remain on your credit report for 7 years from the date of your first default.

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