Capital Assistance Group

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Anyone ever deal with or heard of this company?

Mr.Jones (not verified)

I dealing with them now with a Bmg and NCS account I have no idea of. I just sent of DV letters to them. I think they are in Massachusetts.

Waiting for my DV back from NCS then I might DV them as well

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As far as I know, Capital assistance group is a investment company and is located in Texas. Their address is given below
801 E Border Street, Arlington, Texas - 76010

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Treesa Gardner (not verified)

I would like to take care of a debt i owe to Capital Assistance Group. I need a phone number or address to mail payment.

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chris kinsley (not verified)

I got 2 letters for 2 accounts which I never had- both going back 7 years - beyond the statute of limitations- I have been in touch with a class action attorney and the attorney general in NY- these guys dreamt up all info from IDT- never used them- this is a scam

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Hi Chris
If the statute of limitation on the debt has expired, there is no need to worry because you are no longer required to pay off the debt. Moreover since the seven year period is over, the creditor or the collection agency can no more report the debt to the bureaus and so if you find the listing in your report, send a dispute letter to the bureaus and ask them to remove it from your report.

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Brian (not verified)

I just found out I have a debt with them as well...Treesa the number I have for them is 18667616582.

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If you find Capital Assistance Group in you credit report, first ask them for validating your debt to be sure that you owe them the debt. If they cannot validate it, you can dispute the debt with the bureaus and remove it from your report. Never pay any money to collection agencies if they fail to validate the debt properly.

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Ravyn (not verified)

I've been trying to reach someone at CAG for nearly a week, calling daily, leaving messages, etc. Thus far I have not gotten so much as a return phone call. I'm trying to clean up my credit report to buy a home, any idea where to start to get this taken care of? I too have not used BMG music since 2002 or so and have no idea what this debt is. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

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You can send a debt validation letter to CAG at the address below through certified mail. If CAG does not validate the debt within 30 days from the date of receipt of your DV letter, you can dispute the listing with the bureaus. However, if they can validate the debt, come to a pay for deletion agreement and pay off the debt. You can find sample letters if you visit the link letters of credit.
Their address is 801 E Border Street, Arlington, Texas - 76010

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hail545 (not verified)


i am having the same issue with return calls from them. i have contacted them multiple times and have yet to receive a return call, for an account that they sent against my credit which was suppose to be created 2 years ago. i have not received any letters from them and why is it showing up now on my credit if they say it should have been 2 years ago when i "did not pay my bill" what bill i dont know

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Heather (not verified)

Does anyone know the exact website for this company? I found something on my credit report a few weeks ago saying that I owe BMG Music services money and that the account was sent to Capital Assistance Group in Dec '08. I haven't used BMG for 8-9 years and wasn't even aware that I had a balance.

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Vinny (not verified)

Today I suddenly see an account from BMG Music created 4 years back and showing up as 162$ past due....I have never used BMG Music before.

I am trying to reach 866 761 6582. But it is going to Voice Mail.
What do I do now?????

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Tony Santos (not verified)

I got a Collection letter from National Recovery Group demanding payment for $445.00 that I hav no knowledge of and they said they are collecting for Capital Assistance Group. I have never hear about this Group and belive it's a scam!!!

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Since you have received a collection letter, you need to send a debt validation letter by certified mail within 30 days from the day your have received the letter else as per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the debt will be considered valid. Only if they can properly validate the debt, you need to pay them off, else not. You can find sample debt validation letter by visiting the link letters of credit.

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Carmelar Staley (not verified)

I have no idea who this company is I have never done business with this company, I have never gotten a collection notice in the mail or a bill telling me I owe anyone, and I will dispute this with all credit bureaus!!!!!!!

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Bridget (not verified)

I just got an email from a credit report company saying that there was a debt collection item just posted to my credit report. It says it's for $52 and I opened the account in Jan 2009 and it's in collections now. I'm trying to dispute it through Experian. I tried calling CAG and it said their voice mail was full. I called NRG and left a message saying I didn't know what it was for.

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If you have the collection listing in your credit report, you should first send a DV letter by certified mail and wait for their response. If they validate the debt, try to come to a pay for deletion agreement and pay off the debt so that as soon as you pay off the debt, the negative item gets removed from your credit report. I think that there is no use disputing an item on your credit report with Experian if the creditor has sold the debt to the collection agency.

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According to FCRA only valid entries can stay in your report. If you have the CA entry, send a DV letter as Carol said, and wait for a few days for their response. You can at the same time dispute the debt with the credit bureaus. Once you dispute the debt, the bureaus will get it verified and if the entry is found incorrect, the bureaus will get it removed from your report.

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robbob (not verified)

national recovery also showed up on my credit with no warning claiming a $66 debt from capital assistance group. I talked to national recovery and they claim that this is for a bmg account that I never had. I argued, paid the bill, but then I immediatly sent a compliant to the Texas Attorney Generals office and will also contact the local news here in Dallas. This capitol assistance group illegally obtained my social security #.

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Kim Trainer (not verified)

Would like to know when this happened

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Bridget (not verified)

I called National Recovery again today since no one called me back and they also said I owe $52 to BMG music for something I supposedly got back in 2004. The address she told me was on the account I didn't live at at that time. I never got anything in the mail saying that I owed money to anyone. I told her I was going to look into the charges before I just agreed to pay it off.

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Key (not verified)

I called National Recovery also and they said I owe $60.48 to BMG music back in 2006. I told her I was going to check on charges before I pay off. She was pretty rude too!

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kevzona0217 (not verified)

National Recovery / Capital Assistance Group just showed up on my credit report in the amount of $55.00. The phone number I have is 717-540-7636. I spoke to a polite woman who is mailing me a bill, which I will dispute. They claim it is from November 2002.

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I think that it will be removed automatically from your credit report somewhere in the first half of 2010. Before that you can remove the negative item, only if you can make the creditor agree to Pay for deletion agreement. But I doubt, whether they will agree to PFD for such a small amount..

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I have mailed dispute letters to the creditor/collection agency and dispute forms to credit bureaus. Do you recommend some other action? My employer monitors my credit and it needs to stay clean. Thanks.

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Hi Kevzona
You can send dispute letters to the credit bureaus and ask them to remove a negative item from your report if you think that you do not owe the debt. But if you want to check whether you actually owe the debt to the creditor or not, you should send a debt validation letter by certified mail to the creditor and the creditor has to stop the process of collection of the debt till the time he validates the debt properly.

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Hi Carol. Thanks for the advice. I've already sent letters to the collection agency and bureaus. Do you think I should have just done letters to the bureaus for now? I am just trying to take care of it as quickly as possible so I sent dispute letters everywhere.

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Since you have already send letters to the creditors and the credit bureaus, you should wait for some time say for about 30 days or so, for their response. If the collection agency can validate the debt, try to pay off the debt though a pay for deletion agreement so that the negative items get removed from your report after paying off the debt in full. Once the negative item gets removed from your report, your credit score will definitely improve.

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Carol L (not verified)

I too just had a $98 charge from NRA show up on my credit report. The original creditor is Capital Asst Group, I have no idea who either are. How do I find a copy of the Credit Validation Letter and who do I send it to?


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Carol L (not verified)

Couple more things...I have never recieved any letter in the mail, no email or any other form of communication related to this debt?

If this does turn out to be valid from something years ago...what is the time frame for them to report it to the credit agency...5/6 years???

I live in Texas

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Lucas (not verified)

My wife just got dinged also. Shows up from NRA, and original was Capital Assistance Group. I called NRA and they said it was for BMG dating back to 2004. They had her address that she used to live at, but she never lived there in 2004. Furthermore, she has never used BMG.

This has to be some sort of scam. After googling NRA, NCS, and CAG, I'm starting to find a lot of the same stories from people just like us. In fact, a lot of the numbers are exactly the same. My wifes was for $54.00. I've already found 2 other people with the same dollar amount, and the same dates reported. What are the chances of that? This screams of scam!!! But how did it get all the way to the credit bureau?

We will be sending a DV letter to NRA, then disbute with the Big 3, and then possibly seek legal action. Another thing I've noticed is that a lot of these victims are in the middle of purchasing a house, refinancing, or trying to rent a new house. We are in the middle of purchasing a house, and this just popped up at the end of March. It dropped her high score 60, mid score 40, and low score 120.

This is an absolute nightmare. Please post up any info you might have on these scumbags.


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John (not verified)

Just sent a letter to them certified and it was returned for insufficent address...this is a scam and what do I do now?? NRA says I owe $66 of which i never had an account with BMG...can't we do something about this?!

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Duke Lavery (not verified)

Lucas, Same thing happened to me. I just got dinged by National Recovery for a $46 charge they're claiming is from BMG. And I, too, am in the midst of buying a home.

I have had perfect credit/perfect payment history for at least 7 years now and then all of a sudden this pops onto my report from nowhere, so the original debt, if it's even valid, has to be at least 7yrs old.

I need to get it off my report and restore my FICO scores.

The creditor listed on my reports is Direct Brands, Inc, the umbrella company for BMG, however it was reported BY National Recovery Agency.

Questions for everyone:

1. Should I try disputing via the credit bureaus?
2. Should I (either instead of 1 or in addition to) ask for a DV? If so, from National Recovery or Direct Brands/BMG?
3. Should I then try for a PFD, and if so, again should I be trying to negotiate that with National REcovery, DirectBrands/BMG, or both?

I'm also wondering if calling the PA state attorney general's office (where National Recovery is located) may be worth a try.

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Lucas (not verified)

John, what address did you send yours to?? I sent out a DV letter today to the following address: 2491 Paxton Street Harrisburg, PA 17111. I'm just wondering if it's going to get returned also.

I was going to wait the 30 days before disputing with the Big 3, but if it gets returned, I will probably phone dispute with them right away.

There is obviously something wrong going on here. There are way too many people in the last 2 months with the same thing happening. John, how did you find out about yours? Were you also in the middle of house, apt, refinance, etc?


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Yes, you can send debt validation letter at any of the following addresses:
2491 Paxton Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111 or
P.O. Box 67015, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7015
You can also call them at 1-800-360-4319
In the meanwhile you can definitely dispute the debt with the credit bureaus. The bureaus will verify it with the creditor and get it removed from your report.

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Lucas (not verified)

Hi Carol, thanks for the info. What is the best way to dispute with a Bureau? I would like to call them, and explain to them exactly what is going on, but if it is better to do it by letter then I will. Or, would online be the best way? Thanks for any help.


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Todd (not verified)

I pulled my credit report last week because I am getting ready to buy my first home and have a negative report from CAG, I called them to find out more information and it is a BMG acount from sometime in 2002, this account was not opened until 01/01/2009 and reported 03/20/2009. Do they have the right to open an account from 2002 in 2009?

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gemini123 (not verified)

These people screwed my credit up dropped 100 points i never purchased anything from them and this debt just popped out of nowhere there are several complaints online about the same company about the same time. They sent me a letter with the debt I owed anyone can make up an account# and say hey you owe us this. I think they should be brought to justic.

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Hi Gemini
You should send a dispute letter to the bureaus asking them to remove it from your report. The bureaus will verify it with the creditors and remove it from your report. In the meanwhile you can send them a debt validation letter by certified mail to the creditor. As a proper debt validation the creditor must provide you with complete details of the debt, including, the amount you owe, and the name of the original creditor.

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Holly (not verified)

Same think happened to me. Apparently BMG sent a video to my grandmothers house in my name. My grandmother never returned it, so that automatically signed me up for 2 years! You can fax the company a dispute letter (Fax - 800-360-9954) as well as disputing via the credit bureaus.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I put in a complaint online with the FTC about Capital Assistance Group and BMG Music. Maybe if enough people complain, they can launch an investigation on the governmental level.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Capital Assistance Group is terrible. I have called and called with no return call. When the voice mail came on, I kept hitting "0" and then it would ring again. I did this many, many times! Finally, a lady answered and she was rude. She told me that she could not help me. I just told her that they had 30 days or I was getting my attorny involved. I am also mailing them a certified letter stating that I should not have their claim on my credit. It says BGM music service in which I have never used. It really is frustrating to me!

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Mc78 (not verified)

I also had a $66 item show up on my credit report. I disputed with my Experian credit monitoring service through my financial institution. However, the dispute came back and the item remains on my credit report. I had another item supposedly with BMG, which was removed as a result of the same dispute. I sent another dispute through my Experian credit monitoring service claiming this to be fraud. If this does not resolve the issue, I will do as some people have suggested and send the debt validation letter and if this does not work I will also consider legal action against CAG as others have suggested.

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mc78 (not verified)

I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can look up CAG by going to People can file a complaint with the Fort Worth branch online. This is a fairly simple process and if enough people file a complaint, others may be spaired from having to endure what those of us who have already been affected have been through.

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rhona (not verified)

i was looking at my credit file and this was on there saying i owed 120.00 with no phone number to reach after reading on here i seen a 1800 num so i called and lady answer the phone and told me i owed bmg since 2005 explain to here never heard of this what is it and she stated movies or dvd she gave me an address to dispute this which is po box 67015 harrisburg pa 17106 so this may help someone that is trying to get a hold of these people i also dispute it on line also

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Angie (not verified)

My husband has BMG Music Service listed on his credit report stating he owes them $222 for an account opened in December 2008 and reported on January 2009 with comments of "seriously past due". Interesting for a supposed one month span.

First, he's never ordered from BMG and neither have I. Second, the name is "Marin" instead of "Darin" and third, no one at BMG can tell me anything about the account except the account number and name. They don't know when it was opened, what was ordered, by whom, or where it was mailed.

I talked with Vivianna on March 10th who said she would have the information taken off his credit report and to give it two weeks. Well, it's been six weeks and nothing. I called again today not realizing I'd already talked to someone at BMG until I went to write what transpired in my notes and realized, duh! I'd already talked to them.

So several calls later and FINALLY a supervisor and she doesn't know anything and tells me what everyone else has...that they'll escalate it to a claim in another department (no official name for that department) and then it'll come off the credit report. This woman didn't even know the name of the collection agency involved. I know it's Capital Assistance Group because when the 10 digit account number into the automated 800 number for BMG, I got a recorded message stating Capital Assistance Group has it now.

I don't know when the date of this purchase supposedly took place. We never received anything in the mail, not even at his parents, which is where he often gets junk mail for "Marin". BMG reps are totally clueless about ALL of it and this reeks of a scam.

I'm going to be sending a DV to both CAG and BMG and dispute it with Experian, the only it shows up under. How they got his SSN to put this debt on there, I'd really like to know. Even more, how they came to the conclusion that he owed something to BMG. We rarely buy CDs or DVDs and then we get them from Walmart or Target.

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London (not verified)

Well I have the same thing going on. Capital Assitance Group is posting that I owe a debt of $173.00 for a charge with BMG/Columbia house. I have never had an account with them. I also have never heard about a company by the name of Capital Assitance Group. I have left them many messages and they are not returning my calls.

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Since they have already listed the debt in your credit report, you need to send them a debt validation letter by certified mail with return receipt. The creditor has to stop the process of debt collection till the time they validate the debt. However, if they do not validate the debt, dispute it with the bureaus. You can find sample dispute letters if you visit the link letters of credit.

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edieb (not verified)


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On April 9th I sent a DV letter to NRA. They just sent a letter back stating I owe the amount. Is that a proper validation? I have my doubts. I disputed with Experian. They validated it and won't allow me to dispute it via their website again, though I do have the option of sending Experian a letter. I am mailing NRA another letter I found on asking them to provide proof I owe the debt. Any other thoughts, suggestions? It comes off my credit report in August. Should I pay the $55 I don't owe to improve my score or just wait it out? Thanks. One more thought...maybe all of this recent activity is due to BMG Music Service going out of business not long ago.

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