How do you earn extra money?

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How do you earn extra money?

Hi Hummingbird,

Your blog can earn through adsence. Forums do not pay you for blogging. Once you get the blog you will have to work on it to get paid.

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Yes Laura ,I am aware of that.I was just wondering if anyone has any idea how much thay get paid from adsense.Amybe someone has a blog that has been running a while ans has earned some money already. I think it take a while to get money as it take a while to get every thing going and set up.

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Okay what are PTC and PTR? What are points, I've seen that I got some for posting but what do you do with them? Where do I go to see how many points I have? How do you make money blogging? (As in how do you get started lol? Okay, I'm not dingy and I'm not a young spring chicken but I have to say I've definitely learned somethings I DID NOT KNOW in these forums.

Again can't thank you all enough. When you come up with anymore online money making opportunities, keep me in the loop please.

I saw someone mentioned My Points, it does take a while at first but then I'm on the internet anyway the way I look at it, might as well make it work for me :lol: I also downloaded their search bar so my points are increasing through using that too!

I love to write and like the blogging idea as soon as I find out more about it.

Here's a word of advice for anyone signing up to do anything on the internet, create an alternate email FIRST! When I first started looking for paid surveys I got into tons of them and all I did everytime I did a survey was get tons and tons of junk mail from insurance companies, bank cards, singles sites, you name it, I get over 2000 emails in a day because of it!!!!

(Wow maybe I FINALLY contributed something)

I am still working on Ebay, trying to figure out how to make a little extra on that because as someone mentioned the fees kill you. May try Amazon for my books, see if that works better.

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I have a few things I am doing to earn Not sure if I can post the links here .If interested pm me ,I will be glad to share my links with you.Also there is one that has a 25.00 sign up that expires tomorrow so email me at patricia(at)logantele(dot)com.

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Great words of wisdom there anrik, what is the sense of working hard if the money is spent wastefully.

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I have to applaud you for taking a different angle on this, money management is a big part of life, true we all need it to get by, we should do more threads on managing it. I see we have budgeting, but we don't do a whole lot on managing our funds.

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I know some VERY wealthy people........they 'splurge' so much, that they can't seem to pay their bills ( or even try to). SOO many people try to 'keep up with the Jones', their entire life is a great big debt, ya know? Money management is difficult to do when you only have so much of it.

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Anyway..trying manage money, when you don't have a WHOLE lot left, from paychecks, can be crazy.

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It can be, but if you buckle down on the little things that helps.

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It can be, but if you buckle down on the little things that helps.

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True..i do have to say. Every little bit of saving here and there does help. Sometimes I want to take alittle from each paycheck and just put it aside. I get really frustrated when, for some reason, I can't.

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It is tough, when you are living pay check to pay check, but even $5 a pay can add up to a nice little chunk of change if you can manage it.

$5 x twice a month = 10 x 12 months $120 a year
$10 x twice a month = 20 x 12 $240 a year

see what I mean, and the more you can tuck a way the better.

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Well...........I guess, sometimes, 'you' don't put things 'into perspective', until you see it on paper. Make sense? Yeah..that's true. Sometimes 'you' don't look at the LONG-TERM of things..ya know?

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That is a good way to put it goodnatured, when you start seeing the triple digits then it is something that you may want to try. Putting away a few bucks here and there adds up pretty quickly. thanks for putting it into perspective.

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Yep...that IS true. Sometimes I guess you don't see the 'long term' of it. Sometimes it's hard to do.

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I think in todays world and how most are struggling it is sometimes hard to see the long term of anything. It is coming here and not feeling so alone and being able to answer and ask questions that has helped me.

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I think this type of question should not ask in this forum.
But you have need of money.You can do any side business.
But I acceptation is that if you have experiences, you earn extra money. If your eye span is wide, you get many ideas. On this ideas you get extra money.

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Your question is right. Because now days there is vary costly. We should have money to face costly.
If you are servant,you get monthly payment,you can do side business. For than you can take help of your relative . Suppose your father, mother, if you are married than your wife.
If you are shopkeeper,you can improve your shop. if you are seller of any product , you can add different types of product. It is become way to earn extra money.
If your farmer ,you can do any side business. Abut my knowledge there is many side business to farmer.
Lastly if you have net , there is many web sites to earn money. But there is condition that you should have knowledge.
Thank you

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If you are living in society, their are many works like to fill light bill, telephone bill, tax bill, and any other payments of nebular. By the way asking them for giving co operation for filling these payments by charging some money ,you will get a best job for earning extra money.
This idea of earning money can be used in another societies near by you and your way of working so that you will earn more extra money .
I think to earn it is better way to earn extra money.

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Same days ago I was give the answer about this forum. But letter on I was think about it. And I think this question might be wrong. You think how it is possible.
Look, now I will tell you only my opinion. Suppose you have job. And on that job you can not prepare yourself and your family. You should think that I must manage my family on this job. And for that you have to felt down without mind. Similarly you have to control your expenditure.You should budget your money. If you do it. You must not have any need about extra money.

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Same days ago I was give the answer about this forum. But letter on I was think about it. And I think this question might be wrong. You think how it is possible.
Look, now I will tell you only my opinion. Suppose you have job. And on that job you can not prepare yourself and your family. You should think that I must manage my family on this job. And for that you have to felt down without mind. Similarly you have to control your expenditure.You should budget your money. If you do it. You must not have any need about extra money.

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If you set it up so that you pay yourself you can build up a little something that you can use during an emergency. Even if you send $20 a pay, before you know it you have $100 and if you leave it alone then you can have a nice little emergency fund in no time.

Maybe you send all you money that you make online to a separate account and leave it alone, that is what I do, I just had to tap into it to put food on the table this week, but at least it was there to do it.

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Can anyone be kind to tell me how?

thanks a lot

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I give private soccer lessons. I do 1 hour sessions with a few kids at a time and charge every kid seperately. So pretty good money for a short hour of work and fun.

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I think what you need to do is set a seperate savings accoutn for keeping your savings and do an automatic payment set up every 2 weeks will help a lot

Once the money is not in yoru checking account you tend to thinkthat you do nto ahve that money

Lower your monehy bills on things like cell phoen, Internet, cable and also car insurance. Negoate a a new deal with them and save that extra money in the savings, in the logn run it grows with otu your knowledge

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True, sunnyca, saving and spending less would be a great way build up your savings. great suggestion.

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That's true. I have alittle bit of money that goes into my savings account, auotmatically., when I get my paychecks (which are Direct deposit). Sometimes..I DO have to go in and take money out..this can be frustrating. if I HAVE to do this, I feel like I'm 'going backwards' again. However....yep, everyone's DOES add up quickly, if you CAN do this.

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I earn extra money by selling things here and there. Actually, it started with just selling my old clothes on ebay and then when I started getting good feedback, I thought, why not try reselling other people's products? I knew some suppliers so I tried that. Thank god it worked out and I'm able to set aside a bit of money each month, enough to pay for my baby's needs.

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I need to go to ebay and figure out how it works. My hubby lost a lot of work this year and for most of it we were just barely scraping by. I have so much unused stuff in my basement I believe I could probaly get rid of. I hear you have to set up an accoun t. Maybe someone can explain how this all works to me.

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It becomes a secret accoutn where your depost the money and donto worry if the interest rate is low. Just find a bank which offers a good interest on savings and insured by FDIC

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You set up an account through pay pal for the money exchange and a seperate account through ebay, it is really easy to do, they will walk you through it. Paypal is really easy to set up too. Most people already have one for the forum cash outs, don't know if you do or not.

I use ebay quite a bit, mostly buying to save a few bucks, now they have a new feature called ebay bucks, it goes on your purchases, on top of that I go through ebates and get more money back. I think it is 2% back and they send a check each month, not much but every little bit helps.

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I have a paypal account they are very easy to set up and very trustworthy to work with. I have used them many times for purchases online, it is safer than using your regular credit card or mac card online.

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Honestly, I am trying to build up a blog. For those of you that have blogs. Sign up for affiliate links. It's free to do & you get a percentage of sales made from your site. Alot of people integrate them into their actual blog postings.

We have sold a few things on ebay & craigslist. Mainly just stuff that we no longer wanted & was worth some $$$. Our furniture & things like that was sold on craigslist. My bf sold his bow on ebay for like $300. His mom makes good money on ebay. She's a power-seller on there. She sells a bunch of stuff on there, but I know she will buy tickets to concerts and stuff. When they sell out, she lists them & people pay good money for them. She also sells purses. & buys toys that are a big hit & sell out then lists them on ebay for good profit. I personally dont have the patience for ebay & always seem to lose money on shipping.

I'm thinking about listing my handmade goods like afghans, quilts, scarfs, hats, ornaments, baby booties, paintings, etc on etsy. Craft shows & such would be a good way to make some extra cash. Craft shows require a vendors license though to charge sales tax & you have to have ALOT of items to sell there.

Another good way to make some extra cash is by writing ebooks & selling them. This is great for the writers here on this thread. Especially the writers with a blog. I know I have bought quite a bit of ebooks for an interestng reads. Word of note, informative ebooks seem to be the most popular. :) Especially with me.

Of course, babysitting is a great way to earn some extra cash. If it weren't for my house that is currently under renovations I would babysit for some extra cash.

For awhile, I modeled for about 2 years for extra $$$. It's actually a fairly easy way to make money. I personally don't like it much at all. Travel is a big issue too. It just wasnt for me.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm really interested in lots of ways to make extra $$. Especially with me unemployed right now. So, If you any of you find legitamit ways to earn $$ from home, I'd love to hear about them.

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Ohh, and oI forgot to add the most obvious...This website's magicpoints seem like a great way to make extra $$ too! I'm new here, but I'm honestly loving it. This website is chock full of useful information. The points are an added bonus. I think its great.

Oh, & there really are LEGITIMATE companies that pay you to drive with advertisements on your car OR some companies pay for a leased [with advertisements] car for you to drive around. The more you drive & the areas you drive to/from & where you park everyday determines how much you make. I've found these companies by searching [DONT EVER PAY FOR A LIST. THEY ARE FREE to apply for through the companies].

There are also legitimate companies that have you work from home to telecommute as an ACTUAL employee with benefits & everything. Some DO require you to pay like $50 for a background check. The problem with them though, is that they have certain requirements for your home office/computer requirements. Not to mention, you have to be experienced & they are only hiring sometimes just like any other regular company. & you have to compete with other applicants just like any other job.

Thats all i got for now. lol

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Hi marcusandila,

Thanks for the information. I had thought about setting up a blog. I had heard you can make decent money doing it. But was unsure and really don't know the first thing about it. If you have anymore information on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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I never heard of ebooks. I love to read and I also love to write. This sounds like it could be a very interesting site. Can anyone personal message me and give me the link? I do not believe we are allowed to add links to our posts unless it has something to do with the site. I also would like to know more about blogging. I heard it is a pretty decent thin to do. Anyone with info can list it here or personal message.

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debra, i would try blogger. It's very user friendly & easy to move things around. As far as affiliate links & things like that... You just sign up for the affliations on each website. Like amazon is really big for bloggers to use to make some extra money. To make money though, you have to have traffic to your website. You can have the best website/blog on the web but if no one goes to it you wont make any money. So, you need to look into SEO [search engine optimization]...I know nothing about that. You can also pay for advertisements on sites related to your topics. Just so long as you advertise your site. The great thing about blogger though, is that they are partnered with google [I THINK] & that helps drive random traffic to your blog.

fireyone, ebooks are just digital formats of a book in pdf format [adobe reader/etc]. Many writers choose to write ebooks because they don't have to actually pay for publications. just google payzload. it is a free ebook site to use. There are many writers on there who are very talented. You could also write your own ebook to sell; which is free they just take a little bit from each sale [i think]. You can buy ebooks on there too. Novels, cookbooks, etc. Pretty much any book can be an ebook. :)

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Hi Marcusandila,

Thanks for the information. I will definitively check into it. I need something to do with all this spare time I have.

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Debra, that's why I am working on a blog. Too much spare time being unemployed. I keep pretty busy working on house #2 but I feel like crap most of the time because I need a job so bad and nothing is coming up. :(

I wonder how many sales consultants, like Tupperware & Passion Parties make in their spare time. I've considered becoming a consultant, but at the same time their "start up packages" are too much for any unemployed person to afford. Maybe when I get a job, I'll try my hand at selling for one of the home party companies...

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Hi marcusandila,

Not sure how everything works but you could try and sell Tupperware on ebay I sure you would get a lot of traffic there. My mom use to buy Tupperware when I was at home it is very well made but it is so expensive I usually buy that stuff at the dollar store. But I'm sure there are still people that buy it. I wish I could afford it. But any way just an idea.

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