12 Sample letters to repair your bad credit

Submitted by Richard on Tue, 08/19/2008 - 07:13

Credit is one of the major factors that make up everyone's daily lives. If your credit is somehow affected, you will face a large number of problems. So you should always try to repair your bad credit before it gets to be too much for you to handle. There are two options available to repair your bad credit – you can get help from a credit repair company, or you can repair your credit by yourself. Letters of credit will help you to repair your credit by yourself.

Most of our members have asked for sample Letters of credit that will enable them to repair their own credit. Here are some links that will take you to the sample Letters of Credit shared by our community members.

  1. Dispute letter to the credit bureau
  2. Cease and desist letter
  3. Intent to file lawsuit against creditors/CA
  4. Intent to file lawsuit against credit bureau
  5. Letter to creditor for removing a hard inquiry
  6. Letter to credit bureau for removing a hard inquiry
  7. Debt validation letter
  8. Debt validation follow-up letter
  9. Pay for delete letter
  10. Account reaging letter
  11. Loan modification letter/Hardship letter
  12. Summons response form letter

All the information here has been a blessing. I followed 1 piece of advice I read on this site not even a week ago, and in that short period of time my Fico score went from 594 to 652.
Thanks for all the information.

My question is, if I have already begun to pay a collection agency for a debt, and I have 1 payment left in the amount of $247, can I still send them a PFD letter before I make this last payment?


In Credit Rehab,


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jenny visser (not verified)

Good day, I need to get in contact with Pienaar Sithole & Associates acting as debt collectors for Foschini. would like a statement of account to show proof of payment every month, and what is still outstanding. thank you.

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SUSZ (not verified)


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FELICIA (not verified)


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linda01 (not verified)

Hi all.. so what happen if u send in the settlement letter wit ur request n the creditors wont agree to the amount??

Also wat letter do u send to them if they claim that they cannot removed it from your credit report??

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Daisy H. Vero (not verified)

I need a letter asking to remove all the penalties in my telephone line that i stopped using for two years.

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donnie (not verified)

can i have a inquriy removed from my report even tho i authorized

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mayeeee/ (not verified)

can you please give me some example about stimulating credit.

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GAGA (not verified)

hi my name is rahul..

my friend want some money from me on credit...

so how to make a credit letter to get as a proof of giving money to hikm

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Ebony Thomas (not verified)

What is the process to file a court procedure against a CA?

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bobby brown (not verified)

I need to know the right way of writing a letter to a rental agency with the hope of getting the available apartment.

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Delicious Noxo… (not verified)

I would like to have the telephone number , adress and e-mail adress for Pienaar Sithole and Associates , who are collecting debts for Foschini .

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Ppitt (not verified)

Hi Carol, do you know what this means--special handling,closed,contact subscriber? It is on my credit report and is listed as adverse. Thanks

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islandgirl (not verified)

hello how can i remove inquiries from my credit report

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kel (not verified)

please, could you show me the proper way to fix my credit by writing a proper GOOD WILL LETTER? thank you

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sebah leftenant (not verified)

Iam a victim of dmv with to daughters ages 4yrs 18yrs we both are on disability p.o. order was on my wife she had to leave the house she also filed for divorce.I trying to get custody of my 4yrd legally but left with a hill full of debt no prior help from wife can please assist me imediately

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Tonya (not verified)

My credit report has 10 accounts that I have paid, but are still showing as derogatory. I would like for them to be removed especially since the companies have been paid. Is there a letter for that situation

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margo brown (not verified)

my eighteen year old daughter went to the hospital and signned her own papers am i resposible for her bill

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mapule (not verified)

I have too many debts credit cards(2), and other accounts to pay. I also have an investment which I paid for 2 years and the duration for that is 5 years. Can I go close the investment and if so will they not take the penalty because is only 2years old?

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sgtharley (not verified)

can I get a judgment off my credit report if it has been on there for 5+yrs and I have tried disputing it but to know resolve.

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rick (not verified)

Is there a letter to be sent to bureaus when I am receiving the brunt of bad credit from medical bills that both me and my ex are responsible for. My score is 555. Is there anything that can be said to let them know that I am doing this by myself and getting hammered while only half of the credit damage belongs to me. I have a divorce decree to show her responsibility.

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Liezl (not verified)

I need a sample for reversal letter for credit card please.

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Anthony Johnson (not verified)

How can you remove or force the credit bureau to delete late payments even when the original credit will not? Furthermore. the account on my credit file has a paid as agreed status?

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Jarid Buck (not verified)

My credit report shows that Bank of America charged off a SECURED $100 credit card for over $700 after I closed the account and used the $100 I paid them to secure the card to pay the debt. They have since transferred the bogus debt from one agency to the next and I can't get it off my credit. How can I get this off? I also have a debt with another agency that I paid off but I can't find a copy of the receipt. How can I get them to remove it from my credit ? I have a total of 2400 in bad debts that shouldn't even be there. Please help this is really hurting my business and making it impossible to get credit cards and operating capital. Much appreciated ... you can reach me at Jarid.TCHoldings@gmail.com

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Eden (not verified)

I helped my husband pay off two debts he had with some companies and now they are refusing to remove this off of his debt. I would like a sample letter so that I can get this removed from his credit.

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angelab76 (not verified)

I have about $3000 in debt from kids medical bills . The hospital never submitted claim to insurance company and insurance company now states to past deadline we are no longer obligated to pay they are to old. They are between 3 and 5yrs old. I'd there anything I can do or do I have to pay them?

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tara corbet (not verified)

I have been trying to get a loan but can't cause my credit score well when I pulled my report I had like 6-8 school loans opened in my name and not paid for. Non of them are mine. How can I prove this I haven't much money as I live on disability but how can someone get so many loans in my name and how can I find out what school the loans were paid to cause that may help me prove who did it cause I have an idea who did but don't want to point a finger til I know for sure. Thanks

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Olandis (not verified)

I won my case with midland funding but they are still reporting on credit bureau. What action should I take.

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Byron (not verified)

I have like 7 different entries from student loans on my credit report. All are now in rehab process and some group together. How do I get these removed?

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Ralph (not verified)

There is a collection agency that is trying to collect on a medical debt. I ask for validation and proof that they were authorized to collect and all I got was a bill. Can they use a bill to validate a debt?


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bill hankinson (not verified)

my bank will write a letter for me to send to the credit bureau to remove late payments what must be in the letter so they follow through

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allison (not verified)

what type of letter would i send and to whom exactly trying to get negative items off my report im not working and need to clean up my credit

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bratcat (not verified)

Hi Carol
I love your initial dispute letter. Do you have a sample follow-up letter if the agency does not respond and conversely, if they respond but you disagree with their response?

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Sue Andrews (not verified)

how do I go about getting negative zero balance is removed from my credit report. my lender said they need to be removed from my credit score will go up there making my credit score go down. is there a way to have this done.?

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Alana (not verified)

is it a good idea to make it hard for the bureaus to read my letters.

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Christine R (not verified)

I had previously been told that hard inquiries should only allow one hit for a certain purchase. For example, I bought a car and applied at xyz company, I authorized only the car lot to check my credit, they forwarded it and 5 other companies pulled my report in the same lab request. Is this an allowed practice? 6 hard hits to buy one car.

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Darlene hart (not verified)

Mrs. Carol,
I am a disabled veteran and was able to get ALL my loans dismissed. In the interim they were told by The Department of Education to not put my loans in default until a decision had been made to permanently dismissed the loans. Now, all those late payments had affected my credit. Not only that I have other issues with identity theft even though I have done all the appropriate paperwork for the bureaus and the creditors. I was promised that these negative inquiries/information would be deleted from my credit. But it's almost 2 years later and my credit score is not going up. I even fell in a trap of paying someone to help me work on my credit,and the end result was A FRAUD ALERT being put on my credit for I think 7 years.

Help if you can, any advise.
THank you

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Bradley White (not verified)

Hi Carol!

I have a Sallie Mae Loan that was paid off, but I have one late payment, which is still on my credit report from 2012. Is there a letter I could write that could possibly get this removed? Thanks!

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Scott Martin (not verified)

this is causing a great deal of problems and I have already called the ftc. my accounts are still being closed out.

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hardy howard iii (not verified)

i havent had any credit in over 18yrs, but still have charge offs that are over 20 yrs on my reports how do i remove them and get the negative stuff of my reports.

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shelly22 (not verified)

their's a car loan on my credit that is not in my possession any more and my credit union is asking that I write a letter stated this, husband lost his job which made it a hardship on us, we woke up one morning about 9 months ago & the car was gone we assumed they picked it up never heard nothing since. can you help me write a letter pertaining to this

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