Judgements: I really could use some advice right now.

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I have two judgments that were placed on my credit and I didn't realize they were there until I moved and had already past the time allotted to file for a motion to vacate. Is there any way to get these removed from my credit report. They are the only two things standing in my way, (besides my student loans) of me reaching the goals that I have set. They have been on my credit report since 2007. Can some of you please offer some solutions to this. If you have been through something like this and can offer some advice, I would surely appreciate it. I have called the creditors and one (Credit Union) was rude and told me she was going to remove it even if I paid. The other (BellSouth), I did not even attempt to call because of discouragement from the other. Both are about $500 a piece and are both with a law firm. Sighhhh.....what can I do. I've been working on my credit for 2 years and started out with a 543 and I am currently at a 690.

Hi Derrick,

As you failed to file the motion to vacate the judgments, it is better to pay off the judgments. If you think that it won't be possible for you to pay the judgment amounts, you can try to negotiate a settlement with the collection agencies.

The judgments are going to stay on your credit report for 7 years. The only difference will be that the accounts will get reported as "Paid judgments". However, you can still try to remove the judgment by disputing these with the credit bureaus. Sometimes disputing works.

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Judgments can stay on your report for longer than 7 years. After it is paid, it should be deleted. You can then file a motion to vacate since the judgment is satisfied. you should also check out chex systems.

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Hey Cinnamngrl....how are you. Thanks for your response. When you say check out chex systems what were you referring too, if you don't mind me asking. I am open to any suggestions. Also jon12...I was recently went to the "Insurance Answers" and was trying to find something about judgments......could you be more specific. I am all ears guys. Thanks so much for helping me.

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Hi Derrick,

ChexSystems is a consumer credit reporting agency just like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. They provide information on the credit report based on how the consumer has handled deposit accounts of a bank, rather than reporting on the credit relationships.



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Your Friendly … (not verified)

Call the lawyer not OC. These were likely purchased so the attorney would be able to better help. If not you're back in the same boat.

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judgement stay on for 20 FYI. even if the SOL in the state passes

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