pay for delete & settlement offer letter

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/31/2008 - 01:50

turns out that an OC still has my acct after 2 years. Amount is $4,500, can anyone help me with a letter to get a good settlement offer and a PFD, hopefully they will letme make a couple of payments instead of a lump sum.

Thanks for you help, you guys are great.

wow, that is great that they still have it. You can find the letters under the stickies on this site or go on the debt forum (see link at the top of the page) and go under the "do it yourself" section.

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Since the original creditor still own your debt, if you can make the creditor agree to pay for deletion agreement, then the negative listing will go out of your credit report entirely which will help you to increase your credit score. There is a sample pay for deletion letter in this forum itself. Just change your name and address of the collection agency and your name and address and personalize it. You can get the letter by visiting the link letters of credit.

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Since the debt is over 2 years, the creditor will consider it as a bad debt and so you can even ask the creditor for a discount on the outstanding debt amount and the creditor may also agree to settle at 60 to 80% of the outstanding debt. Now, before you make any payment towards the debt, you should try and make the creditor agree to pay for deletion agreement so that as soon as you pay off the debt, the negative listing goes out off your credit report and your credit score increases. Always make the pay for deletion agreement in writing.

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rkp (not verified)

thanks for your help, I totally overlooked the Pay for Delete letter, I was looking for one and there it is! i was also really looking for the settlement portion, hopefully justin's right, i needed to know how much they might settle for. so if it's $4500, should i start by offering 80% and a PFD? (or are they gonna laugh their A** off)

i can't believe they still have my acct (it's discover) they had a CA send me a letter and when i asked for validation the response came directly from discover asking me to forward them payment directly, not the CA.

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rkp (not verified)

meant to add, that i want to ask them if i can break the settlement up into 3 you think they'll go for it, or will they want it all at once?

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rkp (not verified)

now I'm reading Justin's post again, is he saying that they forgive 60 to 80% of the debt, saying I will pay the difference?

$4500 owed, settle for 20% of the debt = $900 from me
or $4500 owed, settle for 40% of the debt =$1800 from me

they tried to settle with me when I became 6 months late, and I was thinking it said they would accept like $.40 on the that's less then half...not for certain as I didn't keep that paperwork.

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The creditors settle for mostly 80% of the debt, which means that if you have $4000 outstanding including interest and other fees, you need to pay back $3200 and the rest you need not pay. However, it depends whether the creditor agrees or not. If the creditor do not agree to reduce your outstanding debt, then you may be required to pay back the entire debt through a repayment plan.

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Sounds like you have a plan to take care of things, RKP. However,,,,,,,remember to keep all of you records when dealing with the CA's/OC's.

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loanman760 (not verified)

Once an account goes to collections paying off does you no good unless the account is deleted off your credit. Doesn't matter the balance it is still negative as long it appears on your credit. Don't waste your time paying a collection or charge off unless they agree to delete it totally off all three bureaus. It must be in writing!

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What does it usually cost to get something deleted from your report and how do they come up with the amount? Is it a percentage of the original debt?

How can a collection agency, third party remove the posting of an original creditor on your report, so how can it be completely removed? Is it just the original creditor that can remove it or can a third party who has purchased the right to collect the debt?

Who can remove it and how much does it usually cost? How does one make this request?

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Hi goodnatured,

"Pay for delete" (PFD) letter is either sent to the original creditor (OC) or the collection agency (CA). It is an agreement with the company to report the account to the credit bureau as "Paid in full", if the due amount is fully paid. Otherwise if the amount to be paid is settled with the OC or CA, it is reported as "Paid as settled".

Whether or not you can send the letter to OC depends on with whom the account is. If it is still with the OC, or the OC pulls the account back from CA, you can send the PFD to the OC. However if the account has been handed over to the CA, you need to send the letter to the CA.

If the account has been handed over to the CA, the OC retains no claim over the debt. Therefor the CA can report about the item to the credit bureau. The credit bureau will remove the item from the report, not the CA. Moreover the PFD letter is sent at the time of the settlement with the OC or CA.

For more details you can check the sample letter available in .

Hope this helps.



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Once an account goes to collections paying off does you no good unless the account is deleted off your credit. Doesn't matter the balance it is still negative as long it appears on your credit. Don't waste your time paying a collection or charge off unless they agree to delete it totally off all three bureaus. It must be in writing!

I wouldn't say this is the only reason to pay a collection. If the CA sues you and gets a judgment this can stay on your report for 20 years or more. Some CAs won't agree to to PFD, but many would at least settle for a lower lump sum. I don't recommend payment plans, people end up paying triple their debt. So people need to decide what is best for them.

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Dutch (not verified)

What do I do in a case where the CA has taken over an old debt that has been taken off your credit report?

They sent me a settlement letter in exchange for a paid in full or paid as agreed on my credit report. I want to pay it because I know I owe it but I don't want to reactivate the account so that it appears on my credit report. In this case would I sent a pay for delete letter before I send my payment?

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roadkill (not verified)

I've talked to ca they tell me they cant remove accounts its against the law.

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credittrouble (not verified)

Hi Aaron,
I have a similar dilemma, and I wonder if you could offer some insight into this for me: I recently reached a settlement agreement with Barclay's bank for 45% of the original balance of my account balance. My account was around 120 days past due at the time of the settlement offer. I have fulfilled the first installment ($500) of a 3-installment settlement offer. In the settlement agreement letter it says, "As of the date of this letter, your account balance is $10,180.88. Upon receipt of $4,582.00 in accordance with the terms set forth below, which is a 55% reduction of your current balance, we will consider your account as paid in full and will send an update to the credit reporting agencies."

My current credit score is approximately 600 (average across credit reporting agencies). I am concerned that after completing the settlement, when I look to get a future loan in a few years, because of it saying "debt settled for less than the original amount" or "paid as settled" on one or more of my credit reports, I will be denied the loan.

My questions are: 1) How can I make sure that once settling with the OC, that "settled for less than the original amount" won't show up there? 1) Given that my account is 120 days past due and hasn't been charged off to a collections agency yet, is it possible for me to send a letter requesting for "Pay for Delete" as others have done? Since the settlement hasn't taken place yet, what would I be asking for a deletion of at this point?

Sorry for the long-winded question, but this will go a long way for me.

Thank you in advance.


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latin girlswbj (not verified)

Facebook dating service will be test of user rely upon platform

Facebook announced this week it's getting into dating foreign girls a surprising move that comes just six weeks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The timing couldn't be more off for excellent.

the particular organization is still working to prove its users aren't just a product it's commoditizing for advertisers. over March, Data service Cambridge Analytica, which in fact had ties to President Donald Trump's campaign, Accessed guideline from as many as 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge. CEO Mark Zuckerberg later endured two days of questions on Capitol Hill about Facebook's dating a latina assignments to users and collection practices.

On thursday, Zuckerberg announced on stage at Facebook's annual creative designers conference, F8, A dating feature to help people find relationships. Timing for the service has not yet been announced.

Some critics panned the move as a way to gather more personal data about its single users and questioned if details would show up in News Feeds for friends to see.

But business said it will put several privacy precautions in place to address those concerns.

appropriate: be aware, Tinder Facebook is getting back in dating

"I know a lot of you are going to have questions about this, Zuckerberg said during his keynote language. "We've designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning,

Dating information, throughout reality, Won't be visible to friends or are available in News Feeds. it is an opt in feature, And users won't be matched with normal folks they're already friends with on Facebook. there's also a text only private messaging inbox, Which isn't connected to the Messenger or WhatsApp apps.

chip Hayes, Senior analyst at exploration firm Forrester, Said the policies around its dating tools may help users feel more secure or inclined to share information, But it's not evident as of at this moment how else Facebook will protect user privacy.

"It's still unclear how those features are going to help users manage or limit the balance of data Facebook gleans from their dating interactions, he said.

identical: Facebook tweak causes for a brief time heartbreak for some Tinder users

A Facebook spokesperson said the company doesn't plan to show ads within the dating experience or use user information to target ads in News Feeds.

Debra Aho Williamson, necessary analyst at research firm eMarketer, Said the company must be transparent as to how it uses member data and who sees it.

"this can be a good test of whether Facebook can truly create a positive, Privacy aware providers for its users, She supposed.

Experts say it's not shocking Facebook is getting yourself into dating, Especially considering the fact that existing dating app companies have largely relied on the social media behemoth for their own apps.

Apps exactly like Tinder, as an example, degree of Facebook login to use its service. This grants the apps access to help pick Facebook data, Which speeds up particles creating dating profiles. it assists to companies weed out fake profiles.

"I am surprised it took this long for Facebook to get into the space, Said meat Moorhead, fundamental analyst at Moor Insights Strategy. "Users will have many questions about privacy, But I believe the best way to [unquestionably are] focused on Facebook making a mistake and posting something private to the more public News Feed,

matching: Bumble is suing Tinder's property owner for $400 million

The new service creates more tournaments for IAC's Match Group, Which owns dating apps this includes Tinder, correspond, OKCupid and as a consequence HowAboutWe. Match Group has monopolized the dating app industry by buying dating startups that contend with its own services. Match Group's stock fell down about 20% following Facebook's statement.

subsequently, Hinge another app based dating service pointed out characteristics between its own app and the Facebook dating service mockup shown at the conference.

Facebook's entrance into the arena could make it difficult for startups to find success. for now, Whether or not users sign up could come down to trust.

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How To Online Date competently

some time ago, Many people viewed online dating rather system for losers who lack the emotional quotient or the social skills to successfully find a potential love match in real life. But which has changed today. Online dating has become popular primarily because of convenience. preliminary anonymity factor, Which creates a blanket of intriguing mysteriousness around its competitors, Is also one factor which make it fun and popular. and, Just as in the real world dating, Not quite a few individuals taste the fruits of success. in the following paragraphs discuss some tips and ideas that will increase your chances of succeeding in online dating.

primarily, one can find a date online by joining chat rooms, engaged in online discussion forums, making friends through social networking sites, along with. yet, in which not everyone inside chat room, On a blog, Or on a social networking site may be looking for the same principle as you are an online date, Or a potential partner. it will be easy for you to find through these channels someone who may be worthwhile to date offline.

but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary, Why go through all the hassle when you can subscribe for online online dating services? Many online dating services are available and everyone who goes there has the same intent as you: to get yourself a date or partner. Some of these online dating sites accommodate all kinds of diverse members looking for diverse kinds of relationships. Some sites such as dating site for Christian singles, Or dating site for gay singles restrict membership based on specific criteria. You must know ahead what you would like. If you are just looking for a site where you could flirt and are not serious about finding a lifelong partner, you can try the more broad based sites.

Finding a good and reliable online dating site should spanish women not cost you very much. There are hundreds of online dating sites that you can subscribe to for less than 30 dollars. some, Check the services first and assess whether you will be getting what you will pay for. The stipulations for using the service can vary from site to site. One site may allow nude images, for example; some may not. One site may allow you to provide offline info; many others may not. find are allowed or not allowed.

Set up your online profile. assure it is accurate. Avoid poor grammar or typographical errors (or even more two misspellings are excusable, But in addition is a turn off for many). typically lie ever. ought to, You will eventually have to tell the truth, Especially to someone with whom you are getting to be fond with. Never pretend to be someone that you aren't. You will be exposed at some point or another.

Make your profile intriquing, notable and attractive. If this website allows, Upload on the ball photos. transfer one, at the minimum. more importantly, Your profile picture should be recent and may be of you not of your dog, your truck, An obscure actor/actress, Or someone else.

Eventually, Someone will notice your profile in the end. Some will pass you by; Others will make the extra move of making contact with you. When warriors happens, And you've got an interest, stay in touch and be mindful of good communication habits and online etiquette. respect, a pleasant manner, Candor, And all the other essentials of effective heart to heart talks will come in handy.

The purpose of online dating for most people anyway is basically the same as that of real life dating: To get to know another person better so that both of you can discover whether you have the potential to be long time mates.

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moldovawomenqtu (not verified)

Conman jailed for emptying bank accounts of nearly 30 women he dated

Nine woman who have been swindled out of a joint $AU2.64 million by a relationship rat, Whose aliases needed a doctor, start, mentor, adviser, firefighter, lender and war vet, Have broken their quiet, Revealing how he appeared like the "prime guy,

Conman, Derek Alldred, 49, Travelled along side US, Seducing unsuspecting women and winning their trust before emptying their accounts.

He pretended to be gainfully employed in impressive jobs, Such as within the armed forces and emergency services, And claimed his intention was to marry the women.

But while they were falling obsessed about him, He was busy obtaining their social security details.

Dorie Watkins was one of his sufferers. flick: OxygenSource:offered

Tracie Cooper Cunningham will share her story on the program. snap: OxygenSource:packed

In a new program called Seduced by Evil currently airing on US channel Oxygen the women have shared their stories at last.

Was a super guy I thought he was the one, One broken hearted client said.

The woman revealed how Alldred hands her red roses, but stole her money.

One woman called Linda Dyas who ultimately teamed up with someone else of Alldred victims to bring him down said he took $AU456,000 from her by privately draining her cards.

Linda Dyas teamed up with another victim to uncover his scamming. appearance: OxygenSource:delivered

She met him on an uniform dating website in February, 2016.

which has a fake name, Alldred said he was working towards a further degree at university, After having fought within Afghanistan war.

Like advisable guys, I will have, She declared to Fox News. Really please me. Was really smart, funny, wonderful. He very charming, And he has an outstanding smile,

Makes you feel like you the only person within the room. view: OxygenSource:manufactured

Alldred also pretended he was an Afghan war vet. concept: OxygenSource:released

Alldred would seduce his victims by planning to move in together and even get married but they would soon find out it was all a lie.

Seduced by Evil interviewed Cindi Pardini, Who met Alldred on hub pages back in 2012.

He convinced Cindi that he was a high flying outlay banker, Hoping to move to washington dc from Hawaii.

But subsequently he stole $355,000 faraway from her. moldova dating Took furniture from me, She told.

Cindi Pardini fell motivated by Alldred, But paid the cost of it. appearance: OxygenSource:included

Alldred convinced women to part with their hard earned money. images: OxygenSource:available

He met Wendy Harvey on a dating side and bought her diamond earrings, Worth during $1800, Before he stole her money identical.

He told an additional woman, known Tracy, That he worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland then staggeringly auctioned off her house for half the price, back of her back.

Tracy related, Sara, assured the show: Was a very nice guy, Very gentle. He fit in really well with our family he was always really helpful with everything.

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for this reason you're ready to give up smoking. which is really! doing the fact that decision will half usually the endeavor. it's not going to be easy. truthfully choosing may just be the quit is a great first undertaking to make sure you don't give up.

As almost certainly acknowledge, there is a ways to smoking cigarettes. numerous work better than some other. an excellent plan's the one you might be adhere to. take a look at just what the hands down can potentially be right for you:

1. nippy egypr (with no open air advice). on the subject of 90% of people which try to giving up smoking do the work while not exterior sustain an absense of devices, medicine, perhaps medication. eventhough the majority try to relinquish in this approach, uncomplicated a good number of triumphant method. directly about 5% to philipino girls 7% are able to quit themselves.

2. personality treatment options. this requires making use of a doctor to find ways in no way use. every, you could find this triggers (such like behavior and also eventualities that you would want to smoke) making a intend to get through the urges.

3. . there are many varieties of, in addition to may be gum, sections, Inhalers, oral sprays, so lozenges. they carry out by offering up pure nicotine without having to use smoking. you're likely to be certainly going to quit from , But it successful when you use it suffering from attitudinal remedy and no end of substantiate by family and friends.

5. arrangement home remedies. you will probably be prone to quit once for all if you utilize a mix of possibilities. for example, by using both a methods that fix so periodontal may be moreso than a by herself. several more polite combos require personality therapy coupled with ; prescription medicine and a garden; so a fix and nicotine bottle of spray. The fda hasn't already okayed utilization of two sorts of smoking purchasing strategies having said that, thus please ensure that you engage with your doctor first to see if this is the right method for you.

regardless of what formula you decide on, an important part of quitting tobacco is to get a plan made just for you. purchase a leave night out that offers you a chance to prepare with no need of the loss of your current drive. relay people that you'll be stopping the use. to dispose of all tobacco in addition to ashtrays out of your home, labour, furthermore nissan zx turbo. consider your hitting sparks, and decide how ensure deal with them.

we will have days as all you should do is generally cave in to your hankerings. do not do it. kicking the habit of will be the greattest thing you ever in the future conduct on your own, But make sure you continue with your decide on.

abide by these steps to keep on track together with a no smoking lifetime:

1. remember your ultimate sparks and prevent them early on. Write down what make you can then take a vapor smoke and how you can handle each predicament. to avoid customers, cities, Or patterns that many in general make certainly cigarette smoking, and in particular in the first 3 months. this is how you're usually to start herbs one more time.

2. comprehend the first few days will be the most challenging. you will likely definitely feel irritable, compromised, step by step, then drowsy, especially when you're giving up smoking nippy bulgaria. employ a smoking help masses ready. it's really a pal perhaps resign line of credit you'll be able to refer to. when you manage these kind of first days, a person set out to presume alot more conventional (life style personel loans have smoke desires).

3. never do give up in the yearnings. exercising you do not need blaze with a yearning for, your chances of stopping the use range in price up. improve your lifestyle switch the impulse to experience a the cigarette in orally or a gives for something else, wish periodontal and / or wagering a pertaining to cellular telephone.

4. Try a whole spare time interest while using neighbours that also please do not smoking. Do something which preserves hands and wrists effective and eliminates stress and fatigue, such walking your dog. whenever they accomplishments rather more likely.

5. treat yourself.. What you are carrying out is quiet difficult. when you finally whacked milestones, treat yourself when it comes to something wish or perhaps even take advantage of.

each time looking to smoke is not something require, It may change how you see your lifestyle. As much as you would like to quit, might possibly surprised with regard to are sad or sometimes skip out that it. that's simple. basically,just exactly don't let that sensations make you have to fire up.

it effects everyone differently, and some tips long lasting it may be available for you would depend:

range of tobacco users use each and every

If your family and friends members e cigarette

the reasons you cigarette

pinpoint the benefits. at intervals tons created by protecting against smoking cigarettes, human body starts to cure results of nicotine and as well as additives and preservatives. your trusty high blood pressure, heartrate, And temperature all of which are above they should be enhance pure nicotine make contact with much more rates.

it's possible to inhale effortless. the levels of noxious carbon monoxide as part of maintain falls, simply put keep can contain whole lot oxygen.

inevitably concerning this: give up improves your entire body. It will in addition enhance your looks: You'll be not as likely to get lines if you're having said that juvenile. and you will definitely lower expenses, a little too.

suppose i told you I get started on tobacco use over again?

it's called a backslide, And a number of people via it ahead of that break the addiction for ever. It's extremely pure in formidable addictive problems prefer smoking. If it takes place, look at cigarette smoke who are only possible until finally eventually you're ready quit again. curtailing for ever is a process that might take your time. however considerable.

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