Warrant in Debt in VA for Medical bills

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I need some more advice. Under our actual divorce decree, he was suppose to pay for all my medical bills. The reason, they should have been covered under his medical with the military. So the judge awarded me that. Also awarded me half the money in a JT brokerage account which he sold and now capital gains is due. But I have already asked that question. My new question is about my credit and the bills he left me with. How can I get out of this financial mess he left me with? Pay these bills or at least get him held accountable instead of the collectors coming solely after me. He got a home in Ohio Built from the ground up closed in December 2013. He sold the stock in the account 3 weeks before closing. Nothing of course came to me. I am here still trying to pay the bills he left me with they were in both of our names. So how in the world did a bank let him get a house? I need some direction on how to get this exposed or at least what to do. I go to court for the debts on 6/16/14. I am struggling help!

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What is your attorney saying?

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Cherie Gunn (not verified)

I have not contacted my old attorney. I do not know what to do. I guess in VA once the divorce is done then they are hands off. I was also awarded cash of 4k plus half of the brokerage account due to me in August of 2013. I am livid about this but he has cut off all my options. The thing that gets me is half of them should have been paid by insurance which he took me off of and while active he collected bah for me and used that to destroy me. I am at wits end.

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