Debt consolidation

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Debt consolidation can help you to relief debt to control over your debt your debt – this is actually lowering your existing debt rates, getting a better way to pay loan , or splitting your payments to get debt paid faster and easier.

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If you have been making payments to your creditor and then have signed in for a debt settlement program, you immediately stop making payments. Your debts will at first be negotiated with the company and the money will be stored either in a holding account by the creditor or you may store the money in your own account.

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You are absolutely right ...
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I'm kind of confused. I thought debt consolidation was NOT the same thing as debt settlement. Debt settlement is far better than bankruptcy, but I personally just want to consolidate to reduce monthly costs & to pay back the debt I have borrowed. I don't want to settle for less than I owe.

Am I way off on thinking that debt consolidation is not the same thing as debt settlement!?

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Consolidation is combining all your bills into one monthly payment, loan company, banks and other financial institutions will do this type of work.

Debt settlement is actually trying to get each debt down to a lower amount so that you can pay it off sooner at a reduced rate. You can get this service through a debt settlement company.

They are two completely different services.

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Thanks so much for clearing that up. I thought they were different, but as you probably seen in my "dilema" post...Every "debt consolidation" company I've found seem to be debt settlers & I dont want to settle. I want to pay back what I owe.

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While they use very similar terms and are both a means of alleviating your debts, there are many major differences between debt consolidation and debt settlement programs.

Debt Settlements: A debt settlement program negotiates the balance due with your creditors in an attempt to have the consumer payback less than what was originally owed. Immediately this sounds ideal to any consumer struggling with their debts and monthly payments, but the cost to ones pocket and credit may not be worth the small savings to come. A settlement company requires monthly payments from their clients for 8 months to 1.5 years but does not send payments to the creditors each month. Instead, payments are held in an effort to create a large sum to negotiate the balance being paid in full for a smaller amount, usually 40-50% less. Like working with your creditors direct, if you’re not making consecutive monthly payments your credit can be tarnished with late marks and further fees incur on a monthly basis, raising the balance due and further damaging your FICO credit score. Furthermore, creditors are not willing to negotiate the balances down until an account is in a ‘charged off’ status. It usually takes 6 months of non-payment before a creditor will ‘charge off’ an account. That’s 6 months of added fees, negative reporting to the credit bureau, and harassing collection calls. Whether the debt is paid in full or partial, charged off accounts reflect negatively for 7 years on your credit report and multiple charge off accounts could reflect more poorly than a bankruptcy or repossession. In addition, the IRS takes their cut for the charge off loss by the creditor. Say you owe $10,000 to a Visa and a settlement company negotiates the payoff to $5,000. The following year you’ll be sent a 1099 tax form to claim the difference of the amount settled. The $5k difference is then considered taxable income by the IRS, so depending on your effective tax rate, you may have $500-$1,000 additional tax burden for the year your account is settled in.

Debt Consolidation: A consolidation program negotiates the creditor terms to achieve reduced interest rates and the stopping of late, past due, and over limit fees. The monthly payment is usually reduced as well and most creditors will bring past due accounts to a current status after 3-6 months of consecutive payments, helping improve your credit score over time. Like settlements, payments are required consecutively each month. However, in a consolidation program payments are SENT each month as they are received by the client. This ensures the accounts do not fall behind and the new terms remain in place until the debt is paid in full. The balance owed is paid down on a monthly basis at reduced rates, allowing more of the client’s monthly payment to go towards the balance due rather than creditor fees and finance charges. Consolidation programs cannot exceed 60 months and depend on the amount of debt owed and the terms per creditor enrolled in the debt consolidation program. There are usually no additional fees for making extra payments or paying off the debt earlier than the time quoted. The consensus is, the faster the client is paid off the better for all parties as most agencies work off a referral basis from satisfied customers.

If the agency’s’ fees are unreasonable chances are your financial well being is not their primary concern. A nonprofit agency will usually charge in accordance with your state’s guidelines and offer a low monthly service fee to cover in house expenses. In either instance you’ll want to do your homework before signing with an agency. A nonprofit agency is the best option followed by a review of the company’s Better Business Bureau profile and rating.

If you’re looking for credit card relief and an alternative debt solution that won’t hurt your credit, please contact a certified credit counselor for a free budget analysis to see what options are available to help you become debt free.

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Wow Freedom Thanks for the information. For me I have never had to deal with that kind of thing so I was unsure of the difference as well. I'm sure that will be useful to many people thanks for posting it.

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Yes it is possible to get a loan after a debt csnoolidation loan. You just have to find a lender who is willing. Maybe you know some one in the business who would make you a loan. Lots of ways to get another loan However my advice would be not to take out another loan. You just had the bills consolidated because you owed too much.. Making a new loan will just help get you back in another mess and possibly a bankruptcy which is much worse for your credit. We can not borrow our way out of debt .. wont work im sorry I dont know much about your situation . but most usually more debt doesnt help any one who already owes too much . I wish I had a better answer but I dont The best thing you can do is try to increase your income and pay your debts down I was in banking 40 years . and personally I think the worst thing you could do is go borrow some more money after a recent bill csnoolidation. I wish you the best of luck RD

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real truth about relationships

The winter months are commonly time of year for getting engaged and when at least some of us start prioritising our search for a relationship. But it turns out we might be going about romance all wrong.

Could online dating make you look preferable? Is it better to be like your honey? Are married couples latino lady truly happier long term? And is monogamy the best option?

Online dating is one of amongst the most common ways to meet a mate but feeling like one profile out of a million can be intimidating. obviously heartening to know amidst the stream of faces, The face we saw before influences how attractive we perceive the following to be.

This finding suggests that our perception of beauty, definitely not being deeply ingrained, is in fact very much fleeting. this, if somebody is swiping along to your dating app profile, It may not be a bad thing to be among a sea of friends well chosen, very becoming pictures.

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generally such glances from dating app users are generally very quick may also work in our favour. Psychologists have found that faces are subject to a effect which makes faces appear more desirable the less we look at them. The cause of this, scientists suspect, Is that this encourage us to give faces we see in passing a closer second look, Lest we hastily miss out on a really handsome potential mate.

Opposites don always pull in

you can find traits that tend to be beneficial to share with your partner, But it not entirely correct that opposites attract. Some of these are traits that are generally popular to have in a partner no matter what your own personality is like, Such as being pleasant and not too neurotic.

but sometimes the best traits to have in a partner vary depending on your own character. For people who an anxious attachment style and worry about being abandoned, for example, Having a more similar personality overall boosts couples correlation satisfaction. And other elements, Such as you may be early birds or night owls, Also are best for you to.

View image of Whether it's better to be similar to your sex partner depends

but sometimes, Finding your own character mirrored in a different inividual might be a turn off. as an example, When you are looking at conscientiousness, Research shows that it better for one partner to be a bit more (Or not as) scrupulous than the other it helps you balance each other out.

sure, Marriage making you happier but not forever

If husbands and wives are well matched, you get hitched. But what am i saying for your personality and happiness?

research shows that marriage makes long lasting changes to people personalities. A four year homework of 15,000 Germans says after marrying, People showed a decrease in openness and extraversion a pattern perhaps all too familiar to the chums of the newly wedded.

On the upside, People also have reported getting better at self control and forgiveness after getting married essential qualities to maintain a long term relationship. however, That just his very own view. Whether their spouse will abide by them is another matter.

View image of The 'smug married couple' effect may be real and and rightly

alternatives smugness? It may come from generally your married friends really do think they happier at least for a while. Life satisfaction among couples did increase after marriage but eventually of marriage, Life satisfaction returns to guideline levels.

How break ups change your identity

Research has also revealed what appears to be the opposite of the husband and wife effect: People experience personality changes after the end of a long term understanding too.

View picture of When women divorce, They tend to are more extroverted (credit history rating: Getty)

Studies of middle aged people who had experienced a divorce, for example, showed that women became more extroverted and open after cutting ties with their spouse.

men and women, on one hand, Didn handle the break down quite so well. They tended to become more neurotic and more diligent after the divorce. And how, Both male and female divorcees tend to become less dependable after their break up.

View picture of When men divorce, They tend to become more neurotic (consumer: Getty)

It also works two ways as well as break ups switching your personality, Your style affects how you will recover after a break up. More extroverted types have a tendency to remarry quicker, While more neurotic types usually tend to go in for a series of shorter relationships after a divorce.

A more open condusive to romance future

however, Monogamy is only some of the option. Polyamory, A relationship style using more than two people involved, May be a thriving trend. Unlike cheating in a monogamous pairing, In polyamory such a thing happens openly and with consent.

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This is a great site for someone buying a genuine connection. You can also be safe by obscuring your information that is personal from public viewing. On a dating site you may sometimes by accident get attention of unwanted matches. But there are unlimited types of what a date could mean and where it could go. I feel they are an ethical financier to deal with. Niche dating sites are becoming a lot more popular. You can trust us to deliver the best online dating sites around that will no doubt end up in real life dates should you wish to pursue it! Teen dating site like Crush Zone is an excellent way to spend your free time or share your emotions with other teenagers.

You can talk web-sites of your age about your passions, Favorites and other things. There is an entire section dedicated to dating safety tips and advice for both online and offline interactions. as a result, I believe there is true honesty on the site by those who take time to complete their profiles in detail and the compatibility test. Ask considerate questions related to what they reveal in their profiles. We make best effort to present up to date personal information; at the same time, We do not compare or include all agencies in the market. With countless new sign ups every day, You will find that you are matching with other potential mates often.

You can message these members right away. Meet singles through a shared interest at one of our many activities or over a drink at our free drinks events. Paul and Greg are one of the many accounts of success. The use of location identification apps is another clear sign of how out in the open online dating has become as it forces the merging between online and offline dating. Tell them about the little details that attracted you to their online dating sites profile or discuss your shared interests.

realize our Meet Match members in our Enjoy Find Privacy: the knowledge you provide will be used by Match. however, OurTime is mainly for mature singles 50+. Check out our and find shrewd, personal women to date. OurTime has millions of members and gets millions of monthly visitors from across the country. Be express: if more search criteria you complete, very your chances are of being contacted by singles who share the same interests as you. These advertising fees might impact the placement of the brands on this page and and also the conversion rates might impact the scoring as well which are further based on a combination of review findings, user experience and product popularity.

This site has exactly what golden singles are looking for. The picture of modern Britain has become more accepting and therefore made it simpler for people looking for gay dating and finding their perfect partner. With no phone connecting and no live chat, You are available a fax number and email. You can report these profiles to SilverSingles and they'll personally investigate this user's profile. the bottom line is, This will give us the regarding your wants and needs to have a successful relationship.

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all types of unique characters. consequence, Enabling us to offer specific and highly compatible matches. then again, We know that draws in a lot of younger gay daters. this day and age, People are checking their dating accounts almost approximately their social networking accounts. Parship is the British branch of Europe's largest and most rewarding serious online service for, Which members are primarily affluent, Educated individuals between 28 and 55 years old. you can easliy maintain a free, High quality service by charging a marketing fee to featured brands whenever a user completes a purchase. protecting your safety in mind, you can actually block or report a user.

online dating site Service: Serious matchmaking for Singles at Parship

Who knew that we would be married eight months later and still crazy for each various other than 7 years later! Most of their users are college graduates, Which sets their dating pool as well as others. We take our members privacy very seriously and your personal information will never be revealed or shared. If you're looking for spain girls a long term relationship there is no better place to try. it is free, user friendly to join the dating site, So start internet dating today! All that's left to do is create a headline and fill out a description of yourself minimum 100 characters. regardless of where you are from United States, england, sydney, canada, uk, france, France or anywhere else, you are welcome to join.

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subscribing is free, It takes less than 30 seconds and you can start searching for other gay and lesbian singles straight away. We even have great ideas to help you navigate the world of online dating. suffering from GaysTryst, You can help push fate along blossoms your perfect match. which describe why we created the, the best way to chat, quest, And make your profile perfect while on the road. if you choose to become a paying member, you can access a more detailed version of the same analysis. of course, You can wink at others without paying.

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Advanced and effective matching systems The basis of modern matchmaking matchup systems is foremost based on common interests. according to the over 1 million people identified as lesbian, homosexual or bisexual. All of common subscription features are included along with anonymous browsing, Being a came with match for 24 hours and premium support. Come to our singles nights and events for your age group near you. as a consequence of their huge database, And thorough matchmaking algorithm, visitors perfect someone in no time. Parship has some unique gives you. Not planning on someone who doesn't like football? Looking to jump into online dating service personals in 2019? the contacting possible eligible woman was much more easier than on other sites.

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Long Island's arts scene hints into fall

Hispanic Heritage Month is commemorated at Nassau County Museum of Art by drinking three shows, Highlighted by Francisco Goya Caprichos primarily gallery.

This exhibit abilities an early first edition of Los Caprichos, A set of 80 etchings by the renowned artist that was circulated in 1799, And is regarded as one of the crucial influential series of graphic images in the history of Western art.

in addition to this exhibit, Visitors can see an exhibit of works by Uruguayan artist Rimer Cardillo, De are generally memoria, Highlighted by a spain girls full gallery installment called of Clay, gasoline and Ashes Cupi. This sculpted setup measures 6 7 high by 9 10 wide, And consists of embossed handmade paper woven between threads, And multiple painted by hand photo screens printed with oil, clay, And ashes in writing. Other works on display capability images of cimarrones and criollos (Wild dogs and indigenous horses of Uruguay) On digital images. Cardillo draws influences from the landscape and area of both his native Uruguay and of the Hudson Valley area. His work often shows his concern over the demise of native people, vegetables or flowers, And animals almost.

The third component of the museum look at Spanish classicism influence on Hispanic art is the progressive group exhibit, Contemporaneas, With prepares food by Brazil Vik Muniz, The Cuban u. s citizens artist who goes by DEMI, Argentina manuel Esnoz, not to mention Dario Escobar of Guatemala. Muniz collaborative work together with the impoverished landfill of Brazil, Mixing art with social alert cognitive state, Was the main topics Land, An Academy Award nominated documented. DEMI is acclaimed for her innovative steps, While Esnoz art is comprised of separate parts that come together in a pattern. Escobar creates a 21st century version of sculptural pop art using such materials as deflated soccer balls and skateboards, Especially liked the museum younger visitors.

Group of artists show resemblances as well as diversity of artistic practice, pronounced Laura Lynch, The museum director of coaching. Know Goya well but probaby less knowledgeable about these contemporary artist and will learn how contemporary artists. They will learn how they have interpreted Goya themes. These exhibits juxtapose varied forms of art. We are making a connection from the past for this, in 1797 to 2011. Los Caprichos on display in the museum downstairs galleries illustrates the darker side of the master artist and printmaker, the judge painter to the Spanish Crown, Who as Lynch revealed, One of the most basic artists in the history of art.

Can be translated as a whim, A fantasy or a manifestation of imagination. In Goya call time term, this is deepens, Binding an ironical layer of humor over some of the profound indictments of human vice ever set on paper.

Enigmatic and debatable, Los Caprichos was created in a time of social repression and overall economy in Spain. affected by Enlightenment thinking, Goya set out to assess the human condition and denounce social abuses and superstitions.

Painting established portraits of royalty, Goya intersected over into Los Caprichos, spoken Lynch. Was very emotional and expressed a different aspect of man's instinct. Goya went from reality to convey emotions through the usage of printmaking. these aren't beautiful pieces; you can find a satirical element to his depiction of people faces beautiful girl in spanish and bodies. He was creating these at an occasion when Spain was losing its glory and power. He looked at the data corruption around him and became cynical in his vision of people around him. In his essay associating the exhibition, Robert Flynn manley, Curator the boss, Achenbach makeup for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museum of san fran, believed:

Goya is seen as the first modern artist he chose to go beyond depictions of religion, Mythology, And record, And even beyond paying attention of the visible world, Turning instead toward the emotional demons that have always inhabited men souls. until finally Goya, These demons had rarely been made nicely visible Goya had the courage and the genius to depict them. Los Caprichos stands as top single work of art created in Spain since the writings of Cervantes and the paintings of Vel over 150 years earlier. Small in dimensions, The 4x6 etchings are displayed next to enlarged images of the works well with easier viewing. Really want this exhibit to be friendly to groups, detailed Lynch. Way everybody is able to examine the details.

many people, when partnered with its exhibits, The museum offers public programs to help the viewing experience. are available a family event, Dia de shedd Muertos (Day together with the Dead), On weekend, march. The museum invites families to celebrate the Latin American holiday with fun exhibit tours, basic Dia de los Muertos arts and crafts, And an outfit parade.

All three exhibits stick to view through Nov. 27.

Nassau County Museum of Art is situated at 1 Museum Dr. (Just off n. Blvd, circuit 25A), Roslyn harbor. entrance is $10, $8 older persons (62+), $4 for kids to grow. Due to space constraints, bookings are needed for events.

Reinterpreting Nature at Hofstra college Museum

Hofstra university or Rosenberg Gallery highlights the works of Chinese artist Cui Fei, along Oct. 26. Nature is a persistent theme in Fei art. Visitors will dsicover how natural objects, by way of example tendrils, twigs and thorns, Evoke the flowing sorts of Chinese calligraphy. By using natural forms that seem to pre exist the writing, Cui creates formations that should be interpreted as mysterious messages from nature.

The pieces in this exhibition are from two of Fei ongoing projects Tracing the foundation and her calendar based work.

Chinese writing descends from nature as ideograms and the characters grew simplified over time, Separating from their original context and becoming abstracted. With her Tracing the cause series, Fei work abstracts nature a step forward. hiring grape vine tendrils, She created two dimensional works of varying scale and color as well as three dimensional works made with different types of materials. Different media and modes of slideshow used in this series, Such as printmaking and setup, are intended to symbolize how Chinese written characters have become detached from their origin; and by inference, How humans have also detached their bodies from nature.

Read by Touch and Not Yet Titled are from a series of her calendar based works. Read by Touch refers to her personal background and the latter alludes to recent historic events. Fei explores every thing has become of human beings and nature, Almost as if she were translating letters from nature herself.

aspect, New Work by Cui Fei is on event at the Rosenberg Gallery, bathroom 136, In Calkins Hall on Hofstra South campus.

Hofstra other fall present, Silverman: The Humanist heart and soul, shows that the continuing power of the realist tradition in the 21st century.

Through Silverman use of contemporary realist portraiture, The exhibit examines the commonalities of existence of Silverman, Who paints on his own terms, Has rejected the abstract and conceptual art movements of the mid 20th century to continue to paint in a new version of the 19th century realist style. He has stated, at the beginning of life, I fell gets interested the landscape of the human face, Where all the emotional states of life are found.

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Ukrainian activist team Femen

An activist from Femen stands near Interior Ministry officers during a rally near the Ukrainian government's head office in Kiev, To protest against the lack of female ministers in the Ukrainian Cabinet in this December 13, 2010 file picture / video. Inna Shevchenko, 21, from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, Who graduated from the Journalism School of the national University, Rents a room in Kiev. ould - Hutsol, 27, chief of Femen, Is a graduate of an economics school in state of Khmelnitsky. Ukrainian activist group Femen is renowned for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad, displaying for women's rights and against sex tourism.

Femen activist Oleksandra Shevchenko (h) Stands in a subway car on her way to her residence in Kiev, feb 21, 2012. Oleksandra, 23, Is a hr student, Born in portland of Khmelnitsky, Who rents a two bedroom apartment together with her four friends. Ukrainian activist group Femen is famous for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex tourist.

Femen activist Oleksandra Shevchenko stands by a lantern on her way to her residential home in Kiev, feb 21, 2012. Oleksandra, 23, Is a hr student, Born in the town of Khmelnitsky, Who rents a two bedroom apartment with your ex four friends. Ukrainian activist group Femen is famous for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex travel.

An costumed activist from might rights group FEMEN, Is helped down by firemen during a protest outside authorities buildings in Kiev December 16, 2011. The dating ukraine ladies protest was organized to draw towards the lack of women in the Ukrainian government, On the occasion of pm Mykola Azarov's birthday.

Femen activists Oleksandra Shevchenko (t) And Katya Dmytrenko sit on a bed in Oleksandra's residential home in Kiev, feb 20, 2012. Oleksandra Shevchenko, 23, Is a human resources student, Born in baltimore of Khmelnitsky, Who rents a two bedroom apartment along with her four friends. Katya Dmytrenko, 22, Studies for a Master's degree at an arts school and works as a fine. Ukrainian activist group Femen is known for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex vacation.

Femen activists Oleksandra Shevchenko (R) And Inna Shevchenko sit at table at a McDonald's cafe in Kiev, january 22, 2012. Oleksandra, 23, Is a recruiting student, Born in state of Khmelnitsky, Who rents a two bedroom apartment together with her four friends. Inna, 21, on Ukrainian city of Kherson, Who graduated from the Journalism School of the national University, Rents a space in Kiev.

Femen activists Oleksandra Shevchenko (R) And Inna Shevchenko sit at table at a McDonald's eating place in Kiev, february 22, 2012. Oleksandra, 23, Is a hr student, Born in portland of Khmelnitsky, Who rents a two bedroom apartment with your ex four friends. Inna, 21, ones Ukrainian city of Kherson, Who graduated from the Journalism School of the nation's University, Rents a location in Kiev.

Femen activist Oksana Shachko is reproduced in a mirror before painting a wall of her room in Kiev, january 21, 2012. Oksana, 25, websites founding members of Femen, Studied iconography in the city of Khmelnitsky and rents a room in an apartment in Kiev. Ukrainian activist group Femen is famous for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex tourist.

Femen activist Oksana Shachko sits at table in her own room in Kiev, january 21, 2012. Oksana, 25, article marketing founding members of Femen, Studied iconography in the city of Khmelnitsky and rents a room in a flat in Kiev. Ukrainian activist group Femen is renowned for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex travel.

Femen activists Oleksandra Shevchenko (l) And Katya Dmytrenko sit at table in Oleksandra's household in Kiev, feb,march 20, 2012. Oleksandra Shevchenko, 23, Is a recruiting student, Born in town of Khmelnitsky, Who rents a two bedroom apartment with your ex four friends. Katya Dmytrenko, 22, Studies for a meet ukrainian girl Master's degree at an arts school and works as a musician. Ukrainian activist group Femen is known for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex vacation.

Femen activist Inna Shevchenko puts on her make up in a condo in Kiev, february 20, 2012. Inna, 21, throughout the Ukrainian city of Kherson, Who graduated from the Journalism School of the national University, Rents accommodation in Kiev. Ukrainian activist group Femen is renowned for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex tourists.

Femen activist Inna Shevchenko sits with her computer in a loft apartment in Kiev, february 20, 2012. Inna, 21, the Ukrainian city of Kherson, Who graduated from the Journalism School of the national University, Rents an area in Kiev. Ukrainian activist group Femen is renowned for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights, And against sex tourism.

Femen activist Inna Shevchenko has a snack in an apartment in Kiev, february 20, 2012. Inna, 21, from Ukrainian city of Kherson, Who graduated from the Journalism School of the nation's University, Rents a room in Kiev. Ukrainian activist group Femen is known for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women's rights.

Activists from Femen scrub the paving stones as they stage a protest in front of the entrance to the building where former IMF head Dominique Strauss Kahn lives in Paris in this October 31, 2011 file shot. But his generosity lives onThe previously healthy boy was preparing to take part in a ski marathon to raise.

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Hanes: 30 a few years after Polytechnique, Women in power face perpetual fightMontreal Mayor Valrie Plante and former prime minister Kim Campbell are far from.

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