ANOTHER Cash Call type loan..BEWARE!!

Submitted by sdchargers_63 on Mon, 09/03/2007 - 04:29

Wanted to warn ya'll!!........there are commercials, on a place called, 'Quick Money Loan'. They have recently been advertising in the state I live in. I live in PA. They sound VERY SIMILIAR to the 'cash Call ads. According to this add, " even if you have bad credit, you can barrow up to $10,000. " The commercial wasn't very long, but, I DID notice the % rate(s). 70%-90%!! OMG!!! How horrible!! Anyway..wanted to let people know about this.

I went on the website, they look like some type of regulatory agency, kind of like the department of banking or something. You can apply for licenses, get different types of forms, etc, etc.

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I will but not now. If I open another window while I am posting it can get really really reallly really really slow. I don't fell like being aggravated.

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well you don't have to, LOL, I just thought that you were interested in it. I really don't think you will have any use for it unless you have business with cashcall.

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No business unless I can call and get some cash for free. What a week last week. One truck plus one car equals a big money headache. I am going to my happy place...going to my happy place...going to my happy place...Dang Still n ot there yet!!! Must have moved it.

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Well then you don't have to worry about it if you don't have any business with them. You go find your happy place now, quit bumping it into that wall.

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Is there really such a thing? Who is this company anyway. Did you ever find out about that other company that had to repay people? I think they were some payday lending place.

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I have to keep an eye for the department of banking web page. I did speak to an employee the other day, she said to keep an eye on the site for updates and assured me that I did not need anything that they would collect all the information for those to get reimbursed from the company being sued, apparently they have confiscated all the records before they could get rid of anything.

She was very interested in the mortgage site, so I gave her the information for it. Hopefully she will be able to refer people there when they call the department of banking, she visited the site while we were on the phone.

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Thats great Gn. I am really glad they got those records before they could be done away with. I really think this company has what is coming to them. Good thinking about refering people to the site. I have done this with the insurance forum. those guys over there are really great also.

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I used to be on all four at one time or another, I have needed the advice of the folks there on different things, they have all been very helpful.

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They all seem kind. I had trouble with one I can't remember which one when I first started. I didn't know how the magic points worked and one poster kind of got smart.

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guest (not verified)

What do you do if no one will give you a loan to pay back the small ones and give you some to put away for an emergency? I had to file bankruptcy 10 years ago, and am STILL having trouble getting a loan because of it! I blame the banks for not being more lenient. THey could EASILY raise the percentage of the loan... double it, if you would, and STILL be less expensive than taking a loan like this.

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