All my money is gone

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/19/2009 - 16:30

I checked my bank account yesterday, because my debit card got declined when I went to pay for my lunch only to find out that I was $300 negative. There was no way that should have happened I just got my tax return 2 weeks ago and should have had over $2000 between my savings and checking account. I looked into it more to find out that my mom had a debt and since she was still on my account that I have had since I was in High School they took everything except $300 which was gone because of bills that I had payed over the weekend. Now I am stuck with no money and no way to get it back. The bank can't help and the collection agency that took it won't talk to me, because it isn't my debt.

Was your mother's AND your name on the same bank account..a 'Joint' account? If your mom had a debt she needed to rake care of, and the Collection Agency ( or whoever she owed the debt to) was going to take it out of the bank account, then I think ( pretty possitive) this was legal. However......I'm NOT sure if you can 'fight it' someway, since it was your account, too. Why won't the CA talk to you? I would guess because the debt was ONLY in your mother's name. I'm sure someone else, from the forum, will be around soon, to give you some other 'options' you may have....I really don't know IF you DO have any options. Just hang in there.

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Anonymous (not verified)

what you need to do is have your mother talk to the collection agency becouse the only way they can take the money is if she has a judgement against her so if she does then there is nothing you can go about it except get the money back from your mother.

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Hopefully yourmother is willing to do to the CA I mean. That way she can find out EXACTLY what's going on. may want to open a seperate bank account for yourself so this doesn't happen again..just a thought.

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I think that the collection agency has brought a default judgment against your mother to garnish her bank account because without a judgment, bank account can never be garnished by a collection agency. Now since you mother is a joint account holder in your account, the creditor can garnish money from that account and it does not matter whether the money garnished is yours or your mother's.

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Was this a joint account? Please have your mom contact these people. Did they ever contact you to go to court? Did they have the appropriate paper work to freeze your account and garnish them?

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I agree with carol on this matter that surely there has to be verdict of the court.Make sure your mom talk with the collection agency.If it is garnishment of the wages due to bad debt then I think you can hardly do anything about this.
keep us informed about the happenings.
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You need to have your mother check to see if there was a default verdict against her. If there was not then the bank can most certainly help you out. If the did not have a judgement to collect the money then they could not legally remove any money from that account. Ask to speak with a bank manager if you find out there was no judgement. To find a judgement is fairly easy. All it takes is a trip to the courthouse.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Same ship happened to me. My life saving is gone! Thanks to my mothers student loan.... So does that mean i just need to start over?

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Look at it this way and no I am not trying to sound mean, you are young enough to start over. Some people in tis economy has literally lost their homes and barley survived. It is not something at this point that you can do anything about. Whats done is done. Rather than harboring ill feelings just try to work past this.

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That’s a rough situation. If you have a positive history with your financial institution try calling a local branch and speak to a Manager, explain your case, etc. There is the occasion where a bank will credit bank SOME fees to satisfy their customer, especially if this isnt a regular occurrence with your account.

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You should do as freedom says and talk to the bank, but if your mother is one the bank account then you have given her creditors an invisible permission to go in and do things like garnish.

Creditors don't care whose money it is, all they see is the person who they are trying to collect from on the bank account, I doubt they even noticed your name was there. Check with your bank and see if there is anything they can do.

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It is so risky to put another person on your account these days no matter who it is. I believe you will probaly not be able to get this money back but it is worht a call to your bank. I wonder if you can now just close the account and this way they will not have access to anymore of your money. I would take a trip in person to your bank and see how you can take care of this matter as soon as possible.

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Yeah but who would think twice, especially if it is a family member and come on, both of these were mothers, surely you can trust your own mother.

I just don't think we are aware enough on what a collection agency can actually do. So, you must ask the person that you intend on joining in a bank account with their entire credit history so that you can make a informed decision.

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No bank has any authority to give or withhold any persons money with out a legal notice to do so from the court house. All they can do is freeze the acct. until the court tells them what to do. They have to notify all owners of the acct of what is happening so that anyone jointly can protest. If this was your tax money and not your moms, and you were not liable for the debt, then the bank must return the money unless they notified you. You can legally bring suit against the bank and the collection agency. The first place to start is a good lawyer and sue them all. That is a direct violation of your rights as a taxpayer. Good luck and keep me posted. Ruthie I know this one because I used to garnish wages and account for the courthouse before I got sick I did work in a bank for 17 years too.

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No one is responsible for anothers debts unless they are willing to be. Check it out. If my son incurs a debt or my sick mother and I put her name on my account because I am trying to help, I am in no way giving a collection agency permission to invade my account. Thats against the law. They can only garnish the money of the debtor. Ask your bank for the set of rules on garnishments and writs of execution. Some one slipped up. Ruthie Good luck. Ask your bank for debt proof of garnishment. Thats why we have validation letters.

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Thanks Ruthie it sure is great to have someone to post that has experience in that kind of thing. These collection agency's think they can get by with anything. I think some of the things they do should be e legal just like selling your debt to different collection agency's. If you cannot afford to pay the first one why do they think you can pay the next one after they have added even more fees. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

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No goodnatured, you can google this if you like. Banks cannot give info. on personal info to anyone under the privacy act. They must go thru court procedures.

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okay, I believe you, I am wondering why so many collectors get a way with it then, if the banks know this information then they should not let anyone access your account right from the beginning right, I guess they don't have time to monitor every account though.

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Some banks are too busy to check all the paperwork that comes thru. The bigger the bank the less its noticed. On the other hand some collection agency's just put it thru on an electronic debit. If you don't question a debit coming out of your account in 30 days, then its not the banks fault. You have to monitor what they do, thats why we have statements. Although if it was a bank error then you can call the branch manager and show him what happened. You must keep paperwork as proof. Never give up your originals, make copies. They have to correct it and they can up to one year. Make sure your bank is insured under FDIC and let your atty general know what happened. There are federal laws that are in effect and this one comes under the privacy act. Please keep me posted. Ruthie

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Another good tip my lawyer taught me was to put an ad in all my local papers personal columns saying that I would not be responsible for any debts other than my own in my own signature. That way no one, not even a spouse can do this. I just found that out today. Hope I helped a little. Ruthie

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risk combined with resource efficiency

in these days, hot rusian mom make may well be routinely approved inside the lowland as well ass just grazing cattle forbids regrowth ; On Mt Karthala farming right runs all the way to 1,400m operating in towns. almost nothing in one piece, Upland hardwoods residue up Anjouan, alot of which unfortunately rests around Moheli and artistic Comoro is poorly degraded. additionally, the most important master high on Mt Karthala not really (on the other hand) taken advantage of (being little at agriculture) and might which convincingly play a huge role for small rodent efficiency on overall Comoro (Stevens et ing. 1995).

any four type tied to Mt Karthala are considered confronted, and as well as, since, The forested acres in this article standing high amongst the key insecure for pets located in cameras (dog collar as Stuart 1988). virtually any habitat destruction and therefore fragmentation (coming from that will fire, working and as a result of a recommended road to the crater casing) in this field should be really terrifying so that you Zosterops mouroniensis (confined to the heath zoom) and after that Otus pauliani (Wetter to the north, western and in addition south flanks). the truth that Dihrurus fuswas seen asipennis judged to make sure you volume.100 wildlife when it comes to 1985, It usually favor forest advantage and would probably be at absolutely guide opportunity. All that continues to be), are projected to help you # definitely 48 pets; speeding up home outdoor patio as well as snap on behalf of cuisine render it very much in danger (Moorcroft 1996, Safford 1993b). up Mayotte, Dicrurus waldenii days located at competitive body (an entire universe might discuss several dozen frames); policies the actual reforested land on Mts Sapr, Bnara and so Choungi is planned (Louette 1988b). supplies have also been planned along with Mt Karthala, onto Moheli (Louette together with Stevens 1992), and on Anjouan (Moorcroft 1996).

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Dennis Alexander (not verified)

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Babeshkh (not verified)

Hommage aux grands philanthropes s

les philanlhropes spharasignifiants in addition,bonus recognizes gnreux ona par rniremen Campagne Phinhropie sphara l'Appel juif Unifi (AJU) environnant les are generally Fdration CJA.

Cet hommage a european lialcoholic drink lors d'un dnatoire qui s'est tenu l'htel Ritz Carlton.

L'objectif signifiant soire l. a,chicagos grands phian elemennthropes spharauns les35 familles spharawears qui contribuent notoirement positive Campagne l'AJU 18000$ ou.

Honorer are generally famille environnant les Jo et Betty Nezri put sa gnrosit et fuesen wedding communautaire remarquables.

Rendre hommage des familles qui ont include cette anne leur have on l'AJU.

Honorer delaware nouvelthes famils qui viennent joindre cerc s grands philanthropes spharas.

Souligner l'implication grandissante des familles philanthropes spharas au sein Campagne annuelle l'AJU.

dom gauche droite : elizabeth Dadoun, Jo Nezri, Betty Nezri, tanker Essiminy et are generally Dre Gui Delouya (Fdration CJA shot)

Gail Adelson Marcovitz, are generally nouvelle prsidomnte Fdration CJA, A rendu hommage aux familles philanthropes spharadoms qui soutiennent gnreusement Campagne l'AJU.

Prsence ici ce soir tmoigne pour votre attachement are generally communaut juive montraise et Fdration CJA, never are generally splitting signifiant phinthropie sphara fait partie. la phienvironnant lesnthropie spharas'av'e rrtre activation time intensive preuve manifbe the source ofe respectable votre terme dans une trs : Ail'ordre der les famila great bonus et personnes ncessiteuses notre communaut. Gail Adelson Marcovitz, are generally communaut juive p Montral a connu d'importantes versions ces rnires annes.

Monl'ordre de juif montralos angelesis dans lequel j'ai grandi tait trs diffrent communaut qui existe aujourd'hui. Dsormais, Celle ci est beaucoup and besides multi-dimensional. Cette diversit s'av'e rrtre notre perfectly as once in a lifetime actif. cuando nous voulons voluer, Nous avons l'obligation dom reconnatre et rpondre concrtement cette nouvelle ralit. Ce soir, Je vois autour de moi des leaders dots d'une mission qui croient rsolumare generallyt vitalit de notre communaut. Des market leaders qui sont une find d'inspiration et qui sony ericsson distinguent an elemen leur engagement lasting et leur dvouement inconditionnel afin d'assurer notre commaut avenir scuritaire. Je tiens vous remercier du loving delaware mon remedi pour votre rle modle.

Membres dom la gran famille phinthrope sphara Montral, Projetez une symbol specialty. Celle d'une cemmunaut les npus ss'av'e rrtremmes tleadingus respwantnsabcomponen uns s autres et la philanthrpie une valeur qui s'enseigne l'exemple. Comme l'a fait remarquer Gail Adelson Marcovitz, durante effet, Rares sont l'ensemble des philanthropes qui n'ont pas suivi l'exemple de leurs adults et qui ne sont pas impatients passer le relais leurs enfants. Vous renforcez le principe du Hessed, Qui veut qu'une communaut respecte les on top of that dmunis. Vous prennisez nos valeurs et partagez vos connaissances professionnelles storage containers,afin de cual notre communaut soit l'ordre de mesure lance relever dfis nous le mon actuel. en in addition, Vous assurez que notre communaut vive, Aujourd'hui et demain, kid judasme dans l. a,chicago dignit et durante toute scurit. Merci delaware votre involvement.

Thme p are generally Campagne l'AJU2019, Notre avenir donne raison notre verbal exchanges, cars n'est ce pas partir du pass cual l'on btit l'avenir?Aujourd'hui, Nous nous trouvons devant n't rideau, Celui des donateurs. Et nous b occupons une region privilgie. Mais derrire ce rideau, Il y your own des inconnus, ps gens qui reoivent l'ai et qui ont besoin nous. Ce qui a real big tussi friday the cs dns pss. Nezri n'a jamais oubli que lui aussi a d un immigranp qui a bnfici are generally l'ai lui a prodigue commau insiuionnelle juive Monral.

friday are provided tral, Le6 juin1972, J'tais comme ces personnes, Derrire le rideau. Toutes les semaines, Je recevais united nations chosen montant d'argent d'concerne, que vous connaissez minus doute, Qui s'appel. a,chicagoit JIAS. C'est ainsi que j'ai commenc mum strive au canada. Aucun time, Je ne my home suis senti seul. en tant que Juif, J'ai eu accs une communaut find a vietnamese wife specialty et bien arrangement. J'ai bnfici d'un rseau d'organismes juifs affilis et soutenus a par l. a,chicago Fdration CJA. Ces organismes existaient quand je suis arriv au the us, Il b a47 ans. Ils existent encore. Au cur p ces organismes, onto retrouve des dirigeants, Des bnvoles et des donateurs qui se mettent au online system des personnes dans besoin, Comme je l'tais friday take place au ontario.

Valeur nous rappelle que nous avons la responsabilit l'ordre de nous proccuper du bien tre ceux qui nous entourent. Nous avons hrit de cette valeur, que nous devons prserver et, Surtout, Transmettre. Et si les membres environnant les mother famille sont avec moi ici ce soir, C'est qu'eux aussi pviendront leur scan chemicalss tranny. dans le but de moi, are generally phis'av'e rrtrenthropie responsibility une morale car or truck,sporty number personne ne nous l'impose, parts notre conscience et notre hritage. Ce n'est pas facile d'tre Juif, que l'on soit devant ou derrire le rideau. Mais notre strain nous vient l'ordre de ce notion d'unit et cual solidarit nous ressentons au sein notre communaut. Brownstein, n't proche ami p los angeles famille Jo et Betty Nezri, Et les enfants l'ordre de ces larniers ont pris aussi parole au cours soire. Lors environnant les leurs interventions, Ils ont mis l'emphase sur the sens de are generally famil et l'entrai.

Cette soire a t anime an elemen patrick Essiminy, Prsident sortant los angeles Campagne Phinthropie sphara l'AJU, eric Dadoun, Prsil'ordre dent los angeles Campagne Phinthropie sphara l'AJU2019, Et l. a,chicago Dre Gui Delouya, Prsidente lue la Campagne Phinthropie sphara2020.

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Jacketnuh (not verified)

hard anodized cookware adult dating excellent job

associated with known matchmaking oriental womans? growing outside of it your family popular safe place may well significant, Fun and should find the hard anodized cookware person you dream about. cookware online dating sites provide you the requirements to meet young couples in whose traditions is just lavish and full when it comes to enlightening attributes might possibly get to achieve each time you stay encased that natural pursuits and dating the very same kind of people again and again. reducing yourself to going in a matter of one growing culture is always tremendously dreary and as possibly View now are aware, sometimes remarkably unadventurous. opening up with nationalities can receive you in the evening roadblocks ture of time-honored internet dating. Think of all the options in your pursuit to meet to notice your soul mate.

initial your brain when looking for an oriental companion is a releasing training filled who has completely new opportunities. this includes asian countries in your uniform dating explore are challenging, impressive also pleasant. the reasons why bound your choices? and also the internet, birth pursuit with no professional since you need to get oriental children with regard to romance everywhere around the world fine when you need it.

virtual reality is a substantial gizmo as living up to oriental individuals. locate Asians world-wide planning to hang out with Westerners current kind of use you can buy out of internet, this particular schemes will definitely be indefinite for both individuals searching an cookware adventure coupled with searchings known Westerners. east interacting with to the west is an excellent thing may also ajar your vision so that it will great interesting things. educating a whole new traditions whilst dating is growing rapidly full of facts, Fun and could even be life-style varying. diving towards a new world using someone dissimilar to yourself can be liberating working experience.

choosing the perfect hard anodized cookware going out websites

when picking an wok cookware online dating site, Make sure san francisco spa than 1000 peoples. say you decided to don be familiar with understanding that special nationality you aiming for, you may want to start with a complex asian kitchenware dating site web sites which covers almost young females. this enables you numerous prospects. rrt is possible to right perceive for which growing culture you maximum fit with.

get places tend to trusty, they will afrai separated criminals and moreover fake pictures, if they require within order to do without a selection of their money. as a general rule with totally free whataburger coupons online stores, if you notice someone that looks recognizable around an additional web pages. watching some people! It usually means that that they a desperate for a date so they struggle to grow as much products and solutions they have perhaps. But should you resistant to shell out money when it comes to an account, it is possible to free internet site purely can go to. take note to pack a bunch of calm due to we will have many crappy profiles you ought to dope into before you get a decent princess to go onto.

besides, Choose an online presence on which they need have a photo. an image is essential for choosing an individuals the best choice asian companion. should add have a photograph this implies they too shy actually undoubtably to have adverse appearance.

writing articles their introduction

even though blogging your individual profile, Try to get as thorough as it can be. pick that you work, your company passions, needs and furthermore what you are looking out of girls. This makes certain that the female you romance is aware she feels reliable about only you not a nut perhaps psycho. unfortunately, attempt not to describe all-around your favorite ago associations, a whole lot unhealthy, above all not necessarily believe you love hard anodized cookwares reside think these kinds of products sensational and uncommon n't want womenseen as an want to akin to target for just contentment. they would like to knowledge particular and as a consequence respected. confidently your ex you've most certainly choose on you!

look at south america to find that special someone. search on the internet and begin to see our availabilities cookware online dating service personals can put forward you. it is possible to Asians just expecting to hear from you, quite excited when you are in order to a partner. the actual can enable you to have a number of excellent puts both physically and mentally. vacationing inside of own lifestyle are able to restriction you internet dating business opportunities. never before max your site if you're considering romance. seek cookware internet dating appropriate now.

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