credit Unions offerign High Interest checking

Submitted by sunnyca on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 18:08

I was surprised to see this, but it was nice. I thought I will hsare this with the rest here

There are lot of credit unions who are offering interest rate up tpo 5% on a checkign account even in this market when the interest rates are really low

They have some catch - you need to have soem direct depost and this is offered if you keep atleast $25,000/-.
But you cna open accoutn with as low as $25/-

You will need to use the check card 10 times in a month etc

Feel free to share yoru experiance

i would love to get into a Credit Union. the town, where I live, you need to be 'associated' with a company, university, etc., to become a member.

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That's in Phoenix anyone can join. You may want to contact all of the credit unions in your area and see if they can allow you in.

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Rememebr all the credit unions are not offerign this

This offer is very specific to limited credit unions

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