Does Small Debt help in getting huge Debts???

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Hello Everyone,

I have been saving a small amount of debt since my working days and it has grown in to a good amount, as i have been saving a little amount of money monthly, i am thinking of investing it.

What do you suggest?? do i need to invest in for good returns or shall i keep saving these small amount to make a large amount.


My appologies Dorothy but I don't think your post makes any sense? Did you mean that you "have been saving a small amount of money"??

If that's what you meant you should be very cautious as to where you invest your money if you decided to. There isn't much giving good returns right now and nothing is gaurenteed.

If you're conservative and plan on saving your money for retirement you may consider something simple like an IRA CD. Sure that rate's are pretty low right now but the tax benefits may help as well.

Just some thoughts...

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I think she meant she had some savings and from small amounts she got to a good one and she is wondering where to invest.

Am I correct ?

Debt Settlement

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When you have a good amount of savings there are various ways to invest it.

I recommend going with save investments, with little risk like the stock market.

Instead go with US Bonds, CD's or Treasury Bills.

Also you could put the money into an IRA or a Roth IRA.

* IRA takes taxes out when you withdraw the money at the end.
* Roth takes taxes out at the start of the account.

I think the Roth is the better deal, pay now instead of later. Also if you put in a Roth, you can't take the money back out - it is for retirement, if you take it out for an emergency - you loose a percent of the earnings.

Another good investment is a Medical Savings Account, this goes in addition to your current medical insurance, but if you don't use all of the funds in a given year it will roll over to the next year.

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