Does any property based investment gives you dwelling along

Submitted by CORA on Sat, 07/19/2008 - 07:15

I want to ask you all available here that is there any actual property based investment which will provide me property (i.e. dwelling basically) along with money in profit. Any help will be grateful.

You may want to go to the mortgage forum and ask this type of question, you can access it at the top of the page.

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True, that is a good forum if you need information on mortgage.

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Yes, you can invest your money in real estate as if you purchase a duplex or even an apartment you can reside in it and rest of the property you can give it on rent or lease. That means it will give you double profit, dwelling including rent amount for the real estate purchase. I think it will be a consecrate for you.

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Hi Cora
I agree with Marios. You can invest by purchasing an apartment or a small house and use it both as your dwelling and as an instrument for earning money. You can give a part of your apartment or house as a rent and earn money from there.

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You see alot of this near beach communities also. They buy a house and divide it into 4 apaprtments. They keep one and reant the other three all year long. I was talking to a guy who did this when we were in OC this year and he made it seem really profitable,

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I can't even imagine what the taxes are on beach front property along with the house value, ouch!!!!!!!!!!

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On a small house with 4 apartments, not in the best shape but OK, beachside not beach front....$2000 per apartment. I asked.Nosy huh?

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Is that $2000 an apartment? My god, that guy is probably making a killing, smart cookie, huh.

I guess if you are smart enough to make the right investments, then you reap the rewards for it.

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Cost of living is probably pretty high in that area too, so it would be expensive to live there also.

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It woluld be but if you went across the bay for groceries and stuff you would be alright. their gas prices there are only a couple cents more than ours. I think it would be a wise investment myself if I had 180 grand for one condo. I have seen signs down there this year for condos going upwards of $480 000. I had to laugh cause my brother thought it was for the whole huge condominium complex until I pointed out that it said "per unit". Ideas left his head really quick.

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As many mambers reflected this question to be in mortgage forum. But still I would like to answer this question.

As the investment in property is very good option as per my opinion. Its long term benefit in terms of money. You can term it as long term investment. I will support your decesion in investment in property.

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