need help with credit problems

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need help mabaging money for a family of four with one income

Hii Joseph Bennett

You should manage your expenses.

You should plan weekly or monthly budget and follow it strictly.

If your expenses are more than earnings try to do some extra work . See this link for making extra money.

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I agree with Richard. You must sit down, write things out, make a budget and stick with it. Everything must be planned, outings, you name it, no, no, splurge spending. Keep a notebook, right down every penny you spend.

Look over what debt's can be knocked out first. Example you have two credit cards, one has a 250 balance, the other 2500, knock out the $250.00 balance, then, add this money to your payment on the other debt, when I say I mean, combine.

If you're married, is there anything the other spouse can do, even taking in kids;-) a part time job while your home so there is no day care expense, just a thought.

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Rammed (not verified)

Hi everyone,

I have two jobs going. However i am unable to meet the ends. We are a family of six. Our father, mother and we are four brothers and sisters. Two brothers are young still at school, sister just got a new job. We are living on my earnings and kelly will be paying from next payday.

I feel sorry i have to let her do that. Can anyone suggest how can i pull everything together. I have never lived upon credit. I dont have a single debt. But i have to spend all that i earn. no savings at all. How will I manage all this?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hello Rammed,

I am sorry to hear that you're stuck. At least you are not in debt, which is a great thing.

I was looking at this topic and found some information that can help me out ( I hope that there is something for you there as well :D

The only other thing that I can think of is for you or your spouse to try find a better paid job, or a job that can give you overtime. Overtime is a time and a half, remember :D Try to obtain some kind of certification in your field that can help you on your resume. Or try to find a job off the books where you will be paying less taxes, and will possibly receive a better return due to a lower income.

Keep hanging in there!

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Well, not trying to be a smart tail....I know...for a change...

But have you ever thought about a paper route... several years ago I had one and made about an extra $850 a month... helped out a bunch... but it was a PITA getting up so dang early...

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Really Sun, you did that well? I have a dumb ?. My dad about 50 plus years ago was a paperboy..and he had to deal with people not paying. do you find anymore that the newspaper itself collects and you don't have to? or do they still ask the paper delivery person to collect? i know it's hard to wake up that early but i may be able to handle it good thought and i don't think you're being a smarty tail at all. good suggestion really and reasonable

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In my case most of the people paid the paper directly... So, I did very little collecting....if any at all.. But, I knew who didnt pay....;-)

I had give up the paper route gig... the primary job I had (still have the job but different part of the country) basically worked me long hours (OT)... so getting up at 3 in the morning and hitting the sack at 10-11 sucked.... plus it was winter!!! LOL...

But, anyway, it did pay off a couple of credit cards....

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hmmm that's neat! thanks for the response. a big relief to me that the paper does the collecting, that was so hard on my dad plus he was very young and of course people gave him excuses. and if he didn't get paid by someone it would usually come out of his own pocket. they are constantly advertising for part time delivery people for our local paper, high turnover i guess. I may look into it. hoping that another job materializes for me. have an interview, well 2nd interview, this coming friday. am excited!!

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WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK for friday debt. Keep us posted.

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Budgeting is very hard for me as well! However, I do my bi-weekly budget in MS Excel and I adjust it as needed based on home much we earn. I try to write down everything, but I just don't have the time. I know it's the best thing you can do so you are accountable. You don't have a good idea of what you spend unless you are writing it down. Also, if you have to write it before you spend it, you start second guessing your impulse purchases because you don't really want to write them down.

You should commit to that for one month. If your financials don't improve you should sit down with a debt counselor. I'm not talking about a "buy here pay and here we can fix it all" type, I'm talking about a true debt counselor who would love to take a look at that 30 day journal to help you analyze what you can change.

THAT SAID, that was much easier to say. I'm the WORST at sticking to my budget. I can write it all out, but from there I'm like a kid with money burning in my pocket. I love to spend, and if I have the extra cash, I will spend it!

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Can you tuck the money away in a safe spot, start a savings account and call it a bill if you have too. Convince your self that your savings is as important as the rest of your bills, you will see it build really quickly. One thing that I do is to collect as much change as possible, I find it harder to count out change then to pull out a buck. If you had to take $15 worth of change to pay for something, you are more than likely not going to do it. So, with that being said, make your savings all in change, weather it be a jar in your kitchen or an old fashion penny bank, if you have ten dollars to put in, ask for a roll of dimes at the bank instead of the ten dollar bill. I tend to save better this way. Just a thought.

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Hi folks
new to the forum
i'm conquering the debt and credit thing, and i'll be sharing my experiences from time to time

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Welcome to the forum, I hope that you will find the forum not only useful but a great learning experience also. People here have learned and shared their experiences here to help others. I think that you will find that it is a pleasant place to be as well as a great place to learn about taking care of debt and building credit.

Again, welcome aboard, glad to have you here.

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me too and get to contribute a lot too, you develop a lot of good friendships here.

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You have done a good question, it’s really interesting. If you get any good reply, so please let me know. So I’ll also get some good idea.
Thanks for your future help.

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Hi andrew000,

welcome to the forum, I hope that you find it useful and informational. There are alot of good people here who have been through a lot of debt problems who share their real life stories in order to help others. Again, welcome aboard, I hope you find it enlightening.

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yes, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy yourself here and learn lots of good stuff, share your personal experience and stay with us for a long time.

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The longer you are a part of the forum the more you learn and just when you think you have learned all you can...surprise..there is more to learn.

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I know I came here with problems, got some really good advice, put it to work and then came back on to help others who are in the same boat I was a year or so ago. The people here are really helpful and are not judgemental at all.

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You are right. The most interesting part of this creditmagic forum is that the most participants here has sometime or the other faced with credit problems before and so can help people to get out of the situation. It is a wonderful place for learning too. I have learned many things about credit from this forum.

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Very true all. I still get some confusion but I have not found another website that has given mme the guidance that I found here.

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True, if you lay it all out there, you will get tons of good information and advice, I have learned and given alot of good conversation here.

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Hopefully the web site is expanding and more people know it is out there to help out.

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