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I hope this is okay to post these, but they really are great resources. is a great resource for recycling/receiving free items that would otherwise go to the trash. You can get virtually anything from there; depending on how generous people in your community are. I have received clothes, a couch, a working refridgerator, and alot more really awesome things that I needed & would have otherwise had to spend money on. is a place for discounted, quality food. Everyone is eligible for food from them. Check out your local host sites. They provide a monthly menu to purchase; as well as monthly specials. You pay for the food & pick up when the shipment comes in. It is a great resource for people who are not eligible for govt. help [food stamps], etc. Their menus are based on a family of 4 for a week. But a budget friendly, meal planner person could use the angel food menu as a main source for food & buy additional food items elsewhere to make the food stretch for an entire month. I personally, have yet to use this resource, but I plan to in the future. They accept food stamps too for those of you who do get them.

Does anyone else use these resources? Are there others out there like these? How much are you saving by using them?

I suppose I have saved thousands of dollars by freecycling [couch, fridge arent cheap!] & I have contributed to the community by freecycling my unwanted/un-needed goods.

Hi marcusandila,

Is this resource for everyone or just certain states. Where the unfortunate can go once a month and get like can foods.dried beans,and rice ect. And we have a Goodwill store where people donate things and they sell the stuff really cheep.Believe it or not we don't even have a homeless shelter. Where I may end up if I don't find work.

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Yes. It's for everyone [I think!?] I don't work for them or anything to know to much about it. It is supposed to be a nation-wide ministry in the US. If you go to their website, you can find a local host site in your area based on your zipcode. Some host sites will even take online payments so you dont have to go to the actual site; except once a month for your order.

Let me know if there are host sites in your area. I'm curious now if they ARE everywhere. I thought they were...

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Wow I just checked out both sites and there is a angle food ministry not even five minutes from my house and the food is a great deal. The other one is about 45 minutes from my house but if you need food that's not that bad. This goes to show you how much I know about what is going on around here. Thanks for the information I will have to check them out.

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Hi Marcusandila,

No, I have not used these sites. But now that you have given so much of valuable information, I think I am going to check these out.

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marcusandila ,
Thank you for the information. Many these days are finding themselves in need of many items like discounted food and free household items. The economy hit my area hard since a lot of businesses shut their doors. It is good to know their and people and places out there willing to help.

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You're all welcome. Glad I could help. I'm just curious about what other resources are out there. I found out about both of the ones I listed through word of mouth. So, I figured the best resources are word of mouth only- no advertising. ??

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