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JOINED:  28 January 2009
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Posts by Oscar1987
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Posted: Mon Apr 5 10:35:01 2010 these accts are charged off. here are the ..
Posted: Sun Apr 4 8:20:50 2010 what is ..
Posted: Sun Apr 4 8:18:05 2010 I live in NC these are all credit card ..
Posted: Sun Apr 4 7:02:12 2010 I just now turned 23, made a lot of mistakes with ..
Posted: Sun Apr 4 6:48:23 2010 what is happening is that I changed the due date ..
Posted: Sat Apr 3 4:36:39 2010 I checke credit report with all three bureaus and ..
Posted: Sat Apr 3 4:16:36 2010 this happened to me with BBT bank, I was not able ..
Posted: Sat Feb 20 8:36:06 2010 i ended up going to an very good attorney, and i ..
Posted: Wed Jan 28 4:53:18 2009 Here is my situation, i was getting ready to file ..
Posted: Wed Jan 28 1:08:32 2009 well...first they will mess your credit report ..

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