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Credit report

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Subject: Credit report
Posted on Mon Mar 05, 2007 5:49 pm  

My question is there is an account from Bally total fitness which was a mistake on my part anyways I never paid one payment on the account which was opened in Dec of 1999. I received my free credit report last year and have been clearing up the negative items on it , but the Ballys account is showing as an accoutn in good standing Status is transfered closed. Creditors statement " Account transfered to another lender." If i have never paid anything nor spoke to a credit or or bally's about this account should it not be in the negative accounts on my report. Also being that it is so old should it be taken off my credit report now? Any and all help would be appreciated. Oh and i foung out whom has the account now Assetacceptance llc! Thnak you for any and all help in this matter.


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Posted on Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:43 am  

I'm taking a stab but I'm guessing it's experian reporting the negative in the positive section...
Is it actually reporting as a positive or as a derogatory tradeline? You opened the account in 1999 but when was the first date of delinquency on this account? You could attempt to dispute with the credit reporting agency as obsolete.

ETA: I overlooked you said it is being reported by Asset. If the account is not removed due to being obsolete, you may want to send a debt validation to asset.

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