Identity Theft and Collections

Submitted by texlzrdldy on Fri, 04/13/2007 - 16:48

I'm a victim of identity theft and after almost a year of trying to resolve this, Sprint Wireless has turned me over to UFC a collection agency. I have never received written notice from Sprint or UFC. Only a nasty phone call from UFC in Jan. Help!

They cannot sell an account which was opened fraudulently. Did you file police report when the ID Theft occurred? Send them a cease and desist letter stating you are not responsible for the account as it was the result of a stolen identity. BTW, have they reported to credit bureaus? Have you checked your credit reports at recent times?

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Stanley is right. Btw, after the first contact by the collection agency (phone call), they are required by law to send you a letter (usually a dunning letter) stating the original creditor and amount you allegedly owe. Obviously they haven't done this. If contacted again I would offer to sue them if I were you for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (each violation worth $1000 to you). In doing my research, there seems fo some reason to be a lot of boggus Sprint and MCI accounts purchased by such companies as Calvary Portfolio, etc.

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Jeffrie (not verified)

Here's what happened to me. Someone in Houston, TX ( I live in Dallas/FT Worth) walked into a Sprint Wireless store and bought 5 new phones & lines on my account and ran them up. They did it again a few days later, 5 more phones & lines. Then they did it again! For a total of 15 new phones & lines on my account. They changed my address to one in Houston. When I noticed this on the first bill I received noting this I called Sprint. The CSR stated, " You are not allowed to have more than 5 phones/lines on one account!" I asked her, if that were true I wouldn't have this problem at all!! After numerous phone calls they removed 10 phones & 10 lines, stated the others would be removed within 90 days. The "Fraud Dept" was handling. The CSR I spoke with could not do anthing other than make notes & forward info on. She told me I would have to go into a local Sprint store and speak with someone there and be sure to bring an ID or they couldn't help me!!!! Obviously this did not happen in the Houston store. After numerous attemps I was never able to reach a person in the "Fraud Dept". I never filed a police report as I was not requested to do so by Sprint and I felt it was their problem since someone was stealing from them and they knew it. The end of September, I sent them a letter, explained my concern about what had happened & the crappy customer service & cancelled my service at the end of my contract and moved my number to another company. This was all done last year May through September. I have not received any written notification from Sprint other than a shut off notice and subsequent shut off for non payment end of August last year which prompted me to cancel. The phone calls from UFC began in Jan of this year. I have requested written notice of any debt owed by me multiple times...I have not received anything...only more phone calls. I give up. I would love to sue their butts off! I will file a complaint with the FTC. Thank you for your support and help.

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Rose Heatherly (not verified)

How do I find a form to send to Sprint along with the police report?
The bill they sent me was 659.50.

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Hi Rose,

Can I know what kind of form you are talking about?



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crorkz (not verified)

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Jason4002 (not verified)

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