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Arbitration Letter

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Subject: Arbitration Letter
Posted on Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:26 pm  

I received an National Arbitration Letter from Zwicker and Assoc and they said I have 30 days to reply. Can I send them a letter asking them to verify that they own this debt or are they actually working for the credit card company which is Chase? I don't want to go beyond the 30 days so if I don't get a reply from them will the 30 days still be from the time I got the Arbitration letter or will it begin after they get my letter and they reply? I haven't ever gotten one of these and I here they can really get you if you don't do everything right.


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Posted on Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:33 am  

Yes, you can definitely send a debt validation letter within 30 days from the date you have received the letter from Zwicker and Associates. While validating the debt, they must provide you with details that Chase has sold off the debt to them and a copy of the original signed contract between you and Chase.
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Posted on Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:29 pm  

Since you have received an arbitration claim, you should respond with the time allowed for the same i.e 30 days from the date you have received the letter from Zwicker and Associates. This is because if you fail to respond within the 30 day period there may be an arbitration award against you. On the arbitration form you can deny the claim if you do not agree with it. After filing the response, you can send a debt validation letter to Zwicker and Associates by certified mail.
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Posted on Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:58 pm  

You should have plent of time to get a response from the validation letter. Once you file it can take a while for the matter to actually hit the courtroom. Whe it does I would take what they sent you as validation. This is because these places do not always, actually rarely, properly validate. A copy of the ORIGINAL contract signed with Chase is proper validation but some will just send copies of bills hoping the person will believe it is proper validation. If this is done then you will win due to the fact they did not properly validate..they also must do it in the thirty days.

Posted on Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:33 pm  

I reached an informal agreement with Chase to accept accepting monthly payments from me on the same day I got and Abritration letter from the Claimants Attorney.
Chase Attorneys is aware of the agreement and payments being accepted by Chase I provided them with proof of payments, but they are still trying to Arbitrate without any proof of me signing and arbitration agreement.

Am I still Obligated to participate in arbitration if I did not sign a contract and the Attorneys have none of my records from Chase?
My account is closed and charged off with Chase, they still own the account and is accepting my payments

The Claimant file the Case 3 months ago. I ask for proof of my signature on any documents with Chase. the Attorney had none. the Attorney has now ask for a 90 extension to see if they can find copy's of original documents that I ask for.
Am I obligated to Participate in and Arbitration when there is no proof filed and I have and informal agreement with Chase who is accepting payment from me.
ed that their request be denied they have not proven their Case provided any evidence of any contract that I have signed that they file their complaint 3 months ago with no proof now that I have ask for proof they are trying to buy more time

Subject: Zwicker/Citibank
Posted on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:50 pm  

I got a discovery letter to answer questions from Zwicker & Associates. It is dated June 16 but I have not had 30 days to respond. I responded today but did not mail it, when I got home I got a copy of letter to court asking for them to agree with them for failure to comply. Should I fax my answers to them and mail to court tomorrow?


Joined: 08 Feb 2010
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Subject: Zwicker/Citibank
Posted on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:35 am  

Hi Kbea,

Can you please be more specific on what do you mean by
It is dated June 16
Do you mean that you needed to answer it back within June 16, or it came dated on June 16?


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Posted on Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:03 pm  

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We may have to explain the basement walls of our legal system to an entire generation :S

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100% agree with you on more contraceptive choice being a positive thing though. Way delinquent.

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Posted on Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:12 am  

issues a gun in your dating profile

There are all kinds of photos that don't belong in internet dating profiles: of the shirtless selfie; The faraway shot or the artsy pic where it's hard to tell what that person looks like; The group shot where it is difficult to tell whose profile it is; The photo with a child where it's to tell if that's a nephew or a son; Or anything with eyewear. (if you cannot look me in the eye while mediated by a screen, How will put it into practice in person?)

But the photo I swipe left on virtually every time? A man and his awesome gun. sure enough, even when he's "Just hunting,

I'm not against dating a gun owner. The man I dated of late was in the military and, I learned as I got to be familiar with him, Kept an unloaded gun within his house. We matched on Bumble, Where most of his report photos were travel shots; My opening message to him noted that I had recently been to Petra, Jordan though my trip was first far too brief! He did not display a photo of themselves with a weapon.

If running a gun isn't a dealbreaker, Why do I swipe left on men who include images of them with firearms in their dating profiles? Dating profiles are meant to portray the important aspects of someone's life, Says internet dating coach Laurie Davis, originator of eFlirt Expert. friends and family, somebody happens upon your profile and thinks, i could see myself being a part of that life and enjoying it.

"Posting a photo with a gun is a polarizing experience for people, Davis expresses, Regardless of whether that profile belongs to a guy or a girl. "It's a very aggressive photo for a platform where the aim is for you to find love,

If the web dater likes hunting and wants to portray that in their profile, Davis recommends posting a photo in camouflage in contrast to, nstead of, rather than holding a gun.

When revealing such photos with her clients, Davis probably ask: "How often are genuinely hunting? If it's a huge part of your own, Perhaps it's a vital photo to post, So you know that part of your true self would be accepted by whoever you date. But if it's something you do once a year, Then perhaps you want to leave it off currently so polarizing,

There's a big difference between a man who happens to own a gun vs. A man who includes his love of firearms in his dating profile. warriors says: Guns are a big percentage of my life. In exactly as my Bumble guy's profile said: Traveling is a huge part of my life.

If you're not international dating, will possibly not realize how common it is to swipe through profiles with guns: they may be images of someone hunting or practicing at a shooting range, but sometimes it's just an image of a gun or two, nobody in the photo. i asked Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match and Hinge whether or not they kept data on such profiles, And none had any they can share.

The ubiquity of the gun photo differs simply by where you're swiping. (remember, there are niche dating sites for gun enthusiasts who strictly want to find love with other gun enthusiasts.)

My Bumble guy might spend an intermittent afternoon at a shooting range, But by the time we brought up this, It was a small piece of real info within the larger picture of who he was. Online dating profiles offer sound bites about a person as opposed to a nuanced debate about gun control that maybe you have over dinner or drinks. When gun ownership is among the first things I learn someone complain about, It becomes a much bigger piece of a narrower portrayal, A visual which says: gals, study me and my gun(s). I'm very masculine and very dangerous.

so what? That's not what these men mean to convey with images of each other hunting or practicing at the shooting range? I hear whom.

But here's what these men might not realize when they cook these profiles: As a girl, I'm already very aware that I could be the target of violence at any time whether I'm walking home at night or I'm out with a Tinder date. To be seeking love, from the internet or anywhere else, means at best I meet the love of my life. perfect!

At unappealing, I meet someone who sends me unsolicited pictures of his genitalia (according to Match, About half of single women have received one); a person who stalks latino dating or harasses me; someone who assaults me; a person who is verbally or physically abusive. Perhaps I escape that abusive broken relationship alive (Though half of female homicides are perpetrated by a newly released or former male intimate partner). Perhaps that ex procedes gun down strangers at a concert or a softball game. As far as you may know, The Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock didn't have a medical history of domestic violence, But perpetrators of mass shootings many times do. The examiner of a Starbucks Paddock frequented said she witnessed Paddock verbally abusing his girlfriend.

Swiping right only on profiles created from puppies or smiling babies won't guarantee happy outcomes. But when I see weapons on an uniform dating app a platform where I'm already on high alert it doesn't exactly make me feel safe.

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