How to get a personal loan with really bad credit

Submitted by bilitc on Thu, 01/25/2007 - 18:38

I am in need of money, but my credit is really really bad, i had a baby 11 months ago and we are still trying to catch up on our mortage and car payment and we can't seem to get help from anyone! What can I do, our crdit is horrible with us being late on our mortgage and our car, can anyone tell me if i can get a personal loan. Oh yeah my best friend is getting married and i am the maid of honor and its in Vegas, another expense...please help.

Leyla (not verified)

I am a 26 year old and in my adolecence Ive been irresponsible in taking care of my financial matters. Now that im trying to get on my feet my past is coming back to haunt me. I need to find a program to work with me, I really need to clean up my credit. Anyone with any suggestions would be appreciated..

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Hi Bilitc,

I am in need of money, but my credit is really really bad, i had a baby 11 months ago and we are still trying to catch up on our mortage and car payment and we can't seem to get help from anyone! What can I do, our crdit is horrible with us being late on our mortgage and our car, can anyone tell me if i can get a personal loan. Oh yeah my best friend is getting married and i am the maid of honor and its in Vegas, another expense...please help.

Most financial institutions will not extend new credit to someone with bad credit. You will have to repair your credit in order to get the best deals from any lender. There are many scam companies and pdl lenders who take advantage of people facing financial crisis. Be careful of being scammed.

At this point, if any company is willing to give new loan, it will be at very high interest rate because of your low credit scores. It will cost more while paying your overall debts.

I will strongly recommend you to take some active steps and repair your credit. List all the accounts and call your creditors for payment arrangements. The creditors will update with the bureaus after each payment and your scores will go up. Your credit worthiness will also start improving over a period of time.

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Rockwell (not verified)

Leyla, first call your creditors and propose your payment arrangements. Most creditors are willing to work with people who try to pay off their debts. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with the plan. If you are not ok, consult a debt professional. He will arrange better deals with your credit companies.

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ladycochran (not verified)

i have some things that i would like to pay off and start to rebuild my life. i know what i did wrong and want repeat the mistakes that i made. i would like an unsecured loan. please some one give me a chance. i have applied for loans and have been told that i would have to put up insurance money up front. what is the use for a loan? thank you ladycochran

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ladycochran, the loan you have described is a scam. Consider or Be advised that unsecured loans with bad credit carry high interest rates, and often become a burden themselves...
Debt consolidation or bankruptcy might be better solutions for you.

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Hello Ladycochran,

Mrnstar is right. For giving out loans you do not need to pay for anything. They are certainly scams. Why dont you try a credit union. However be sure for any loan with bad credit, the rate of interest will be high.

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I know when I had bad credit I had to put something up for collateral.

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bcblook (not verified)

i need help finding a business loan fast
i have bad credit no ones fault but my own i make my payments on my mortgages with no problems, but the credit cards over took me.
i had to purchase equipment to keep our business running. banks would not give us loans due to the type business we have. so i went to credit cards and they got out of hand. i started a new business back in feb 09 and we need to exspand if we do not expand we could loose every thing i put into this new business. if ai can get this business loan we get these debits paid off and exspand at the same time im even put up my other business as collatieral can you recommend a bank or loan co. any one

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james howie (not verified)

i need a unsucured personnal loan i have bad credit but need loan to bring chinese wife back to scotland can any compay help with finance

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alc (not verified)

there is no way to get help or loan with bad cradit and if they ask for money up front it's a scam so watch it

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Mr Fredment Wonda (not verified)

Good Day To You All

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angie (not verified)

I have to have some major dental work done. The problem is I have really bad credit. Is there any dentist out there in Ga that can help. I have a job now and can pay something but it would have to be in installments. I am really desperate.

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WARNING!!! I would warn ANYONE who gives this person your information, etc. 'You' have no idea who he/she is. I actually recieved the same post, in my 'Spam' mail!! I would advise anyone to stay away!! first of all, if you have bad credit, it is almost impossible for you to get a loan at 3%. How do you know what this person is going to do WITH your info, once he/she has it? I see the OP does NOT have a number the 'public' can call them, only an address. This is really a SCAM, I think.

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I believe I would check to see what your score is first if its not to bad you can try American General or maybe Beneficial but I would let them know score first because I personally wouldn't want my credit pulled if its going to be a waste of time. If you have time I would try to bring my score up first and then apply. But years ago I had loans with both of them and they are more likely to give you a loan than a bank.

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great advice debra, I always like to know ahead of time what I am in for. Having your score ahead of time will save you a lot of embarrassment and humiliation if it is low. You will have time to try and raise it so that you have a better chance at success.

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mr sam (not verified)

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Hello, MRSAM. I don't thnk your post is very appropriate. People are on this forum to deal with the debt they already have...not get into MORE debt, with scammers like you. Actually..your 'ad' came up on my 'Spam' e-mail, at one time. STOP preying on people.

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MilitaryFamily (not verified)

Something happened with our accounts and now I owe $7000 to our bank and now they gave me 10 days to pay it or else my husband who is deployed and has been in the military for 20yrs is going to get into alot fo trouble and I may face jail time, please tell who I can go to get a loan?

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@ Leyla: Depending on how past due your accounts do pull a free credit report from annual credit report dot com. These are free once a year. I would print off one report (totals 3) every 4 months within that year, and clean it up and make sure the information is correct. Get familar with the laws of your state regarding credit/debt for the consumer. Never throw a statement away.
Most of all, see what you can work on and clean up on the past due one by one, or two by whatever. Depending on your disposable income. Never say to much over the phone, get everything in writing. Some companies will push you some will really help you. It think it is helpful going thru the forums and seeing what you may need to do. Such as you might need to cease and desist on the communication, or a Debt Validation letter may benefit you. Know the fair debt act, etc.

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I have a loan that I am currently one month behind on, this is the first time that I have gotten behind, was never even a day late before, now the phone is ringing off the hook daily, I tried to explain the situation that I have just had a new baby and that I will get things caught up here this month. I wish I had good enough credit to get a lower rate on it. I have been paying for years and the balance has not moved at all, seems like a forever debt to me, I will take it to my grave with me. Is there light at the end of the tunnel for me, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get them to lower my rate so I can breathe here. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance--zack

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It can be frustrating when a company that you have been with for years will not work something out with you. Have you asked them if you could just make a principle payment, that way you will be paying on the bill and you can catch the intrest up a little later on when things get better. This may at least stop the phone calls.

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pumpkin (not verified)

hello,could anyone please advice on how to build credit if only 19, i have never had a credit card or had a loan, and i really dont know how to start building my credit thank you, also does paying your bills in time will reflect in my credit, for example my cell phone, my water and gas.. utilities..
thank you

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MILITARYFAMILY........I have a question. What happened that you owe your bank $7000.00?! Was this an 'all of a sudden' thing? You said your husband is deployed. Well.....I was deployed, at one time, as well. NOTHING will happen to your husband because of 'circumstances beyond his control', he was deployed. Are you his POA (I'm assuming?). If you are, while HE is gone, the bank will look at YOU to take care of the issue, not HIM. Can you tell us what happened?

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Josie (not verified)

I have really poor credit.its 504 I cant do anything about it just now as i just got a new job three month ago i am having trouble getting on my feet.but i need a car bad.banks wont help because of certain outstanding dept.What can I do?

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Hi Josie,

To qualify for a loan you need to have a much higher score. So, you need to repair your credit score. To better your score should continue to pay those on which you are current. Payment history plays the most important part in development of credit score. Along with this, you can try to pay off the outstanding debt that you owe. If you find it impossible to pay the debts, you can get into a settlement with your creditor and collection agency. Settlement will lower your outstanding debt amount by 40-60%.

However, to increase your credit score, you need to have a lot of patience.

Hope this helps



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(I realize this is an older post..) Usually, when you apply for a loan, of course, the Lender checks your Credit. The first thing, on your CR, is your 'income to debt ratio'. I'm finding that out by dealing with my Credit ALOT more than before. However....someone, above, has the 'right thinking'....slowly, but surely, you need to pay your debt down. The LOWER your debt, the HIGHER your score will become.

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raynette bates (not verified)

I am a new student at the age of 44,bad credit from former marriage, I need to move but not enough money for the short time I have..... I need unsucure loan...

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This is not a place for loans, however you can get some good tips here on rebuilding your credit.

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Hello, GN!! "tips on re-building your credit." Ain't that the truth!!LOL Found out my Credit scores are alot higher now..really been working on them!! Doing pretty well, so far.

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That is great news sdchargers, good to be chatting with you.

Mine have come up but I need a little more work, LOL. I will get there soon.

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In the last year (or so..maybe longer) each of my Credit scores have gone up almost 100 pts!! Really thrilled about this!! Been paying down car loan, school loan, etc. Really getting my Credit 'back on track'..

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I've never dealt with Prosper before. But, I DO hear, if you have bad credit, they are MORE likely to help if a bank or credit union cannot. one of the posts above, there is an individual who claims they are a 'loan lender'. My advice?/...stay away from them. They are a great big scam and they won't help at all!! There is no such thing as a "miracle loan." Usually places like hese, you have to pay ome kind of fee, etc. IF they are legit..I don't think so.

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OutOfOptions (not verified)

I retired 2 1/2 years ago due to health problems. When I retired, I had credit card debt and was paying for a car. I now have terrible credit because I have not been able to keep up the $30 - $50 dollard per mo. CC payments pluse my car payment. I need to get a lump sum to pay off my creditors and still be able to live on my social security. If combined, I could afford to pay $300 per month comfortably.

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G-LUPE (not verified)

I am interested in applying a personal loan with your company but the issue is I have bad credit. I been repairing my depths for the past two years but in the last two years my credit had been hit for late payments, going to collection agencies and so fort. I am in an urgent need of a $12,000 personal loan with your financing company and I want to first check and ask for "pre-approval" if I will get qualified for the loan.

Just for your information, last time I check my credit score it was 575,575 and 590.

Does any one know where can I get a personal loan in my situation?

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car (not verified)

I'm 21 and I can't even keep my money it goes to bills everywhere at 18 I had to move out and i have had two jobs since 16 to support my family what can I do to help myself money wisr

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cgurl (not verified)

hello everyone i recently did a loan thing with some and they ask me for 200 for them to send a loan for 2000. i sen the hundred but refuse to send other. because deal was i send 100 and i get it but never did is that a scam

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Han (not verified)

My bf got debt from credit card n per week he paid about 100$-200$, now we need get marriage but no money..he applied some credit union, may I know how much he can get loan?? How long it take?? He works as processing food in grocery store

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Christopher Tatum (not verified)

I lost my job a couple months ago. I trying to get back on my feet please help.

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First of all, I don't think advertisments for scam loans (yes..that's what they are..) are allowed on this site. People are on this site to get some direction on how to help themselves,..NOT put themselves back into more debt. I don't know if a Moderator will look at this thread. But, I hope so.
Christopher...can you please explain a bit more about your situation so the forum can help you? Thank you.

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vickie Fox (not verified)

I was laid off for almost a year and I had to pawn my jewelry to keep a float Now I am paying the pawn shops $500 a month just so I won't lose it. I also want to pay off some small bills. I work for the State of Nevada, but no one will give me a loan because my credit is so bad. An I don't want to lose my jewelry. i lost some when I was taking care of my mom. I am working on cleaning up my credit.

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yolanda jackson (not verified)

i lost my job in sept. I have been looking for work every since,but, havent found bills are getting behind al moneys I had saved up is gone. I been a single parent for 22 yrs. I dont have bad credit I dont have any. but i need a loan to catch up on my bills. i have been getting nothing but the run around from these loan companys. It dont hurt too see what you can do for me and my children. Thank you

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Leslie Ann Maxwell (not verified)


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Anil Kumar (not verified)

Hi Sir, I need prsonal loan rs.300000/- for 5 years. My salary per month rs.25000/-

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MRS GLADES FREEMAN (not verified)

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morganjimmy (not verified)

You can get bad credit loans in less than 1 hour, throughout the 2013. Our payday company will deposit anywhere between $150 to $1,500 for cheaper interest rates. Fill out application and submit age proof, income proof, and address proof along online.

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vanessa (not verified)

hey im urgently in need of a loan to pay accounts cause had no income cause went on maternity leave for 4 months and im struggling with my payment

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TRIPTIDATTA (not verified)


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