What should be best credit score

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Hello everyone

What should be best credit score to get everything at low rate.

The first one is with Capitol one. The one with Providian is past SOL but won't fall off until 2010. Supposedly in MAy of that year. I defaulted in Dec. of 2003 (could have swore it was before that) and it is listed to fall of May of 2010..which is the mandatory 7.5 years. So just about another year and a half and it will or at least should be gone. Thats the only two I had. Its jsut nerve racking waiting to make sure your protected by the SOL. I have seen alot of posts lately about debt collectors playing with the SOL and will just be glad when it is done.

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I dont see how they can play with the statute of limitations, this is state law and the credit reporting agencies should have the original default date on file so they should not be letting this happen either. I think if I seen this happen on any of mine I would be calling some ones attention to it, like the attorney generals office.

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I tell you what I don't understand about the reporting agencies and that is how the three different reports can have different fall off dates. You figure the original creditors last payment isn't going to change so why does the fall off date? It a mandatory 7.5 sentence and I don't think they can add to this. I have Providian and a collector both on my reports. I pulled two Trans union and equifax...One has a fall off date of July 2010 and the other has it listed as Sept. 2010. I can not figure out why the differnce. Tis is why I was concerned about the SOL before.

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I don't get that either, they should be getting their information from the same source. I wish there was a way to know more about how these agencies work. Wish someone who used to work for them would come along here and share some advice that would be nice.

They are like the the biggest deal in ones life if you think about it, they affect just about everything these days. There really needs to be some more information out there for the normal everyday consumer to access.

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I was recently denied a credit card and my score is 707
how did this happen?I only have 4 inquiries 2yrs.

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reallly nice discussion . i learned a lot from this discussion.thanks to everyone for such a helpful discussion.

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jayjohns (not verified)

I just refinanced and got my three credit scores and they were 794, 796, and 802. I don't know why I got rated differently from three credit places

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It seems by your site that you would have alot of good advice to offer, why don't you participate with advice. I think you have alot of good information that could be used by others here.

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A 620 credit score and up to 650 credit score or even 660 is considered a good score. If you applied with a 620 score and got rejected, a 650 credit score now will probably get you qualified. A score above 680 will probably qualify you for any loan you may think of. Once you get above 700, lenders won't even care what exactly your credit score is.

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An excellent credit score rating number is obtained with years of good credit history and will be in the range of 730 - 850. Given that you don't have much debt, this excellent credit score rating number will get you any loan you like with the best rates possible.

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An 800 credit score is a perfect credit score, but no one will give you money for free even if you top 850. Borrowers in the 760-850 range share the same privileges and rates, so if you have this great 800 score, so what?

It is true that credit scores matter a lot, but reaching the perfect credit score will not help you much, as you are already in the list of best borrowers.

An 800 credit score is a perfect credit score, but no one will give you money for free even if you top 850. Borrowers in the 760-850 range share the same privileges and rates, so if you have this great 800 score, so what?

It is true that credit scores matter a lot, but reaching the perfect credit score will not help you much, as you are already in the list of best borrowers.

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The highest score is 840. I am pretty sure about that. Last time I checked mine was about 690. I should get it in the 700's by the end of the year though!

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Mine is no way near that, great job!!! Would you mind sharing how you have gotten to that level????

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Does one lose credit score points each time they check their credit score? As I understand, merchants checking your credit scores for a credit card, uses up points on your score. How often is a safe period to check scores with the BIG 3 credit rating companies? Thanks! Juli ;)

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No of course you dont lose points checking your score. Check my signature I have a free credit report website attatched. Enjoy!

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Hi Juli

If you want to see your credit score you don't lose any points. If you want to take a look at your report you may do so. Since these are soft inquiries it will not affect your score. You may be entitled to a free report each year. Check out with your state laws.

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Having a good credit score indicates that you handle your finances carefully and make timely payments

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I think highest credit score s 850.
But the advisibale best credit score is 700+ as its applied to use for conventional home loan and one can use 620+ credit score for FHA loan.

Definately more than 750+ is best credit score

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My score actually went up!!...from 480 to 540. YEAH!! but,......it seems like I still have a long way to go. I'm just concentrating on getting things paid, in a timely manner, etc. Not too worried about the debts I can't do anything about right now. 'One step at a time'........hope this makes sense to ya'll!!LOL

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MDenton (not verified)

FICO scores range from 350 to 850. The score for the "best rate" will vary over time as lenders each crunch their own numbers to find the consumer which they most prefer. In the mortgage industry, 720 has traditionally been the line for "A" paper. I have heard that recently, scores as high as 800 have been required to avoid paying points on some loans.

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what I would give to see 700, lol. I have been working on mine, slowly but surely.

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I have never even knew my score. Nope not even once. I always thought it to be good since I do not get turned down for credit. Even so I would probaly look in the near future but I always find it confusing on where to go to get a score. Just like debt collection agencies, credit score agencies are also popping up all over the place and you then have the headache of finding a site that is not going to take oyur credit card for a ride or take out monthly fees from your checking account. All I would want to do is pay a one time fee to see my score and end it at that.

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Probably you may want to try some of the free optiosn you et with yoru credit card compny or bank

Most of them are free for 30 days and if you cancel with in that time you will probably donto pay anything,but still can get your credit report and numbers

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minimum score will be 620.
and maximum credit score will be 850+

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Meeker (not verified)

I went in last year with my Dad and his score came back at 842!!!
I could not believe it so I went to another agency and it came in at 844.
That is the highest I have ever seen!

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What could be the best credit score that you can feel safe about?

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I would say anythign above 740 but you need to be care ful not to open toomany credit cards or loans it can come down quickly

So close to 780 would be really help ful

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Hi andybell

What could be the best credit score that you can feel safe about?

Ideally a score above 700 is considered good. However, there have been instances where someone with a good score got rejected on a loan while some other individual with not so good a score got a loan sanctioned. Credit agencies or any other agency (insurance for example) do not just consider your score when they give working with you a thought. There are so many other factors that come into play when it comes to credit companies or insurance companies.

However, it is advisable that you must have a score above 700 to be on the safe side :)

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Yes, I absolutely agree with Carol. It is really good to have a 700+ credit score. The more the score, the less is the interest rate.

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Anonymous (not verified)

First of all I must thank Sunnyca for the answer and after that I would like to thank Carol also for responding to my query for the first time. Keep in touch.

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Like always I again forgot to login and that's why just sending this message again "First of all I must thank Sunnyca for the answer and after that I would like to thank Carol also for responding to my query for the first time. Keep in touch."

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I am glad toanswer your question

I disagreelittle bit with carol and Juston. Even though I said 740, atleast 720 is kind of baorder line. I ahve seen soem lenders lookign for atleast 720 to get good interest rate

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I agree with your views on borderline Sunnyca but certainly it is always better to have more people around you to give you some good advice on these topics.

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Iknwo prople who are in 795 and also some oen who I saw with 813

850 is the highest oen can achive, but there are poepl out there wiht the score in 800 range

That is thier average score

Oen thignk I ahve seen is they do nto apply for too many loans and also they never had any lete payments in life

Lot of money in bank and very few credit cards or merchant cards

So if you keep that way ti is achievable

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I ahev not seen any one wiht 850

That may be impossible to achieve

Please share with us, if you know some one

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Guidelines to push credit score to maximum are as below-

1)Have three to five revolving accounts like credit cards
2)one or more installment account like a mortgage or auto loan
3) the older your accounts the better it is for credit score and rating
4)all accounts must be in good standing
5) limit hard credit inquiries to no more than one a month
6) don't charge your credit card more than 15% of the credit limit

Then over the time, you will get a near perfect credit score and rating.

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Hi sunnyca,

To achieve 850 credit score is not impossible.

It can be possible if you apply various tricks to improve credit score.
It is possible. One can improve credit score from scratch to maximum.

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Sara, you seem to know some things about credit scroes. What is the highest achievable score? I never heard of one in the eight hundreds but that doesn't mean it is not possible.

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I do not say that it is not possible, but you need to really disciplined with your credit usage and how you spend the money

Also it would be good for the reader to know abotu the various tricks you are talking about

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Thats correct the credit score range is from 300 - 850

The score is calcuted based on all the information in yoru credit report

Major afctors which can affect this would be lenght of the credit history and the amount you have borrowed and how logn is yoru credt and the type of credit you have and any new accounts

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turbosb2 (not verified)

Experian has their own score scale they dont abide by fair isac,I have a score of 740 with them and their system rates me as a c rating .Their scale goes as follows 500 to 990 what a joke,

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turbosb2 (not verified)

So now i thought i had a good credit rating I just got demoted to just fair with a 740 rating.Sounds like a big scam just to keep interest rates higher on goods and insurance premiums higher because in michigan they check your credit score before they give you a qoute.

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Thats bad. Insurance comapnies checkign credit score to give quote

CA is better, they cannot check your credit report to give you quotes

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The mom (not verified)

Trying to help my son get on track, but there are many terms that I don't understand. What is a "fall off"? What does it mean to your overall when a debt is designated "settled"? Is it at all beneficial to go back & pay that debt in full? What is a "write off"? If a debt has gone to a collection agency, is there a benefit to the credit score to go back to the original creditor? What is the best strategy? Pay off the oldest debts first? The smallest debts first? HELP, please! Thanks.

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