Credit inquiry- how to remove it and rebuild your credit

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Ways to remove credit inquiries from your report:
Hard credit inquiries are done whenever you apply for a new credit. It remains on the credit report for two years has a negative impact on your credit score as it shows how much you are credit hungry. If you do not want to keep these inquiries in your report for two years, then you may go for removing credit inquiries. For this you can try the following:
- first figure out which inquiries are coming on your way and then ask for your credit reports from the CRA's
- After getting the report, find out the addresses of your credit report inquirers and send letters to the creditors to remove credit inquiries from your report
- FCRA allows only authorized inquiries to appear on your credit report and so you can ask them whether they have proper authorization to pull up your credit file. If they have any authorization, check the authorization that you have signed.
- If it is a deceptive and unclear authorization, you can threaten them to take the matter to the State Banking Commission if they do not
remove credit inquiries.
- Most creditors delete the inquiry as a courtesy or because they cannot verify your authorization.

It may be noted that not all credit report inquiries are removed. In this way few gets removed which will bring you to a more favorable condition.

Yes, I am aware of that but, what I was curious about is if the article is correct that you can merge your hard inquiry and the trade line it then opens. The only inquiry I have on my CR is from a credit card I opened last year. My question is: is this article correct that I can merge the inquiry with the tradeline on my CR and If so how do I do it? I know credit report inquiries hurt my credit score. Can you tell me how can I improve my credit score by removing credit inquiries?

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idee (not verified)

Does removing credit inquiries from the credit report increase the credit score? How can I know whether hard credit inquiries are authorized or not? How to remove credit inquiries from my credit report? What do you know about credit report inquiries?

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Hi Idee
Whenever you apply for a new credit card or a new line of credit, the creditor checks pulls out your credit report to check your creditworthiness. This is known as hard inquiry and may lower your credit score by as much as 5 to 10 points. If you have applied for a line of credit, it means that you have authorized the creditor to make a hard inquiry in your report. In such cases you cannot remove such credit report inquiries from your report and it will stay in your report for two years. Try to find the ways of removing credit inquiries from your credit report so that you can build a good credit history.

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Otto (not verified)

When you apply for credit online, do they (the company you apply for credit from) really have any way of showing that it truly was authorised? Do you think it will be considered as credit report inquiries?

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How do I find the contact information for the company that made the credit inquiry on my credit report? I only see their name on the credit report with no contact. Should I ask the CRA or just google them and send them the letter to their main contact address?

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Hi Joshua
Yes, you can either ask the credit bureaus of their contact information or the inquirer or just google it. However, if you can post the name of the inquirer in this forum, we can help you out here with their address. You can also find out their address from the Better Business Bureau website.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Hello Scott,

Here is what I have in my reports:

Cbe Group Inc
Nowcom/Westlake Financ
Credit Acceptance
Power Pay Llc


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Hi Otto
When you apply for a credit card or any new line of credit online, they will ask you for your social security number and date, month and year of birth. Mostly, the ss number is only known to you and so they can be sure that you have made the application by yourself. Once you apply through the secure application online, their database gets updated with such information and so they get authority to pull out your credit report for hard inquiry.
Now, if you think that you have made no application online and there is a hard inquiry in your report, then it may be an instance of identity theft.

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Just send a letter asking them to verify your authorization at the following addresses:
CBE group Inc:131 Tower Park Drive - STE 100, Waterloo, IA 50701-9374
Now Com: P.O. Box 6432, Carol Stream, IL 60197 and
Power Pay Llc: 280 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 (It is a credit card company)

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Anonymous (not verified)

One more question please:

Should I dispute with the CRA first and then if it doesn't work ask for verification from those companies or is it the other way around?

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You should first ask for debt validation from the creditors or the collection agency. Now as per the FCRA, they need to validate the debt within 30 days from the date they receive your letter. If they fail to validate within this 30 day period, you can send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus will verify it with the creditors and will remove credit inquiries from your credit report. You can find sample dispute letter if you visit the link letters of credit

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Nam (not verified)

Hi If anyone can help locate these addresses it would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a hard time tracking these companies down.

ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION 10/04/2008 Experian
CBCINNOVIS 09/03/2008 Equifax
COAF 09/09/2008 TransUnion
CREDSTAR 09/05/2008 Equifax
EMS 05/11/2008 Equifax
I R ANAHEIM 02/13/2009 TransUnion
INFORMATIV 02/13/2009 Equifax
INFORMATIVE RESEARCH I 05/01/2009 Experian
LANDSAFE 01/13/2009 Equifax
LANDSAFE CRT 02/13/2009 TransUnion
LANDSAFECREDIT 02/13/2009 Experian
RELS CRDT 04/19/2008 Equifax
RELS REPORTING SERVICE 01/03/2009 Experian
RELSCREDIT 04/19/2008 TransUnion
ROADLOANS 09/09/2008 Equifax

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Hi Nam,

I managed to find the addresses of few companies you are looking for:


Alliance Credit Union
P.O. Box 18460
San Jose CA 95158-8460


Alliance Credit Union
237 Racine Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone no- 800.232.8669


875 Greentree Road
8 Parkway Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Phone no- 1-800-575-4460


Capital One Auto Finance
PO Box 260848
Plano, TX 75026-0848

Phone no- 1-800-946-0332

I could only find the phone numbers of the following organizations:

Phone no- 877-572-5673

Phone no- 1.888.222.4227

3) EMS
Phone no- 800-615-1330

Hope this will help

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Hi Nam

You will find below the addresses of some of the companies you found on your credit report:

1) CredStar
12395 First American Way
Poway, CA 92064

Phone: 800-767-8569

2) Rels Reporting Service
34th Avenue South, Suite 1300–Bloomington,
MN 55425

Phone no-877-735-7725.

3) Informative Research
Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 2379
Garden Grove, CA 92842
Phone no- 800.473.4633

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Lost (not verified)

It seems that RELS CREDIT works with Wells Fargo, I'm currently missing a mortgage payment with Wells Fargo--I see Wells Fargo reported the late payment status on my credit report, but I also see that there's a credit inquiry made by RELS CREDIT against my credit file. Can I get the inquiry by RELS CREDIT removed? I mean Wells Fargo has reported a late status against my credit, having this inquiry against my credit is a double hitter against my score.

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eddie (not verified)

i see companys offering they can give you good trade lines on ur credit to boost up your score is this true and has ne one messed with this before

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Michael Lach (not verified)

I have found that the companies doing the hard inquiries like to confirm it without the paperwork. It can take months going back and forth with no results. I personally used RemoveMyCreditInquiries.ORG after seeing it on They only charges me $15/an item. It worked after 45 days.

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Hi Paula,

I search this and came up with two address they are a collection agency's.

4800 Mills Civie Parkway #202
West Des Moines IA. 50265

431 Tower Park Drive STE
100 Waterloo IA 50701

Hope this help

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Frank Avila (not verified)

My Question is .

I have One ( CHASE-CHA ) That keep running and Inquire every 3 or so Months.

I have a Total of 4 Inquiries from this. What too do?


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Is it a soft inquiry or they checking to see if they can offer to extend credit to you? If so this type of inquiry doesn't affect your score. Or do you already have an account with them?

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I know 'Hard Inquiries': Lenders checking for loans, Credit Unions, etc. I AM a bit confused on 'Soft Inquiries', though. I know if we check our OWN credit, it doesn't lower our score at all.

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Those are inquiries of a company that is looking to see if you may qualify for what ever it is they are offering. Usually a credit card like the offers you get in the mail.

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But a 'Soft Inquiry' is..what? Someone told me it's when CA's report to your credit. Can someone please 'clarify' this? Thanks.

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A soft inquiry is one where either an existing creditor reviews your report or a prospective creditor pulls your report to look if you can be offered any of their products. The times when you yourself pull out your report, this also turns out as a soft inquiry. Your exiting creditors or prospective creditors cannot see the soft inquiries. All they can see is your score and the hard inquiries you may have in your report.

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Ok..I see. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't know it's a 'Soft Inquiry' if we check our OWN credit. It's the 'Hard'
Inquiries' that bring our score down?

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John2010 (not verified)

I called AT&T, and ordered a home phone line. They told me if I pay $50 deposit they will not do a credit check. I paid. They put me on hold, used my service info. from 5 years ago, and did a HARD credit check on me without my authorization. I asked them not to do it, and they told me that they did not do it at the end the -same- call. BBB filing didn't work, they are not removing it. They have no proof of authorization, as a matter of fact I have proof (paying $50) that I opt out from a check. I never gave them a soc. either. I will file at the small claims court to get it removed. I am in West Palm Beach. Will I win? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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ccwrl (not verified)

Who is IR Anaheim and how do I contact them? I've googled the name but the only hit was to this site. We are in the process of buying a home and our lender is asking why an inquiry from back in October by I R Anaheim is showing up on our credit report. Neither my husband nor I have applied for ANY lines of credit since spring of last year and we haven't incurred any debt or been delinquent on any payments to anyone in ages. Need help resolving this QUICKLY as it may adversely affect our closing on the house!

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V (not verified)

I am so confused by this "credit game". I began by getting approval to purchase a house in early December. I had a 680 credit score (average of all three bureaus). One 90 day deliquency appeared from my student loan and 5 hard inquiries later I sit a 500. How is this possible???? I need real credit help!! That's almost 200 points in a month. I only have 2 lines of credit: my car and student loan. I am 28 years old. have paid a vehicle off when I was 21. I am monitoring my credit score, but it just keeps dropping and I cannot see why so much. Could it be from the hard inquiries?? can they drop it has much as 60 point? Can one 90 day delinquency in 2 years ruin my score? Who can help me?????

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Ang (not verified)

Mike Lach took $150 from me, asked me to wait 60 days and refused to return my money after waiting over 4 months! Stay away from this guy and this company unless you want to see your money disappear. I have got all of the documentation if anyone wants to see it!

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Hi V,

Hard inquiries damage credit score. However, as much as I know, 5 credit inquiries can't lower your score by 100. But you need to remove the hard inquiries in order to raise your credit score. Always not all inquiries are done with your acknowledgment. To remove hard inquiries write a remove inquiry letter to the creditor who had performed the hard inquiry.

Other than this delinquency drastically lowers the score. You should immediately start paying off the dues. Payment history plays the most important part in maintaining and increasing the score.

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Have you actually pulled a copy of your report and looked at it too see what exactly is going on. I think that would be your best bet to get a clearer picture of what exactly is on your report, may be at that point you want to find out what exactyl is going on and fiegure our to awy for yourself. Hope alll works out for you.

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I am Sue. Just got my account sorted. Hoping to learn a lot from you guys and possibly make some contributions where necessary. I promise to use the search facility so that I do not ask needless questions that have been asked in the past.

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philip (not verified)

i have tried to talk with this collection agency and all i get is a automated answering service and i leave my name/ph#. yet i get no reply. I have complained to the bbb and the chamber of commerce in their city and leave my info with them so that they will pass it on to them. But all the collection agency does is put negative alerts on my credit report (4 in the last 3 mos.) I have never dealt with these guys b4. I know that maybe they have bought this debt from a creditor from my past yet i dont know who it is. plz help me resolve this thx

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Hi Philip,

You can first try the debt validation process with the collection agency. You will get a sample debt validation letter at . Send this letter through certified mail, requesting a return receipt.

If they can't validate the debt, and they still go on harassing, you can complain this to your State Attorney General or Fair Trading Commission (FTC). Address of FTC:

Federal Trade Commission
One Bowling Green Ste. 318
New York, NY 10004
1-877-382-4357 (877-FTC-HELP)

Hope this helps.



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Hi, I would like to take some time to introduce myself. I am fresh starter here and this is my first post here.
I truly hope the right section to display this. If not please forgive me.
What is an interesting topic to discuss today?

I would like to meet some interesting people here.

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Hi Jessiel,

Welcome to this forum :)

This is a credit forum, where the members help each other solve their credit problems. If you have any problem regarding credit, you too can feel free to discuss in the forums. You can also feel free to share your knowledge on credit and debt here in the forums.



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ronnie (not verified)

How can one get an inuiry merged with the open account on a credit report,and is this even possible? Also can a credit inquiry I authorized be removed before the 2 year timeline if I call the creditor and ask them to remove it as a courtesy?

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Hi Ronnie,

Can I know whether or not this inquiry has been made by the same company with whom you have the account? As for your second question, no an authorized credit inquiry cannot be removed before the 2 year timeline. It will fall off it's own after the 2 years.



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Maria del Carmen (not verified)

I am almost crazy. Debt collectors from credit cards I had on 1997 are showing now calling me and asking from a lgt of money or they are going to sue me. Last month I paid 4,816 because they wanted to take 25% of my salary if I didn't pay. They are not the original creditor, they purchased the debt it is a Attorney's office Garbuz and Garbuz.

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Hi Maria,

If you are not sure about this debt, then why are you paying the collectors? Moreover you need to check on the Statute of Limitations on these debts. So, can you tell me the state you live in, and when was the last payment made?



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KRYSTAL GRAHAM (not verified)


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Johnathon Alston (not verified)


great forum lots of helpful people just what i need can anybody tell me how they have built there list for people interested in marketing

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read Im trying to find a way to build an e-mail list.

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I think you will get all the details about building an email list from the Internet. This is a credit help forum.



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Usually 'hard' inquiries stay on your CR for 2 years (I believe). If there are inquiries on your CR, that you didn't authorize, you can 'dispute' this with the CRA's and send them a letter explaining the situation. Always send documentation 'certified mail' so you have proof of all communication between you and the CRA's.

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