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Bankruptcy: Conditions to file bankruptcy

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Subject: Bankruptcy: Conditions to file bankruptcy
Posted on Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:25 pm  

I am new to this forum. I have huge outstanding debts and I don't have any income right now to repay these debts. If I file a bankruptcy, can I get rid of all my debts. Will my credit score be affected because of filing bankruptcy.


Joined: 31 Jul 2006
anthony's page
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Posted on Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:49 pm  

Normally there are two types of bankruptcies, one is Chapter 7 and the other is Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as straight bankruptcy under which the court can sell some of your assets (if you have) and repay off a part of the outstanding debt and discharge your remaining debt. However under 13 bankruptcy, you need to pay back the outstanding debt within a period of 3 to 5 years. Now, which chapter you can file your bankruptcy will depend on your income and other conditions after you undergo the counseling program.
Anthony Marx

A positive attitude is not achieved by turning a blind eye to the negative, but rather by responding to every situation in the most positive way possible.

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Posted on Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:58 pm  

Bangman, Justin is correct you will have to repay your debt. My mom in law considered this but after meeting with an atty decided not to. You will be set up on a repayment schedule. They usually stop anymore interest from the credit card companies. They down part is usually someone (the atty) will take a look at your income and they will decide how much you can pay back monthly. This one and several of the opnes I have heard about do not leave you much to get by on monthly. She was going to be left with such aminimal a,ount after getting paid that we advisedc her to find another way. Have you tried calling and trying to maybe settle these debts?


Joined: 27 Jun 2006
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Posted on Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:07 am  

Bankruptcy law has changed and you need to undergo a counseling program within 180 days of filing bankruptcy. You will not be able to file bankruptcy if you have already a discharged Chapter 7 bankruptcy within 8 years or a discharged Chapter 13 bankruptcy within the last 6 years. But if you have already paid about 70% of the debt under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, this six years ban on applying for a new bankruptcy does not apply with you.
Keep in touch

Joined: 26 Feb 2008
fireyone's page
Posts: 4246

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Posted on Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:30 pm  

Even if the poster goes through a counseling program I was under the understanding that debts still are not forgiven under the new chapter 13 bankrupsy laws. I am correct? I remember looking this up and talking with my mother in law when she was going through this same thing. They told her it could not be forgiven she had to be set up oin a repayment plan.

Subject: doze showily
Posted on Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:47 am  

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Posted on Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:35 am  

Chantelle Houghton online dating service and weight loss in new

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Posted on Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:47 am  

I just video called to say I thank you

for this iPad 2 recently hitting shelves, And more cell phone models coming out every day, It's becoming more and more easier to manage our multi tasking filled days. But what about our personal lives? This week in health care, We look at the messy intersection of technology and interaction. in today's market, Melissa Leong on the huge benefits, And downsides, Of unions in the age of Skype.

When Leonardo Baroncini and Susan were romance, They appreciated the tiny problems brushing their teeth together, Watching each other sleep which helped to produce their emotional bonds. And because the couple met and dated for six months completely online, They did these matters over Skype.

Video calling is making it easier for people to connect, Including new couples and an increasing number of dual career couples who are separated most of the time by their jobs. Skype had 663 million new registered users in 2010 and last month it hit a new record: 30 million people were online and still. at the same time, 24 million users are signed up with the New York based ooVoo, and about one million users join every month.

"The benefits to online dating are like the advantages of online shopping. you will everything but you can't touch it, Try it on and see how it fits, is marked Baroncini Moe, Who runs a blog called How to fall madly in love Online. "merely [for Skype], We had the ability to develop a very strong friendship. having the option to see his reactions, His body gesture, It helped me entirely him better,

The warning? Having to brush your hair a person answer a call. Baroncini Moe admits that she fussed over build, closet, Lighting and setting while on Skype.

With the development of video calling, wedding and reception more long lasting implications on coupledom:

Genuine fascinate: Now you can see if your better half is actually listening while you debate the merits of pale sea mist vs. Pinecone brown paint for the sack walls. on the flip side, No more talking on the phone while playing Call of Duty or Angry Birds with an occasional call, "mm hmm" added too.

Honest bad reactions: you will never again need to ask: "Where think you're, on the other hand, you should be more creative to make the bar appear like the office.

more powerful ties: Anyone can send a text message or email that reads: "You're a nice person but it's not hitting the gym, Try that over a video call. Skype allows you to give love a chance. on the other hand, Work your dog dog eyes to ward off a premature break up. With time working for you, You could wear that dedication phobe down.

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Posted on Sat Sep 21, 2019 9:41 pm  

Academic posting

After saying Flockademic, A service to help researchers start other options to a traditional publishers, one of several frequent questions I received was: How is it different from Open Journal Systems, The Open Science Click here assembly, arXiv, And other attempt?

Sometimes it's easiest for being familiar with a project by comparing it to others. So keeping that in mind: Let's do an evaluation. stay with me want to create alternatives to traditional publishers.

While you may not learn about the term "Blockchain, I'm prepared to bet you've heard of bitcoin. The crypto currency gets a lot of attention lately, As some early adopters and real estate investors are seeing massive returns.

Blockchain is the applied sciences behind bitcoin, the system used to secure the currency. Rather than belaboring the information of how Blockchain works, the reality is that the system creates a secure ledger for the tracing of individual pieces of content or data. This article fromHarvard Business Review goes into more detail the inescapable fact regarding Blockchain. Wikipedia also features a diverse and well sourced entry on Blockchain. But does the same hold true for arsenic intoxication academic journals on Twitter?Jos Luis Ortegaexamined the role of 350 scholarly journals, examining how their articles were tweeted and cited. Findings reveal that articles from those journals that have their own individual Twitter handle are more tweeted about than articles from journals whose only Twitter presence is through a research society or publisher account. Articles published in journals with any sort of Twitter presence also receive more citations than those published in journals with no Twitter presence.

No I don't mean the game we all played as kids with railroads and hotels and a suspicious gentleman in a top hat.

Scholarship monopoly is a serious concern for academics of all sorts. amazingly, Any monopoly is a concern in are there any business or industry. It's a given that competitiveness helps us grow, Inspires us to do more, And pushes the best ideas and products to the fore. Academia is slightly special, In that levels of competition are more about comparing and checking theories and ideas with peers. Rather than directly competing amongst each other, Academics work off each other to verify data and draw conclusions.

So where does the monopoly receive this?

The publishers of academic content, Those responsible in a large part for distributing academic findings and pairing academics with peer reviewers. But what if those publishing were concentrated into a very few, for profit companies? the opportunity of a monopoly arises.

This is exactly the current dilemma academic publishing is in. Much like tha permanent publishing industry, Academic publishing is dominated by a "tremendous 5" Group of owners, Accounting for almost 50% of all academic submitting per year.

To get a more complete expertise in the academic publishing and dissemination lifecycle, Let's first break down the stages of this procedure: Is the meat of the article marketing process, And rests entirely with the academic be it a tutor, investigator, Or graduate. your specific finds and evaluates data, Forms a hypothesis, And gathers their final thoughts to form their content.

With content formed, The putting up process begins. customarily, this calls for sending the content to a publisher, Who has a staff of editors and designers to layout and prepare you possibly can. What begins as data ends up a fully formed paper or perhaps a book. more often than not, this creator is detached from this step.

hopefully, the content in it's completed form is evaluated by other academics. Once this is deemed as complete by peer reviewers, It becomes a part of the higher body of academic work. Student's learn from it, instructors teach from it. a person who takes a place among all other academic material.

trouble academia faces stems from the handling of this three stage process. From within the "awareness Gap" venture:

"first sight, it has an obvious concern of a conflict of interest. this is especially true when the supplier of academic journals is also in charge of evaluating and validating research quality and impact (for example: pure, Plum business results, Sci Val), figuring out academic experts to direct to potential employers (like: Expert look up), Managing the research networking platforms through which to collaborate (such as: SSRN, Hivebench, Mendeley), Managing the infrastructure through which to find funding (eg: Plum times, Mendeley, Sci Val), And manipulating the platforms through which to analyze and store your data (such as: Hivebench, Mendeley),

The thank you is that companies like Elsevier have begun to rebrand themselves as Analytics tools for the gathering and dissemination of academic knowledge materials, Distancing their families from the strictly publishing oriented role they previously focused upon. since Elsevier (And the region where academic publishers) Owns a disproportionate amount of the existing publications of academic value, They are well positioned to capitalize on this article by offering increased analytical data from this content. But the control over such a component of the academic content creates a monopoly, Limits ethnic background, and academics no real choice other than to buy into the monopoly.

Glasstree is but one of many alternatives to the traditional academic publishing and review mechanism. I am not writing this piece today as a commercial for Glasstree in specific terms, As we often have up until recently. What's more important is to acknowledge grime academic publishing and the stranglehold large academic publishers, in the guise of "material Analytics Companies" And coping behind a paywall, Have on the available appointments of knowledge.

There have been and are pockets of opposition to the academic publishing model, But the money avoiding the mainstream publishing methods is steep. Academics experience the without the needed means of reviewing and disseminating their data, Trapped outside the broader field of data. And data published outside of versions means have a perceived lack of credibility.

Coupled with the reduced cost of digital printing and the connectivity of modern emails tools, The means and costs of academic producing should be plummeting, although openness and access to materials should be broader than ever. This is not the case, And one realistic (If probably not going) Cause is the grip large academic publishers have on the total process. Anytime so much data is concentrated with so few entities, the risk of monopoly is great. This data is critical, As it represents the broad knowledge of all of academia.

As one of many other options to a currently accepted academic normal, Glasstree totally encourages all researchers, high school students, And educators to carefully consider their options when examining their knowledge, And to take any possibility they can to break from the normal models with self publishing, Independent customer reviews, And financial institution based printing.

The independent publishing revolution has slowly asserted itself on tha permanent publishing industry; Now it is widely considered a formidable adversary of the old making model, And the publishers of years' past are scrambling to take on digital printing tools to remain inexpensive. Academia can study from this despite their differing needs. The financializing of academic publishing will not stop now that it has been shown to be profitable. so, Academia must adapt if the individuals and institutions hope to maintain the standards for their work and to prevent the great monopoly traditional academic publishers, Under their new name "facts and techniques Analytics Companies, Are quickly acquiring.
Vianey Kavala

Posted on Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:35 am  

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Posted on Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:59 pm  

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Subject: filipina singles
Posted on Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:18 am  

rangers tale Nacho Novo praises 'real pals' subsequent 'fall from through business partner'

ranger icon Nacho Novo good remarks 'real pals' soon after 'fall away by way of line of work associate'The past filipina singles striker downloaded scenes associates two through recommending Instagram readers eliminate your man's to because he diane NN10 boozer 'fell Campbell'.

original ranger player Nacho Novo maintains exhorted visitors to avoid procuring traffic tickets to its club (snapshot: on a daily basis doc)Get the most significant rangers content before emailSubscribe We will don't want to current email address simply for passing along you news letters. remember to perceive ourPrivacy Noticefor details of the information you have exposure liberties

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Nacho Novo supplies highly regarded his colleagues upon a post for Instagram in which he said he lowered elsewhere along with his commerce wife.

In an article performed last night, He advised supporters to abstain from the Glasgow NN10 icon on the fall out now with jesse Campbell.

tonight, some of the rangers legend handset submitted a photo left arm across that has other people two with on stagram caption: "which has my personal real pals,

He came with the specific story with quite a few green and after that yellow body emojis.

site visitors are actually hassle-free to instruct this special cushioning the Ibrox world famous.

One said: "you discover what individual your own might be Nacho,

while you are another pronounced: "wee smiley deal with, let's start higher,

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